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Regretful haircut by Baldvenom

(This is a the haircut which i will regret it forever)

It was hot,and my hair was thick that i was tempted to get a haircut,But dragged n dragged on till that my head was sweating very fast.I had to get rid of my hair n sort it out.

The next day,after my lunch,i decided to head over to the barbershop for a haircut.I regretted wearing my skin tight blue jeans with a white top.i was already sweating before i even went to the barbershop.

As soon as i open the barbershop door,my huge gust of wind just hit me and i felt awesome all of a sudden.I was greeted by a male nearly in his fifties,an afro like haircut.He offered to sit down while he finish his with his customer on the chair.I started playing my hair and adjusting it through my phone's mirror.

After a while,The barber was done with his customer,the customer paid and left.So it was only me and the barber i thought in my mind.The barber invited me to sit down,he tapped my shoulder and asked how will like to get my haircut.As my hair was so long and thicker i decided go short on the side and back,i did not knew what to do with the bulk of hair on top so i told the barber to start with my sides and back.

The barber then folded a cloth under my shirt and toss a grey cape with floral desigh over me and caped tightly.The barber then took a clipper with a no 2 attachment which i did not know.He ran through my sides quickly with bulks of hair falling off and i was screaming inside as it was damn short the sides.He proceeded with my back.I could see thick clumps of hair falling off.My sides and back were shavin to the xtreme.

Without me knowing,He ran through my my top part leaving my bangs alone.A even more huge clumps of hair were shavin off.I started to tear up.Then the barber started to wet my bangs and use the scissors to trim it.later he use a mini clipper and shave of my sideburns without me knowing.Now my sideburns were too high.

The barber started styling my haircut which seemed nice and handsome.But i was regretful.The barber the use the blow ldryer to blow away all the hair off and i paid and left quickly.I was trying to check my haircut.But i regretted going short

The end

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