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My planning shaved head , PART 2 by Kuan Lee

My experience at office with shaved head

This story tells you about my experience at office after head shave. This is a continuation of my previous "
My planning shaved head ". Since there no link between two you can start reading this and enjoy my after head shave experience.

After making my head shined bright with razor, the barber applied some talcum powder with a sponge all over. He swept the excess powder with a clean towel. I went back to my apartment and changed to formals to go for work. As usual I approached my wall mirror with my talcum powder, moisture cream and a comb from shelf. I suddenly realized and felt crap for holding the comb. In anger I threw it out the window, since I felt keeping it now is totally insane. I also saw my hair gel teasing me from the shelf, I emptied the bottle to the corner basin and threw the bottle away. I was totally disappointed because I never thought that I will be shaving my head yesterday.

I left home soon to office. While riding the bike, I was thinking on how to face my colleagues, how to give explanation for my bald head etc When I reached office ground I found the car of my friend whom I met at restaurant yesterday. I was sure that the news about my head shave will be spread by him, he works with me in the same company. I felt that everyone was waiting for my arrival.When I opened the door I saw all the eyes looking at my bald head. As I expected everyone was waiting for me. I heard many comments like blady, mr.bald, bald boss, Egghead etc Some came around me for touching, rubbing and kissing my bald head.

The annoying thing that I found was the office is decorated with balloons and ribbons. I was wondering why they are celebrating my head shave like this. I really felt ashamed for the same. I suddenly heard a loud happy birthday song, and then only I realized that all the decorations were made for my colleague's birthday celebration. Our office celebrates the birthday of everybody to its core. But the arrival of birthday guy doesn't grab full attention of everyone from me. I went to my cabin and started my work. I could still feel many eyes looking at my bald head.

At 11am there is a break. It was the time to cut the birthday cake. I joined them, everybody there called me egg head' and I felt like my real name was forgotten by all. I stood beside the thick creamy white vanilla cake. The cake was cut soon and after that suddenly somebody standing at my back pushed my bald head down and dipped it into the cake. When I slowly raised my head all the white cream layer stuck on my bald head. The middle part of my bald head was completely covered with white cream. Huge laughter was heard all around me. So many tongues licked away the cream in my bald head leaving saliva on my scalp, I felt it really annoying. I became a joker for the whole show that day. I should say my colleagues actually celebrated my head shaving. I felt that everyone was wishing me 'Happy Head Shaving Day' to me

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