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The Scary Moments at the Barbershop by Andrew

The Scary Moments at the Barbershop
I believe everyone has scary moments in their lives. My, however was being at the barbershop. I've never been to one in my life and I never wanted to. Especially due to fact that my hair so long, that its covers my hips.
My name is Abby (real name Andrew), I am 18 years old and I am 5'3 (yes I am short) with pale white skin. I started growing out my hair since I was 13 years old. When I turned 15, I finally reached my goal at growing my hair to my waist and as of right now, it covers my hips. I trim my own hair, keeping the split ends off, since I hate going to the salon and the barbershop. I love my long, dark black, super thick, straight hair. With it, I wear my hair in a high thick ponytail, huge sock buns and I wear my hair teased very highly also. What I also like to do is wear mini black dresses (I only wear black dresses and clothes), black strap pumps, makeup and of course red lipstick. Many people think I am a girl, since I look like one and my voice is identical to a girly girl's voice. I don't tell anyone that I am really a guy. It's a bit embarrassing when people think that but I also love the attention I get. Then things were about to change.
When spring came along, she sent me to aunt's house, in order to spend time with her for about a week. My mom was ok with the fact I had long hair and that I wore female clothes but my aunt greatly disapproved of that. She kept telling me to cut it off and wear guy's clothes.
The first day, the day after I arrived at my aunt's house the night before, which was on April 1, I woke up, put on a strapless, mini tight black dress and a pair of strapped black heels because I was planning on go out shopping at the mall later. So I ate breakfast and helped my aunt with some things around the house. Then she said "Ok son, it's time to go to the barbershop to get all your hair shorn off. You need to start looking like a men. I called the barber, you're appointment is at 11. He's promised to give you a nice, VERY short cut” I told her "No! You cannot make me! I am going to stay here because it's my hair and you can't cut it off!” Well I was in a bad situation, my aunt was a former bodybuilder in her youth but to this day, she is still a very strong women. I had the disadvantage because I was weak, skinny and short, so she forcefully took my arm hard and put in her car, locked it and we took off to the barbershop.
We arrived at the barbershop, which was located in the middle of nowhere, like 10 miles out of town, in the country side. It was a very old barbershop, needing to be repainted. We walk in the shop (thankfully no one was there) with my aunt holding my arm very tight, that it was hurting so badly and then, there was the barber. He was very old, in his 60s, tall and scary looking. His hair was buzzed pretty short. The barbershop was kind of cold also. Then the barber asks my aunt "Is this your nephew that you were talking about?? Man he looks exactly like girl! Look at all the makeup and his VERY LONG HAIR!!!” I wanted to start crying! The barber then said "Ok I am ready”. Then my aunt forces me to the big, red barber chair. I kept slipping on the tile because of my high heels. It was even hard to get on the barber chair and to sit on it because of my heels. Finally, my aunt pushes me down on the barber chair. The chair was SO cold because my tight dress was very short, so my thighs were rubbing on the cold chair. My feet were hurting also because the chair was long on the button that forcedly position my feel forward, especially since they were 4in heels.
Then the barber grabs my beautiful, long thick, black hair, gets a rubber band and puts my hair in a tight bun. I see him then get a big, white cape and puts that one me. The cape was so cold also because I was wearing strapless, mini black dress, so my shoulders felt very cold due to the cape. My aunt then said "thank goodness, it's about time your long hair is coming off! If your mom was not going to take you to get a haircut, then I was. Finally I have!” The barber started laughing so hard and I felt so embarrassed! This was a nightmare and I could not believe it was actually happening! I busted out crying so hard, my makeup then started falling down my cheeks.
The barber then says "Ok son, my aunt gave me orders to give a number 2 all around. It's time for you to look like a man.” He takes my long hair out of the bun and my hair just falls behind me, covering the barber chair from behind. I look in the mirror, just knowing that my life is about to change after this all over. I knew that I was not able to get up and leave or else my aunt would just put me back in the chair. The barber then pumps in the bottom of the chair so he could start cutting, that had me wonder why he was doing that because if he was going to buzz my hair off, he didn't need to have the chair higher, I mean I know I am short but it was not necessary. He then grabs a brush and starts brushing my hair, parting my hair in two sections. I close my eyes and I start cleaning up, rubbing my eyes because of all the makeup has fallen all over my cheeks. I open my eyes for a moment and I see the barber finally grabs the scissors, so I close my eyes again, knowing that this the end of me and my beautiful long hair. I was already imaging what I am doing to look like after I leave the barbershop, what my friends are going to say, etc. The barber grabs one section of my hair and the cutting finally starts. I felt the scissors on the ends of my hair and could hear the snips. He would pull on my hair so hard, which made me cry even more. Then he moved the other section, and the snips felt so painful. After he was done with that section, he then brushes all my hair back, and starts cutting off some more. I hear him put the scissors back, by then I knew he was going to grab the clippers. My eyes were much shut and my heart was racing!
He then, starts sectioning my hair and I knew this was the moment, the moment I feared the most. This was my worst nightmare, becoming a reality. Then for some reason, I could not feel my hair being touched by the barber, like everything went numb and also could not hear anything, I went deaf and numb for the body for a long time. So, I just stayed there, many minutes went by, and with my eyes closed not knowing what was happening but I knew my hair was getting all chopped off.
My aunt was just laughing so hard in the back and so was the barber. I hated them so much at that moment! I then feel someone moving my face upward. I opened my eyes. I couldn't see very well, my vision was so blurry, filled with tears and my face also felt numb. Then my vision clears up and stopped crying. Then I see my aunt is doing my makeup!
She told the barber to hold me still and to keep my head upward. By then I hated her so much more! In my mind, I figured she was going to humiliate me more! I thought she had fun seeing me get my hair all buzzed and now she wants to do my makeup to embarrass me even more! But I saw that she wasn't laughing, she looked serious. Then she finished up by putting some red lipstick on me. She finally left, and I put my head down.
Then the barber moved the barber chair slowly towards the mirror, I was about to burst out crying again because of what I was about to see. I close my eyes briefly, and then the chair stops. I take a deep breath, my heart is racing even harder and then I open my eyes slowly. Then the barber and my aunt yell out "April Fools!!!” My mouth just dropped!!!! I still had all my beautiful, thick, long black hair, only thing that was different was that my hair was curled!!! It looked beautiful and I loved it!!!!! It was so bouncy and teased! I looked on the floor and the barber only trimmed my split ends, like about a 1inch. I fell in love with long curly hair!! My hair looked a bit shorter because it was curled but I did not care because I loved how beautiful hair looked in curls! It was the first time it got curled so it was beautiful! My makeup was redone also! I looked so beautiful! The barber then took off the cape and I got out of the chair and went to hug my aunt!! She said that she's always want to pull a good April fool's joke on me and finally did it! And she also said that she wanted me to feel beautiful. I indeed felt beautiful, especially with long, curly, thick, hip length hair with a strapless dress and black heels!! The barber also said I looked very beautiful. I then gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I then grabbed my purse and me and my aunt left the barbershop. We had a great time together during my stay at her place.
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