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Henry's Confession Saves His Scalp by Manny

"What are you staring at, Henry?" Mr. Jenkins asked as he looked up to see one of the young new-hires observing him as he worked at his desk.

Henry longed to tell him the truth, that he admired the 30something middle manager whose well groomed, youthful hair was brushed to the side in a style that showcased its sheen and thickness. Mr. Jenkins' hair was so full and dense that it gave him in extra inch and a half in height. The full side and back were neatly trimmed, but still comprised an astonishing amount of youthful glistening hair. The fact that Mr. Jenkins also had a manly, handsome face drew Henry's not-so-discreet looks. He preferred mature men who were both attractive but experienced and firm. Young, handsome fathers tended to be most attractive for those reasons.

"I was just admiring your haircut, Mr. Jenkins," the young, longhaired stated.

Mr. Jenkins took the surprise confession in stride, and laid his work aside momentarily. He surveyed Henry's mane of mahogany-colored hair with fiery auburn highlights that hung to his shoulders in natural waves that ended with a bit of an up flip.

"If you're going to climb the corporate ladder in this company, at some point you're going to have to cut that mane you sport," he said, with a certain amount of glee in his voice.

"Well, when I decide to do that, perhaps your, sir, might provide me with some recommendations. I've concluded that you have the best taste and judgment in things like clothes and hair styles," Henry said in a low voice that oozed admiration.

"Of course, I will. I've heard the secretaries refer to me as Mr. GQ behind my back," he said with a laugh as his hand subconsciously smoothed down his full, silken locks.

With that, Mr. Jenkins went back to his desk work and Henry was able to sneak one more peak of the slightly wavy hair that exuded youth and vitality.

From that point on, Henry noticed that Mr. Jenkins went out of his way to "run into" him or address him in meetings.

One day several weeks later, an IM flashed onto Henry's screen from James Jenkins. "If you're still thinking about getting a business cut, I'll be going to the barber after work. Happy to take you with me."

Henry's heart skipped a beat. While he was eager to cultivate a close, more intimate relationship with the mature Mr. Jenkins, he was loathe to put his hair on the chopping block. He had said that thing about one day cutting his hair originally just to worm out of the awkward situation of having been caught staring. Henry most certainly did not want to say yes, but he didn't want to say no altogether because he wanted to encourage Mr. Jenkins' attempts to develop a relationship with him.

After some quick thinking he wrote, "Thanks for asking. I already have plans today after work. But, do ask me again at a future date."

"Will do," replied Mr. Jenkins in a quick, curt way.

The next day at work, Henry was in for a huge surprise. Mr. Jenkins had gotten brutally scalped! they had crossed quickly in opposite directions in one of the hallways. At first, Henry hadn't even recognized Mr. Jenkins without much of his distinguished, carefully styled professional haircut. The sides that just the day before had sported soft, full waves lapping over the tops of Mr. Jenkins' ear and a dense collection of hair that hung to mid-collar had been stripped off to the scalp, half way up his head -- whitewalls that gave way stingily to an extremely close taper to the crown and the top cut down extremely short -- possibly just long enough to grasp between the fingers. Mr. Jenkins no longer looked like a poster child for the corporate world, but more like an Army recruiting poster boy.

"Missed your company yesterday, Henry," the newly shorn manager said in passing.

When the penny dropped and Henry realized that the greeting had been from Mr. Jenkins, he whirled around in total surprise. "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't recognize you!"

The man laughed a bit nervously. "Truth is, I didn't recognize myself either when the barber spun me around yesterday, at the end of my haircut. Wasn't my regular barber. And, either I wasn't specific enough about what I wanted or he had a hankering to put an end to my fussy business cut. Well, Henry, what do you think?" Mr. Jenkins fondled his bristle nape nervously, hoping for a positive reaction.

Henry was left aghast. The truth was he thought Mr. Jenkins looked awful! His lovely hair -- gone! It was a shame for someone with great hair like his to have it stripped off.

"How long do you think it'll take to grow out?" Henry asked, tipping his hand.

Mr. Jenkins' face turned downcast. "That bad, huh?" He turned with a sad face and began walking away. "Not fast enough, I can assure you, Young Henry," he called back, sounding miserable.

Henry stewed all day about his remark. He should have just said it looked "fine" or was a "nice change" or something other than the truth. The only consolation was that he had not gone along with Mr. Jenkins to the barbershop. If he'd been first in the chair, he undoubtedly would have ended up with that haircut himself. Clipped down to a military length!

Towards the end of the day he decided to IM Mr. Jenkins. "Sorry about my comment this afternoon about your haircut. Totally inappropriate. And, I'm really sorry because it'll take forever until your next haircut -- and for you to invite me to go along with you again. I really want to go with you to the barber shop next time."

Mr. Jenkins' response was immediate. "Why not go out for a beer, in the meantime? I could use some company this evening -- take my mind off you know what!"

As they sat across from each other at the bar table, Mr. Jenkins looked wistfully at Henry's long hair. "Looking at your full head of luscious hair -- well, I feel jealous, Henry. Your hair is so cool -- looks soft and silken. I got a whiff of it the other day and the smell of your shampoo was intoxicating. It lingered with me all day."

"You know, Mr. Jenkins, now that I've gotten over the shock of seeing you with extremely short hair, I'm changing my opinion about the haircut. You actually look quite handsome, very manly! I mean, you had great, thick hair. But, now that it's been cut short, I think I find you even more attractive. In fact, if I were you, I might even consider having the barber take it down farther -- clipped down tight to just stubble on top. Dense stubble. It would be extremely manly," Henry suggested. The lad only felt a tinge of guilt about misleading the mature man who he enjoyed flirting with.

"Really?!" the manager replied in total, awe-struck surprise. "Stubble?" He smiled broadly. "The truth is, I've always fantasized about that -- having all my hair shaved off. Great hair is wonderful, but one can get tired of too many compliments. Never had the guts to go through with the idea, though. The nice hair has always served as a bit of a safety blanket. But your suggestion, Henry, has me really considering it! You'd find me even more manly with a clipped head, you say?"

"What I wouldn't give to stroke your head once it's been clipped down to the scull," Henry murmured, with a look of desire on his face.

"Then, that settles it. Tomorrow, after work, we'll go to the barbershop -- you and me together. You'll tell the barber to take me down to the wood. And then it'll be my turn to tell him just how I want your pretty tresses cut!"

Henry suddenly realized that he'd set a trap for himself -- and his ashen face betrayed his concern. "Oh, I, uh....would...." His tongue was tied and his face was flushed with embarrassment.

"What is it, Henry?" Mr. Jenkins cooed. "You will like my barber who can be quite aggressive with the clippers when he feels like it."

Henry could stall the conversation no longer. "I would love the opportunity sir to go with you. But are you sure you're ready to getting taken down to the wood? Perhaps you should sleep on the idea. Uh, I need to visit the men's room for a few seconds.....be back as soon as I can."

Henry was relieving himself at the urinal when he sensed something odd. Like someone was.... Like someone was right behind him....sniffing his hair!
"I'll sleep on it, Henry, and dream of you -- under the cape, head bowed, and my barber taking the clippers to this mane! Sheaves of your beautiful hair tumbling down to your shoulder and then falling in cascades to the floor. You will emerge from the shop as quite a different young man." Mr. Jenkins was pressed up close behind him....even as he was in the act of relieving himself and unable to escape!

Mr. Jenkins' description gave Henry the shivers. "I think I need to leave, now, sir. It's been nice of you to invite me out for a drink." He turned nervously, to leave the bathroom, but Mr. Jenkins stepped to block his exit.

Just then, another man walked in, interrupting the private scene. That addled Mr. Jenkins.

"Good night, Henry. Sleep well," Mr. Jenkins said, nervously, quickly stepping aside to let Henry leave.

Henry did not sleep well! In fact, he tossed and turned all night. He would not cut his hair! That was the bottom line. But, the thought of Mr. Jenkins cozying up to him....well, that made him shiver. And he want to see Mr. Jenkins clipped down to the wood. The last vestiges of his very nice, sexy hair cut off by the barber. He had flattered Mr. Jenkins into thinking his shorn look was manly, but Henry privately thought it looked awful. If he could only get the man taken down all the way, he would truly enjoy the transformation. That meant stringing Mr. Jenkins along to return to the barber shop. He would have to use his long sexy locks as a lure....and then have a last minute escape plan.

At work, Henry was a bundle of nerves. He stayed away from the places where he'd commonly see Mr. Jenkins. But then, the IM flashed up on his screen. "Clipper time in two hours! Can't wait to see us both buzzed down tight. We'll be quite the talk of the office tomorrow."

Henry wrote back, "I've had a rethink. Not ready for the big chop yet. But, I'd like to accompany you to check out the barbershop scene and meet your barber for future reference. Of course, what I really want is to watch you get taken down to the next level of super macho man. Maybe the feel of your stubble will inspire me at the last minute to hop up into the big barber chair!"

"Whatever you say, big boy!" came Mr. Jenkins' quick reply. "I can enjoy your parade of sexy, long hair a bit longer."

Mr. Jenkins put Henry totally at ease the minute the pair stepped into the barbershop. "I'm back for a touch-up from the cut you gave me this week, Al. And Henry here is just along for the ride today. Doesn't think he's quite ready for a decent haircut."

The barber took a close look at Mr. Jenkins' haircut. "If it's shorter than you wanted, there's nothing I can do about that, old pal," the barber said with a laugh. "But if I didn't take enough off, well, that's another story. Have a seat."

Mr. Jenkins climb into the chair that was facing away from the mirror with the excitement of a kid going to the amusement park for the first time. "Henry there felt that the haircut you gave me didn't go far enough. Go ahead and tell the barber what you had in mind, Henry."

Henry eagerly stood up and came close to the chair. He motioned to the top of Mr. Jenkins' head, "Take this all down to a #1. Stubble on top, the sides shaved as they are."

The barber reached for a set of clippers and snapped them on. "This won't take but a second or two!"

The first swipe of the clippers sent a jolt through Henry. Mr. Jenkins looked ridiculous! But he didn't tip his hand with regard to his feelings. "Wow, that looks so much better already," Henry stated in a convincing tone.

The barber made quick work of Mr. Jenkins' hair and had him clipped down tight almost as fast as he promised. The caped man reached out from underneath and rubbed his bristles. "Ah, love the feel."

Then the barber swiveled the chair around so that Mr. Jenkins could see his new self. His face registered a bit of shock. He swallowed hard. "Wow, that's short!" he gasped. He looked as vulnerable as a brand new marine recruit.

"It's a look that suits you perfectly, Mr. Jenkins," Henry offered from the waiting area.

The barber ran a duster quickly over the top of Mr. Jenkins' head and his face. The barber announced, "In the future, this will be a much simpler haircut for me to maintain than that thick thatch you used to sport. Never seen a man your age with thicker hair. Needed to spend twice the time with the thinning shears to get half the result." The barber himself could not resist rubbing Mr. Jenkins' stubble lightly before unfastening the cape.

Once in the car, Mr. Jenkins seemed very insecure. "You sure this new buzz looks hot?"

"Oh yes, and much more practical too," Henry added.

"Then it's a haircut you should be wanting for yourself very soon, I take it? Right, Young Henry?! By the way, I thought we could swing by my place to watch the big game and order in some pizza. What do you say?" Mr. Jenkins asked.

Henry was so glad he dropped the issue of asking about his haircut plans, that he eagerly agreed to going to watch the game and eat pizza. As it turned out, the two cheered for opposite teams.

Once inside Mr. Jenkins' apartment, Henry set about instantly to discovering the feel of his colleague's stubble. "Oh, this just feels wonderful," the lad gushed. Over and over he rubbed the older man's head.

Mr. Jenkins returned the favor, grasping the plush mane and drawing it close to his nostrils. "Um, this is one reason to put off your haircut. The smell of your shampoo is intoxicating. "

The two men were enjoying the game and just finishing up the pizza Mr. Jenkins had ordered. In the final minutes of the match, Mr. Jenkins' team suffered an unfortunate reversal and Henry cheered his team to victory.

"Wow - not my day!" Mr. Jenkins sighed. "But, I bet I could beat your at arm wrestling. How about a quick match."

Henry surveyed the man and thought that given his own youth and vitality, he could defeat the challenger. "Sure - why not?"

To Henry's surprise, Mr. Jenkins began stripping off his shirt. This muscles bulged in a way that could never be imagined under his business attire. He had a full set of six packs bulging from his trim stomach. And with his shorn head, Mr. Jenkins looked like a positively ferocious opponent. "Come on, now, let's do this right. Take off your shirt, Henry."

The build up to the little competition was anti-climactic. Mr. Jenkins' slammed Henry's arm quickly down to the table. "Hey, you didn't try!" the man accused.

"I never realized how strong you could be..." Henry muttered, dumbfounded by the man's strength.

"What about a wrestling match," Mr. Jenkins challenged. "Maybe you'd have more of a chance." Without waiting he grasped Henry by his long hair and pulled him into the middle of the room. "Come on, defend yourself, boy."

Henry put up a token resistance but was pinned to the ground in a matter of instants. Mr. Jenkins towered over him. He stroked the young man's long, beautiful hair. "Now, I've got a present for you. A surprise." He let Henry get up. "It's over there, in that shopping bag on the counter."

Henry was glad to be released from Mr. Jenkins' tight body hold. He complied obediently with the instruction, reached his hand into the bag and pulled out a small box. It was a set of barber clippers! His face turned white as a bed sheet.

"Surprise. This is your day too!" the man chortled. "Now, be a good boy and get them ready for your haircut. The outlet is there -- and be sure to choose the #1 guard. This will be the barber's chair!" he exclaimed as he pulled out one of the chairs from under the kitchen table.

"But, Mr. Jenkins, I told you I wasn't ready to cut my long hair yet," Henry whined.

"That may be, young fellow, but I say there's no time like the present. You can either cooperate or you'll have to put up a more valiant struggle when I wrestle you into the chair and strap you to it. What do you say? Be a good boy, is my advice. You haven't spent nearly as much time muscle-building as I have."

Henry stood mute and frozen. Mr. Jenkins approached the quavering lad and his large, strong hand smacked Henry hard on his nice, tight ass.

Henry looked dazed by what was happening to him. "I'll cooperate, sir," he offered instinctively. And without another word, he took a seat in what Mr. Jenkins had determined to be the barber chair.

Mr. Jenkins unfolded the new cape that came with the kit and shook it open. Then he carefully fastened it around Henry's neck, securing it with the huge metal clip. He leaned over and sniffed the lad's glorious mane and took a brush to it. "You must spend a lot of time on this each morning, young man."

"Yes, sir. At least an hour to get it just right," Henry replied, submissively.

"And you must be quite fond of your hair -- so long and lovely, healthy and full of body," Mr. Jenkins continued.

"Yes, sir. Since I was just a tot, I've worn my hair long," he admitted.

"But now, you're ready for a change -- a style that you find manly and totally awesome on me," Mr. Jenkins said.

Henry remained silent.

"I ask you, just what that haircut might be? I want to hear you say it, Henry!" Mr. Jenkins snapped. "Or perhaps I'll have to turn you over my knee, to encourage a more cooperative, responsive disposition.

"Sides and back to zero and the top to a #1," the caped lad whimpered.

Mr. Jenkins snapped on the machine -- where to start....plow across the top and watch the longest part fall dramatically or force him into a bowing posture and go up from the nape? The lovely hair shimmered under the kitchen lights. It was a shame....but the boy had become quite domineering. He needed a good lesson. And, Mr. Jenkins was suspicious that his brutal haircut Henry had encouraged actually did not look good at all on him. He brushed through Henry's lovely long hair and let the silken locks cascade through his fingers. "Tell me the truth, Henry. Does my hair really look good shaved bald like this, or did I look a whole lot better with my youthful full mane carefully brushed to the sides?"

"I can't continue leading you on, sir. You looked much better with hair. I always admired it -- remember how you caught me staring at you in your office? That was how our relationship started!" the lad confessed.

"So why did you encourage me to shave the rest off after I got that horribly short haircut?" Mr. Jenkins asked tenderly.

"Because I wanted to dominate over you, sir," Henry said, turning to look him in the eye. "I wanted you to be under my control.....but, now, here I am....my hair and I are at your total disposal. I am so sorry about my treachery," Henry confessed.

"Oh, Henry! You sweet boy!" Mr. Jenkins sighed. "You are a gem, and so is your hair." He brushed the thick silken locks. "This hair should not be butchered." Mr. Jenkins unfastened the cape. "But it does need to be shampooed! The shower upstairs will accommodate us better."

Henry jumped up from the chair. "Oh, thank you! Thank you, Mr. Jenkins!"

"Call me James...." the man sighed as he gave the lad a love smack on his tight rear end.

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