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Ponyboy by Paul

I was looking forward to take up my new post at the college in Chicago. It was the first day after the summer vacation and all the students looked happy and sunburned as they entered my class.
They were quite noisy and full of joy. I waited until the bell rang and then welcomed them and presented my self. Then each student presented him or herself. Apparently one was missing – at least there was an empty chair.
I noticed the students smiled to each other and nodded – as if they understood some kind of secret I wasn’t a part of.
Class started – and the students were calm now.
Then the door opened.
And what I first thought was a girl with extremely long thick blond hair entered. She looked marvelous and my heart started beating.
When she turned towards me I almost fainted by surprise. She was a he!
“God morning Sir, my name is Dylan. Sorry for being late”.
The guy with the incredible mane sneaked down to his chair.
Some one from the back said: “So another morning spend on brushing all of your beautiful long blond hair Dylan being late again” – and the rest of the class burst into laughter. Dylan went all red all over his face.
I could see that this wasn’t the first time the guy with the long sissy blond hair had been late do to his attention to that overwhelming mane of hair.
The days went on. I was very happy with my new job and the students seemed to be happy with me.
But something kept nagging me. Dylan and his awesome mane. His hair now reached his nice big ass and took up more and more of his time and attention – and mine too!
One afternoon I asked Dylan to remain in the class room when the others left.
I sat down in front of him looking into his pretty face with the glasses and dark eyebrows – and hair, hair everywhere.
“Dylan – we need to talk. This can’t go on.”
“Dylan looked surprised: “What do you mean Sir?”
I looked at his magnificent shiny blond overlong mane and said: “The hair thing”.
Dylan completely turned red all over his face. And I sensed my hard on coming into life when speaking about his fantastic hair.
I got the feeling that Dylan was exited as well apparently loving to talk about his pride and glory.
“What do you mean Sir – the hair thing” he said while on purpose leaning forward towards me so all of his overlong blond hair fell into his face and covered it completely.
My heart was beating and my legs trembling as I reached for these precious locks and pushed the curtain of long blond hair aside – and kept the awesome strands of hair in my hands.
“Dylan you are far to occupied with your hair. It’s only natural that you are so proud of your mane. It’s an incredible beautiful and long mane of hair you have got. But it distracts you and takes up all of your time and attention”.
I could see that Dylan now was very visibly influenced by me talking about his overlong blond hair and holding some of it in my hands. His breath and voice disclosed him.
“Sir that’s not true Sir. I love my long hair but it doesn’t take up so much time and attention – I just care for it that’s all Sir”.
“Dylan – you come into class late almost every morning because taking care of that overlong blond mane takes too long time. In class you touch your long hair all the time and watch the overlong strands and throw your head around to catch the attention and admiration of your fellow students to your incredible mane. Apart from that headmaster also has commented on your hair to me”.
Dylan protested – but not vigorously: “ I don’t do that Sir.” By now the bulge in his pants was very visible!
“Dylan – listen. Headmaster want you to change your looks. He has had complaints from other students and parents who feel offended by the length of your hair. They don’t like a boy to have hair down to his ass. And headmaster agrees. So he told me to tell you to get a haircut – and I agree. All though extremely beautiful your hair has grown far too long. It now reaches your ass. So you must have a haircut Dylan”.
“No f***ing way no” Dylan all red in his face and with a very big bulge in his paints cried. “I will not have a haircut. This is my hair. It’s so magnificent, so beautiful everybody tells me so. I will not let anyone cut it”.
“I’m afraid that’s not an option Dylan” I said. “You will get a haircut. All of that beautiful overlong blond hair will soon lie on the floor”.
“No no no” Dylan cried now with tears in his eyes.
“Oh yes son. If you don’t admit to the clippers, you will be abandoned from college. I don’t think you and your parents would approve of that”.
“You can’t do that” Dylan whispered now all pale in his face.
“Oh yes dear. We can and we will. Look here”.
I gave him a paper signed by the headmaster saying that Dylan was expelled of college due to lack of conformity with the rules of the college.
“So Dylan off we go to get your beautiful long blond hair cut!”.
Dylan was so chocked that he didn’t know what to do. If he had taken a closer look at the paper he would have seen that this wasn’t in fact the official paper of the college neither the true signature of the headmaster – I had faked it. But the poor guy was so occupied with his overlong blond mane as usual to pay attention to anything else.
I pushed him out of the door.
“Where are you taking me” Dylan said with a low voice full of fear.
“You will see son – just follow me”.
“I cannot let this happen” he said most of all to himself. “But my parents would kill me if I was kicked out of college. Ohh what shall I do. I cannot live without my long hair. I love it so much”.
I let the poor guy sob while leading him my private flat at the campus.
I opened the door and pushed the longhaired beauty inside. My heart was racing and my pants nearly exploding with anticipation. Soon I would have this wonderful mane in my chair!
“Come on Dylan” I said. “In here”.
I opened the door to my bedroom and pushed him inside. He was chocked when he saw what was inside.
There in the middle of the room was my old fashioned barber chair with red leather and straps attached to the armrest and foot rest.
I pushed the “Hair monster” towards the chair. He tried to resist. But I was much stronger than this skinny boy, so he was no match for me.
“Now take a seat son nice and easy. It will soon be over. And afterwards you will feel so much better – and look so much better!”.
I pushed the longhaired beauty into the chair and quickly strapped his arms and legs to the chair so he couldn’t move.
Oh what a sight he was.
My overlong haired beautiful boy in my old fashioned barber chair looking ever so scared but with an immense bulge in his pants.
I approached him and reached for his golden mane.
“Your hair is so long and so beautiful Dylan” I said while letting my fingers glide through the enormous length of blond hair.
“It’s a petty you’re not a girl. That way you would have been able so keep this princess hair”.
I reached down to the bulge in his pants and started to rub it. Dylan made a big sigh.
“So my little longhaired princess like to be strapped in my old fashioned barber chair waiting to get all of her oh so beautiful over long hair cut of.” I rubbed his bulge harder and he moved around in the chair breathing heavily.
I opened his pants and took out his very big hard on and put it into my mouth. He sighed very loudly.
I sucked him and reached for his long hair – and pulled it down towards his dick. I put some of the long strands of blond hair around his hard on and started to rub him and his hair.
Dylan closed his eyes and within a minute he came with a small scream.
“So you like a hairjob in your own overlong blond mane. I bet you often do that to yourself when you are home alone right”.
I could see that I was right from the expression on his face.
“But now you have been satisfied. It’s my turn now!”.
I went behind the chair and gathered all of Dylan’s magnificent hair into my hands. The ponytail was extremely long and thick.
I twisted it around a few times and attached it to the top of his head with two big hair clips.
“You actually look much better with all that hair out of your face” I said. Dylan just sat there red in his face and in chock – but starting to get erected again I noticed!
I put a neck strip around him and found an enormous white and black striped cape and put it around him.
The poor guy was completely covered by the enormous cape and further fastened to the chair. He couldn’t move.
I reached for the long ponytail on top of his head and released the clips – and tons of long blond hair tumbled down all around Dylan. There was hair everywhere.
“My God you need a haircut son. You have got hair everywhere”.
I reached fro my brush and started to brush his magnificent hair. It was so beautiful. So long and so thick. With each stroke of the brush his head moved backwards. I brushed all of his fantastic hair from the top of the head to the ends which descended further than the seat of the chair!
His back looked like a river or sea of thick blond hair. You could not see the cape and the back of the chair. It was all completely covered in his extremely long thick blond hair.
“I think we should keep the memory of this day” I said and turned on my video camera which was placed in the back of the room.
“It would be nice to see this haircut again and again” I smiled rubbing my bulge.
Dylan just sat there in the chair with the cape and all of his sissy boy hair brushed down his back.
“Pls. Sir pls spare me the clippers. Can’t you just give me a trim?”
“No son. It’s to late for that. That overlong princess hair will have to fall to the floor!”.
“But first it’s my turn to get satisfaction”.
I took of my pants and underwear and approached the chair from behind.
“What are you doing Sir” Dylan asked visibly nervous.
“Actually I’m doing you a favor son. I will condition this awesome mane of yours. It will look perfect after I’m done with it”.
I went all close to the back of the chair and all of Dylan’s wonderful hair. And I buried my hard on in all this magnificent hair. Ohh it felt so good and soft. I covered my dick in his lovely mane and started to satisfy myself.
“Oh my god your hair is beautiful dear. It’s a shame that all of it will soon be on the floor”.
I pumped into his magnificent mane while his head moved back and forth with each pull of his fantastic locks.
I came with a big sigh and pulled out of his long blond hair leaving a good deal of conditioner in his blond hair.
“There son – now your hair looks even better”.
I took the brush and distributed my cum in the rest of his mane.
Then I reached for the clippers….

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