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military gay shave by liam

my name is liam and i come from the uk, i had quite long thick curly hair but looked like a mop and was very annoying to keep tidy but i never really had it shaved short i was always taken to a hairdresser by my parents to get it thinned but now that i had left school and was at college i descided to get a job working as a kitchen porter when not at college : so i was on the bus into town after work and it was about 2pm and there was another guy on the bus he got on and then about 3 minutes later there was onother guy got on the bus then onother and all had short hair,the last guy that got on the bus had short brown hair he looked quite good looking and sat right beside me since most of the seats was taken up he asked me what the time was and i told him, he made some conversation and asked him what he was upto, he said work and i asked him where he laughed and said well you might be intrested to come with him , he explaned he worked in a barbershop and i said well actually yeah i should get a hair cut. when the bus pulled up i followed him onto the main high street there was two shops with a door in the middle saying mikes barbershop upstairs we entered and climbed the stairs i had never seen it before . there was the barber mike he was totally bald and had a butch look to him i took a seat and he was shaveing a guys head really close then i relised that all the guys had short hair anyways compaired to me.waiting for a shorter hair cut i took a seat and waited on the wall was pictures of army men from american army and it seemed like a military army place - feeling odd but quite excitedjosh the guy i followed told me that this barbershop was for real men who like getting it shaved real short buzzed to the bone he said , he told me that mike wouldnt cut it that short if i didnt want which relaxed me for a bit but as all the men in hear was straight i butched up a bit and said id go all the way _ i came forward and i could hardly speak i said _ can you shave it all off which he done with plesure we got talken and by accident i let slip that i was gay by mentioning an ex he seemed really surprided but what came next shoked me he haid that he was gay too and liked guys with short hair i laughed and said well do i have short hair he said yeah but keep sitting and ill shave the rest of it off with a razor love it and when he finished he started flirting, he rubbed myscalp a few times and razored it out some more i asked him how many times a week should i razor it he said it was up to the person we exchanged numbers and i get my head shaved every 2 days with him. i never want hair again i love it bald. and now i have told every one that if you want your head shaved shave it bald just do it dont hold back if you hate it well it will grow back. who would have thought id got to a barber shop and get a date !! any thing can happen in life

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