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Short Back and Sides i didn't ask for by Jim Lovell

This story was originally posted on Yahoo Answers.
HELP ME ! I have been given a short back and sides haircut without asking for it.?
I have just arrived home from my girlfriends place where I was invited by her father and mother for dinner. We are all going to her cousins wedding this Saturday, and after dinner her father went to his boy friends place to get his & her four brothers hair cut. My girllfriend suggested I go with them and also get a haircut as it was to long for her liking, especially as we were going to a special occassion like a wedding.

I couldn't disagree with her so I followed her fathers instructions for myself and her four brothers to get in thier van. On arrival when asked to I cooperated by sitting in the Barbers chair first. While her father and myself were having a long discussion the Barber proceded to start up the shears and cut my hair. Distracted by the discussion with her father I suddenly realised the Barber had very quickly sheared very high above my ears and very high up the back of my neck. By this time the Barber was in control and proceeded to give me an old fashioned short back and sides.

When I stepped out of the chair and sat down I realised by watching the next five haircuts that an old fashioned short back and sides haircut was the normal haircut for the boys in her family as they all received the same as I did.

On arrival of us all back at my girlfriends place, eventhough I was in shock, I realised that without her warning me when we left that she intended me to get such a short haircut. I knew it was to her liking by the way she kept thanking her father for taking me and saying to him she was pleased how short it was.

I am now at home in my flat where I live on my own and have been looking in the bathroom mirror. I can't get over how short it is and also am so embarrassed how much my ears stick out. I am even too scared to go to work tommorrow.

I have been standing in front of the mirror in my pyjamas ready for bed trying all ways to make it look less short but without success. I have tried combing it different ways but nothing works, & each time have gone back to a razor sharp part on the left the way the Barber combed it after also puting hair oil in my hair.

I am not mad at my girlfriend as I realise all her life she has been used to the men in her family having short hair and prominent ears and just wanted with all the best intentions the same for me.

I am so nervous about going outside my flat can anyone suggest something I can do to make it less obvious ?

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