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My cousin shaved head by Kuan Lee

Hi everybody !!!! I'm Zhi Lee - 20 - This is a true story of my last week. Exactly on the date 11.17.2015. I have a cousin of my visit, he called Kuan Lee ... I visited him because we have the secret, and the same interests. More importantly, I would have a completely different appearance.
I was an extremely shy person, I always consult my mother before doing anything. But things have become different since I met Kuan, he always encouraged me to do things according to my preferences go ahead and do it.
I know the secret of the Kuan, Kuan enjoyed a shaved head. And I, too .... I desire to shave my head for so long .... I want to touch my bald head. Kuan has supported me very much when I decided to do this. I have been touched by Kuan shaved head it makes me happy very much.
That night, I decided last shampoo. I have a thick and shiny hair, though I still want to shave them. I stroked my hair. I was 5 months and no barber to shave. I often see the video on youtube shaved head, I just like shaving with a straight razor. Enjoy smooth run razor on my head. because of this video that I am more determined than shave their heads. you will not have to comb the hair every day, not to use shampoo when your head touches the pillow without hair.
I am eager to wait until tomorrow morning. Kuan will help me do that.
The next morning, my fateful day. I and Kuan breakfast together, we talk and prepare some necessary tools. Then we go to the bathroom, I stripped out, I quickly sat on a chair placed in the middle of the bathroom. Kuan asked me: "Zhi! You're ready to become bald".
I shouted out: "I want to be bald." Kuan quickly mounted razor, he stroked my hair, he sprayed water on my hair. when the shaving head with water, you will feel more relaxed, not irritated scalp. This is the experience that Kuan told me. Kuan will remove all my hair.
He quickly grab a razor every hair on the top section and scrape around. He open razors and staring from the center, white scalp was visible. He carefully scraped from the middle of mine leave early. Once completed, He began to scrape the sides and side burns. Finally He started scraping the front section of mine leave me with a bald head clean. He lathered shaving head and start again to ensure shaven. The cold that I felt after applying aftershave is soothing. He rubbed the bald head of mine with his bare hands. He gently kissed his lips shaved head , I stroking him so long, I shaved hair back rest, my head will ensure smooth. I was really excited with the newly shaved head, I kept rubbing it forever, looking in the mirror. I thanked he very much. He let me have a chance to fulfill my wish.
I have now officially bald, a wonderful feeling. I will shave their heads each day until the holiday ends. After finishing a shaved head, I received a gift from Kuan. I open the gift. So surprise!! Kuan give me a straight razor and a box of razor, a shaving cream box .... a truly meaningful gift for me in the coming days. Attached was a card was written: "You can shave my head at any time when you want !!! I'm always ready."
Now, I'm thinking about when to carry out the wishes of Kuan ....

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