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Muscle Dude Gets Shorn, part 3 by Alex

Brad Johnson was an up-and-coming bodybuilding sensation whose life had been changed by modifying his appearance two years ago. He had started by lifting weights and eventually, after some persuasion from his best friend Dan, he entered some bodybuilding competitions. Brad placed high in many of the competitions, and had become a bodybuilding sensation.

Then Dan had convinced Brad to ditch his long, shaggy hair in favor of a flattop. The short, masculine haircut was a hit with the ladies, who often would reach up just to run their fingers through his short-cropped hair. Brad's hair was clipped flat on the top and he was bald on the back and sides. The haircut made Brad's head look much smaller, making his body look larger and bulkier in comparison. The look had helped him place well in bodybuilding competitions. It had also made him popular with the opposite sex; women practically threw themselves at him. Every time a woman glanced Brad's way, it stoked a fire in Brad to grow just a little more. and he "scored" often. They would get damp just looking at him. Even other guys would stare at Brad's hunky body and cropped hair, the epitome of virility. He didn't mind them 'mirin' his near-perfect body.

Brad worked hard to keep himself in peak physical condition, tanning at a local salon and also visiting Mac, his barber, every weekend to keep his hair in perfect order. Nothing could be out of place. After two years in the industry, Brad knew he wanted to keep striving for perfection: his condition, his routine, and even his hair.

Especially his hair.

Brad finished in the Top Five in every bodybuilding competition for a year after his first-place finish in the Middleweight category. The judges loved his big muscles, sleek, sexy haircut, and cocky attitude. Dan even convinced him to bulk up a bit more and graduate to a higher weight class: Heavyweight. But that's when Brad hit the wall!

Brad was devastated when he didn't even rank in the Top 12 in his first Heavyweight competition. It was a rude awakening.

"Why'd I let you talk me into moving up a weight class?" Brad sulkily asked Dan the day after the disastrous competition, as they were working out in Dan's home gym, in his basement.

"Brad, don't don't get down on yourself," Dan replied, as he racked the bar. "This was only the first competition of the season. The next one will be better. The competition was just really strong."

Brad shook his head. "I think moving up a class was a mistake."

"No way, dude," Dan argued. "You had to move on. Grow bigger. Challenge yourself again. It not only wasn't a mistake, it was really the only thing you could have done. Think about it. How much longer would the judges have rewarded you for hanging back, when you have so much more potential?"

"Do you think the judges would have started lowering my scores just because I didn't grow bigger?" Brad was dubious, as he ran his hand through his short-cropped hair.

"I think so," Dan shrugged. "It was only a matter of time, dude. Judges want to see progress. The bigger the better. Demand the judges' attention."

"I already went up a whole weight class. What else can I do to get their attention, Dan?" Brad asked.

Dan shrugged. "I guess you need to showcase how much bigger and more muscular you are."

"How now?"

"Brad, I think you need a shorter haircut."

"Huh? Dan, my hair's already super-short. The back and sides are completely shaved!"

"Yeah, that flattop 'do was fine in the minor leagues. But you're in the big leagues now, Stud. In comparison to the other guys on stage, your hair is still fairly long. And with your long hair, your head looks bigger, and your body looks smaller. Bodybuilding is all about who looks biggest on stage. We've talked about this before: anything you can do to make yourself look bigger will help you."

"Dude, my hair's already plenty short!"

Brad protested again, but Dan brought a copy of "Flex" magazine over the table. As Brad leafed through the pages of the muscle-mag, he had to admit that nearly every bodybuilder in the issue had short-cropped hair, making Brad's seem very long in comparison.

"Look, Brad: Sangram Chougule, Thomas Motherway, Con Demetriou, Ben Pakulski... they're all going for the super-short look."

So it was back to the barber shop for a shorter 'do. Brad and Dan both walked into Mac's shop.

Brad got into the chair and Mac put a tissue around his neck and then put the apron on him. As the barber caped him, he asked, "How'll it be today son? Same as usual? Trim up the flat-top?"

Brad said, "Maybe something a bit shorter?"

"Brad's got a bodybuilding competition coming up, and he needs a shorter haircut," Dan explained. "What do you suggest, Mac?"

Mac thought for a moment. Then he suggested, "Let's try something different".

"Different? What do you mean?"

"I've got a cut that will look terrific on you, son. Let me be creative. Do you trust me?"

Brad hesitated.

Dan said, "Brad, let Mac choose. He does a good job every time, doesn't he? He's the expert."

Brad nodded slowly.

Mac picked up the electric shears and tilted Brad's head down so that it touched his chest. He had turned the chair around so that Brad was facing the window, and then he started the clippers. As was usual with Brad's haircuts, there was no guard on the clippers as it went around the back of Brad's head. Brad had kept the back and sides shorn "down to the wood", as Mac called it.

Mac went straight up the back of Brad's head. shearing the back of the bodybuilder's head down to nothing. He went back and forth along the back and sides until even the short, week-long growth was gone. He went to the right side and then to the left, shearing the back and sides of Brad's head completely.

When he had finished, he toweled off Brad's head. Next, Mac opened a jar of Krew Comb and rubbed big dollops all over the top of Brad's head, and then began combing the hair upwards with a thick brush for several minutes, until each hair was standing up and separated. The hair was still almost an inch on top. The barber then grabbed the Oster clippers and his comb again. He turned on the clippers, and using the comb he shortened the fringe in the front to about a half an inch. Mac continued the process several times until he had it down to about a quarter of an inch in the front, and even shorter on the rest of the top.

Brad had a recon haircut.

Brad started to get up, thinking Mac was finished, but the barber, pushed him back down into the seat. Not quite finished, son. Now to get rid of the rest," Mac muttered. He placed the Oster clippers flat against the center of Brad's head, about two inches from his forehead.

"No turning back now," Mac declared, as he plowed the clippers straight back and down the center of Brad's skull, then repeated the process again and again, mowing the top of Brad's hair down to the wood. Brad was only left with a small amount of hair at the front and along the sides, in a horseshoe shape.

Mac then put the clippers down, and took shaving cream and slathered it all over the sides, back, and top of Brad's head. Then, with a straight razor, he proceeded to shave the back and sides, removing even the stubble. Then he repeated the process. Mac put some gel in his hand and rubbed it into what was left of Brad's hair. He used a blow dryer and a brush to make it stand up. He then turned the chair around so Brad could see his reflection in the mirror.

"I think you will like this haircut," Mac said. "My oldest son likes this cut. He's been getting it since he was in the Marines. Now he's a cop. It makes you look like a real man. Real clean-cut."

Brad was almost speechless. This haircut definitely made him look more manly.

"Holy sh*t, dude!" Dan said. "That looks f*ckin' awesome."

"Good," Mac said. "You're next."

Brad got out of the barber's chair, still admiring his looks in the mirror, as Dan took his place.

To be continued...

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