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My Head Shaving Experience in 2013 by Kuan Lee

Sorry for not posting anything for a while.. I was in search for a real head shave experience.. This is my own experience which happened exactly two days before the date of posting..

A busy year at university for my PG course is finally over. I decided to take a break from every thing and relax for few months. My friends who shared my apartment during my PG course left in search of new job leaving me alone in this city. I spend a whole week just by drinking, eating and sleeping. Summer is fast approaching and the city is becoming more hot day by day. A complete head shave after my PG course was decided a long back. Three days before I checked mirror to find the status of my hair. My hair was not grown very long, it had a medium length all over. I found a messy grown beard in my face. I decided to get my haircut(head shave) the very next day itself.
The next day morning I woke up early than usual, I didn't have any plan for that day. After all my morning ablutions, I opened my laptop and logged in to facebook. Among all the post and updates of my friends one post grabbed my attention, that was a profile picture of my friend with a shaved head. This post remind me about my decision to shave head today. I liked that post and logged out from facebook. First I thought of shaving my head at evening, but I couldn't wait till evening. I also don't want to have a straight away head shave from a barbershop. I need to have some special experience. For this I decided to visit a number of barbershops instead of straight away shave from one barbershop. After having a strong black tea, I decided to step out of apartment in search of a new barbershop. I also took some selfie of mine with hair before leaving. I went to the parking area to find my bike, security man of the apartment asked me
"Where are you going so early?"
With a smile I replied "You will find that when I return..."
That was a Sunday and I found the city didn't wake up yet. My first destination was the barbershop where I go regularly. The barbershop was empty and the barber pleasantly welcomed me to the empty seat since I was his first customer.
I said "Just shave my beard off"
barber asked "Don't want any haircut?", he was surprised since that was the first time I go there for only shaving beard.
I replied "NO".
The barber soon took a trimmer to trim my long grown beard so that he can easily shave that.
he asked "Do you want to shave the mustache?"
I replied "YES"
Finally he trimmer my beard and started lathering it up, While shaving he asked
"Your hair is grown and its time for a haircut.."
"Then cut a little off the sides and top.. only a little.. " I said.
Barber soon shaved my face smooth and applied the after shave lotion. Then he capped me and took a scissors and comb. He started cutting hair at the sides and then moved to the top. Finally he finished cutting my hair. I didn't feel any difference in my looks after cutting because the barber trimmed only a very little of the hair. Soon I left the barbershop and went in search of another barbershop. After moving about 1km, I stopped in front of another barbershop, I decided to get a short haircut here. The shop was not empty, a kid was there in the barber's chair and his father was waiting for the next turn. I saw the barber running clipper over the boy's head. The barber left a little hair at the front side for the boy to comb. At the end, his father instructed the barber to take away the hair at the front too. Finally it turned to a buzz haircut. Then the father stepped into the chair, the barber gave him a gentleman haircut. Soon it was my turn, I stepped into the chair and the barber capped me and asked "How are you doing today?"
"A very short haircut.. " I said
"Really short? " he asked again.. I nodded my head..
He took the clipper and trimmed sides and back of my head with #2. Then he took a comb and started cutting top of my head, He left some hair for combing at front of my head. The haircut was short as I wanted. The barber uncapped me and I stepped out of the shop. I took few snaps of my short haircut outside the barbershop. Now it was the time of my ultimate haircut(head shave), I was super excited by that time. I wanted to shave my head in a crowed barbershop. I left in search of a crowded barbershop. At the corner of a junction I found a small shop, I found some customers in the waiting chair from outside. I thought that is the perfect place for my ultimate haircut. I entered the shop and occupied a waiting chair. Everybody in the shop including the barbers surprisingly looked at me since I had a clean face and short hair. The shop had two chairs and two barbers. I was shocked to see that one of the barber had a shaved head with only two day grown tiny hair. He was handsome too. I prayed for getting into that barber's chair. After waiting for about half an hour, it was my turn. I really got excited.. I stepped into the bald barber's chair as I wished. The barber stared at my short hair and asked "What can I do for you?"
After pausing a second, I took a deep breath and said "Shave my head off.. ".
Due to excitement I said this a little louder and I found that all the eyes in the barbershop stared at me.
The barber was surprised and asked me again "Are you sure..?"
With a smile replied "Yeah.. shave like your bald head".
"With a straight razor ?" He asked.
"First shave using #0 clipper, then latter and finally shave using the straight razor" I said this with hand gestures. The bald barber didn't wait. He quickly capped me up and plugged in the electric clipper. All the customers stared at me. The barber took off the guard from the clipper and brought it near the back side of my head and switched on the clipper, the loud buzzing sound was disturbing, he slowly touched the naked clipper to the back side of my head and dragged it upward. Though the back mirror I saw a larger patch of hair was taken and the bare scalp was seen. The barber repeated this and in less than a minute my back side of the head was just bare scalp. He then moved towards the right side and then to the left side. The feel of the cold metallic tip of the clipper through the scalp along with the buzzing sound was wonderful. After finishing the sides, the barber dragged the clipper through the front side in the middle, the bald me started appearing in the mirror. In less than 10 mins the barber trimmed all my hair to zero. He again ran the clipper through my scalp to shave any missed patch. He brushed my bald head to remove all loose hair.
Now it was the time to smooth my head, he took a spray bottle and sprayed some water on my scalp. Then he took the shaving gel and pressed it directly on top of my bald head. Using the brush he latter my bald head, he rubbed the brush several number of times to produce thick latter on my scalp. My white bald head again grabbed the attention of everyone at the shop. The barber changed the blade in the straight razor and started shaving from the middle of the scalp. Smooth skin was left behind in the places visited my the razor. The feeling of razor on the head is can't be expressed. It was a slow and a long process. The whitish smooth skin soon appeared in the right half of my head. The barber was slow and careful during shaving. Finally the he finished shaving all the latter. He again applied a thin coat of latter on my smooth scalp, it seemed like he wanted to make my head extra smooth. After the second shave, he wiped all the extra latter using a tissue paper. He finally rubbed a hand full of after shaving lotion over my head. The cold feel of after shaving lotion was amazing. I looked soo sexy through the mirror. I asked the barber to quickly take some snaps of my bald head at barber's chair.
After taking photo he commented that "You have a perfect round head and the bald look suits you well".
I was happy to hear that. Soon I stepped out of the shop rubbed my smooth head with the bare hands. After reaching the apartment I spends hours watching my bald head through mirror and I also decided to maintain this smooth bald look for a while.

While typing this I am rubbing my bald head with one hand and I can feel the tiny prickly hair on my scalp. I also plan too smooth my head tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for more updates..

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