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23 to 63 - part three by Titan

Sean couldn't believe what he saw in the mirror. As if wanting confirmation it was really him, he slowly turned his head to the left then the right before running his hand over his now smooth, totally hairless scalp not quite believing how great a feeling it was. No wonder his head felt lighter as he lay on the pillow.

It hadn't been a dream. He had been to Clyde's Barbershop after all and despite wanting a different look he had changed him beyond belief. It was like he was looking at a stranger.
He now had a perfectly shaved, head; not a hint of hair on his whole head and no shadow either. The shine on top was incredible as the bathroom lights reflected off his scalp. He'd never wanted to have all his hair shaved off before though he liked the look on some guys and wondered what he would look like bald. Now he knew. Even his beard was completely changed. No longer a full, wiry beard but a scaled down lush goatee,longer, and thicker and pointed at the chin while the moustache was thick and curled up at each side. How could he ever be able to grow such a thick and long beard overnight. What had the barber do Everything? He had to admit, it all made him look a lot older, something he always wanted, maybe even 10 years or more. Though he was glad the barber hadn't tried making him male pattern bald like he was. Even though it was a good look on Clyde, Sean shivered a little at the thought of his hair being permanently removed.

With the total bald head and the stylised beard and moustache he certainly looked older and a little edgier. But he never asked for this? Did he? He couldn't remember a lot about his haircut at Clydes but surely he'd never agree to this. Then pounding in his head reminded him of the drinks he'd been given. Were they drugged? Is that why he couldn't remember much?
This couldn't be legal but what could he do about it. Tell the cops someone forced a haircut on him after he asked the barber he wanted a shorter style as well as look older. Besides, the more he looked at it the more he liked the look. The beard was pretty funky, like one of his old college professor's wore, except darker.

Surly he couldn't go out looking like this. What would people say. Hang on, who ever worried about Sean or what he looked like? He never knew his neighbours, and his friends were few and far between.
"Hmm!" He said aloud as he stroked his beard while studying himself. He liked the look but wasn't sure baldness was for him." As he ran his hand over the scalp he was getting pretty turned on by the smoothness. How long would it take to grow back?
He decided to make breakfast while he thought what he should do. He certainly was hungry and despite not normally eating a cooked breakfast, he put on eggs and bacon while finding a few sausages. This was all followed by cups of strong coffee.

He decided to let his look stay for the moment while he ran some errands.
Later he passed a small tobacconist and felt a strange need to go inside. He'd never smoked before or had he. A older man with thick greying hair and a similar big curled
moustache approached.
"My names Brian. What can I help you with?" He said brightly as he eyed the man before him.
"Oh...I'm not sure." Sean said as he looked at a rack with an array of different pipes a little confused why he was even in this store. But something about the smell of the tobacco was enticing him.
"Ah. A pipeman like myself and a very distinguished one at that." Brian said obviously quite turned on by Sean. Before Sean could say anything Brian handed him a brown oversized briar assuring him he could try it out in the shop.
"I'm not really a smoker....ah.....but a would like to try a pipe.....where should I start." Still a little unsure why he was here. Then he remembered something about the barber sharing his pipe with him and how he enjoyed it. How it made him more relaxed and definitely more mature.
"Really? With that fantastic van-dyke and moustache you should always have a pipe." Brian said realising the customer seemed a little dazed.

In another half hour Sean leaves the shop smoking a brand new pipe like he has done so for years. As Brian waves him off at the door he couldn't believe the customer had never smoked a pipe before yesterday. After showing his new customer how to fill and light the pipe Brian pressed further. Sean, feeling more relaxed as he finally had his pipe admitted something about visiting a new barber who let him smoke his own pipe yesterday. A little taken back Brian asked did the barber give him the smooth headshave and precision beard trim? Sean replied yes again with a dazed look. Brian told him the barber did a great job and Sean must be very happy Sean paused before saying he wasn't that happy with what the barber had done to him. It was a big change and then showed Brian his phot ID. Brian was amazed at the change. He asked for the address sighting he needed a take charge sort of barber. Sean said to be carefull, there was something about that barber he didn't trust.

Brian hopped he see his new customer again. In the meantime he'd find this barbershop. Anyone that could change someone into a pipe smoker so quickly interested him. But he also heeded the kids warning. What else was this barber up to?

All that day Sean caught glimpses of himself reflected in shop windows. He kept forgetting how different he looked and had trouble getting used to his baldness. The only thing that pleased him was people were treating him with more respect. Even when he went into a liquor store the assistant didn't ask for ID. Maybe this was worth keeping a little longer. Why he even went to buy beer he wasn't sure. He'd never been a big beer drinker before. What had happened to him at that barbershop?

The few people that knew Sean were taken back by the changes, but they were more surprised by his smoking a pipe. No one was more surprised but he liked the pipe.

Sean was getting used to his look and was wondering if he should keep his present look. The shadow of hair was starting to show as the day passed. He was a little dismayed to loose the smooth, shiny look. He called in at the supermarket and filled his trolley to the brim. He didn't have the money to eat all this food but something told him he deserved to eat whatever he liked.

The next day a package arrived on his doorstep with some bottles of pills. He couldn't remember ordering anything on-line but the note said as requested here is your weight control pills. It said the payment was taken care of. Funnily, he didn't worry about who had paid for them as he realised all the food he was eating was piling on the weight. The weight pills could probably only help him. He followed the instructions and went to make a sandwich even though he'd already had a huge lunch.


"So how did you find out about my wee barbershop?" Clyde asked as he adjusted the pedestal chair. "Ah! A friend of mine mentioned it." Brian quickly said without wanting to give Sean's name away.

Brian had followed Sean's directions the next day. When he saw the barber he knew he had to go inside.
"Well I can do with all the new business I can get Mr..?"
"Call me Brian!"
"Clyde. So what can I do for you today? Oh I hope you don't mind my pipe."
"No not at all. I smoke a pipe myself."
"Nice to know another man that enjoys a good pipe. So what are we going to do with all this hair today?" The barber asked as he ran a comb through the hair.

So it was pretty obvious this guy was gay, and judging by all the customers hairstyles that recently left the shop, he was a 'shorter the better' kind of barber. Something that Brian would fantasize about but never have the guts to try out. He had to admit the barber was turning him on, no wonder Sean had let him shave his head.
Now Clyde had also realised Brian was gay and had noticed the overweight pipeman watching his shop from the small park across the road for the last few hours. He'd wondered who he was? A haircut fetisher? He certainly got his fair share. Maybe a private investigator. He sure didn't look like a cop.
Now he was in his chair he would find out while having some fun as well.

"How about a drink?"
"Oh that's mighty kind of you."
"Well I'm due for a mid afternoon tipple and I hate to drink alone. Scotch alright?"
"Sure!" Brian loved his scotch.
Well of course the drink was spiked which by the third 'tipple' caused Brian to totally zone out.
"So Brian. Is that your real name?"
"So who was your friend that came here?"
"I'm not sure of his name. I...I just...met him in my...shop."
"And what was he doing in your shop?"
"Buying a pipe."
It had to be Sean Clyde realised.
"What did you say to him?"
"I liked his look...he said you were... his... barber."
"And why are you here?"
"Curiosity....How...how did you make him a pipe man?"
"Trade secret."
"Now what am I to do with you?" Clyde asked as he adjusted the items on his bench.
"I...I....think....a.....trim is all....."
"Oh no trim for you my friend, you need the whole of my services, just like Sean!"
And without delay the barber turned on a rather heavy duty pair of clippers and proceeded to cut the first swath through the thick hair.

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