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A New Service by Ken

I sat in the chair and waited, maybe 15 minutes. I was early for my appointment, but finally she came and got me.

"Ken," she said. I looked up and nodded. "You ready?" I got up and nodded again.

I was a little nervous, as this was going to be a drastic change. But I was ready for it and anxious for it to be done, even though I knew it would mean regular visits for about a year. She took me back to her chair. I sat and leaned back. She washed my hair lightly, commenting on how thick my hair was on top.

"Yeah, my family's been blessed with thick hair." She smiled.

"You ready for this then? It's quite a change."

"Oh, yes. I didn't even realize you did this. Do many guys get it done?"

"We started this about a year ago, and it was maybe one in twenty who got it done. Now it's about 1 in 12. It's getting more popular. I'm glad, I like the look on guys."

"I hope it looks good on me."

"Okay, lean back and I can get started." She started by sectioning off my hair on the top and putting some up in small clips.

"Should I tell you how I want it done?" I asked.

She shook her head. "No, it looks best if you let us decide how to do it."

She kept sectioning off hair and clipping it up. Then she applied small dabs of cream to different sections. They were different colored creams. It didn't make any sense to me, but she knew what she was doing. When she was done, she wrapped my head in a net and took me over to the hair dryers.

"The cream has to dry to have the effect. Plus the heat, that has an effect as well. I'll leave you here for 30 minutes then I'll be back for you. okay?"

I nodded as she put the dryer bonnet over my head. I sat there thumbing through a magazine while the warm air blew over my head. I had to admit, it was quite relaxing just sitting there. Kind of like a hot tub for your head. I put the magazine down and started to nod off.

"Nice and relaxed?" she said as she snapped off the hair dryer.

I nodded. "Very relaxing process, very nice."

We went back to her chair and she began brushing my hair, lightly, where the cream was. At first, small clumps of hair began to come out but then more and more came out, not just at the top, but some at the sides as well. "We sometimes leave a widow's peak," she said. "But I didn't think it would look good on you. Based on how thick your hair is, I thought we should do the full treatment." She kept brushing and more and more hair came out. I was going bald in about 15 minutes. The more she brushed the more scalp was left until the top was smooth bald, not a bit of hair left. The fringe that was left was all of 2.5 inches. It seemed out of place with the bald top.

"Don't worry, I'll trim the fringe, we can't leave that long." She got out some clippers and scissors and began working on it. She cut it to about a half inch long or so. She brushed it, not that it mattered.

When she took off the cape and got out the mirror, I was looking at man who was bald on top with not much of a fringe. I felt it and I liked the feel, the baldness giving way to a fringe.

"I love it," I said.

"Most guys do," she said. "Looks good on you."

"How often do I have to come back?"

"Once a week, for 8 weeks, then you're done."

"It'll be permanent then?"

"Oh yeah, don't worry it'll never grow back. How old are you?"


"Wow, that's young. But you're sure?"

"Never so sure of anything." I got up, paid and made an appointment for the next week. It really felt great to be mpb, and to be the one to decide it's what I wanted. It was forced on me, it was my choice, and because of that, I could celebrate it.

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