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ErasingMyFetish by MarcustheBald16

I was a 14 year old boy who was doing well academically. I also had long hair which was down to the bottom of my neck.My Mum and Dad were OK with it as long as I kept it clean.

One Saturday I was shopping with my dad and 16 year old brother Zack when he announced he was going to the barbers.I had to go with him. I had not had a haircut in a barbershop for 5 years and I had got a longish shag then.I now went to salons were they just do a trim.

I walked into the barbershop which was really someone's lounge with a barbers chair and barbers equipment. The Barber there was Sam who was a good barber, but always cut a lot off.
My dad got in the chair first. He had a 2 inch buzz all over. He then said he wanted a haircut like his as he thought it looked amazing. Sam had the shortest buzzcut ever with a 0# on top and bald on the sides.He set to work and it looked very short when done. I was horrified as I though he would make us get shorter hair. He then made Zach get in the chair. Zach had collar length hair. My dad said take away a few inches. Sam went to work. When it had finished I was trembling. He had had about 14 inches of hair and it was reduced to A #1 all over. Zach was an active boy and loved getting it cut very close.He had grown it out a his friends had made a bet but obviously he had broken it.

I started to exit before dad said I was having it cut as well. I sat down shivering and sweating with anxiety. Sam said he thought I needed a lot off. Dad said he wanted it quite long still and obviously he thought I did too. He then took out the CLIPPERS and put a guard on it. He ran it over my entire head. I then panicked not knowing what I looked like what I was looking like. In about 2 minutes (or 2 hours as it seemed like) I found out. He had buzzed my head with a 0# all over but I loved it. I looked excellent with no hair on my head and it felt AMAZING To massage. I asked Sam why he had buzzed it. He said it looked like I had a hair fetish and he wanted to get rid of it. I thanked him and rubbed it all the way to the car. The wind felt awesome as did everything else.

Why are there nerds running around with hair when a bald head is so AWESOME.

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