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AreYouAHairHater- Quiz by MarcustheBald16

Today I will not be writing one of my fantasy stories,but asking you what your preferences are on your hair. There will be 15 questions and for each you get 1 point for A, 2 points for b,3 points for c,4 points for d and 5 points for e. Some questions ask for your opinion entirely and I will judge the amount of points. On the 20th January I will be announcing who got the most points. This is my way of interacting with you hairsiters( new name for people here)

1) what haircut do you have now

a)Very long (6+ inches)
b)Quite Long (3-6 inches)
c)Average (#4 to 2 inches)
d)#4 or shorter in any cut

2) When are you next planning to get a haircut?what style are you going for.

a) A long Time (6+ months)
b)a month - 5 months
c)a week - a month
d)a week
e)today or tomorrow
3) You have been encouraged by your friends to get a #1 buzz cut. You have hair to your ears. what do you do.

a)lgnore your friends who walk away from you.
b) cut it shorter but far from your friends recommended length
c)buzz it longer (#2-#8 guard)
d)buzz it to a #1 like your mates
e)Buzz it to a #000000 all over like a true man

4) Your barber messes up your hair, what do you ask him too do.
a)Scream at your barber
b)ask him for a wig
c)ask him to try and hide it
d)tell him to sort it out
e)Shave it bald

5) What is the shortest your hair has been.

a)6+ inches
b)3 to 6 inches
c)#4 to 2 inches
d)#4 or shorter cut.

6) What is the longest it's been
a)6+ inches
b)3 to 6 inches
c)#4 to 2 inches
d)#4 or shorter cut.

7) How long does it take to get ready
a)30 mins+
b)30 mins
c)20 mins
d)10 mins
e)5 mins

8)You are asked to cut your hair for a sports team. What do you do.
a)leave the team
b)give it the slightest trim
c)cut it a moderate length
d)buzz it tight
e)Shave it smooth

9) How many good things of longer hair ( Longer than an inch)

10) How many good things of very short hair/baldness

11) What do you think of others with shaved heads
a)They look absolutely awful
b)They look quite bad
c)They look Ok
d)They look good
e)They look amazing and like Everyman should

12) What length would you consider "too long for a male"
a)it's never too long
b)more than 10 inches
c)1inch-10 inches
d)#3-an inch
e)#3 or shorter

13) Do you think it should be the law for men to have their hair ultra short.
c)Maybe a idea

14)What sort of hairdresser do you like
a)a stylist who only does trim and pampers your hair
b)a unisex who does not take much off
c)a barber who take a moderate amount of
d)a barber who cuts quite short
e)a proper barbers who always cuts no longer than a #3

15)What is your dream haircut

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