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Regretful haircut 2nd edition by Baldvenom

Click!The barber click his cape which was over harresh.And the barber left his shop to settle his business not before putting up the closed sign and pulling his shutter half way down.There Harresh was all alone,sitting in the barber chair with a blue cape over him.His brown dyed hair covering his eyes and ears with its hair touching his collar.Regretting his decision of getting his haircut so late in the evening.

After a few minutes the barber returned,And asked harresh about how qould he like his hair done.Its was harresh perfect chance to tell his dream haircut but he replied with a trim around the sides.And suddenly had all thoughts in his mine."Go tell it now!"" U always wanted it"Just do it!".Uncle harresh stopped the barber from reaching his scissors,told he that he wanted a 1 by 0.The barber was hesiatating as it was a very short haircut.But he agreed to it and headed for the cipper with no attachments.Harresh quickly decided to take a video of his trnasdormation.and his dick started erecting as the barber used the comb and lift his brown hair at the back and ran through.Harresh felt the warm blades passing and clumps of hair was falling on his cape down to his bottom.Through many swipes on the back and sides his hair piled up onto the cape.

His heart sanked when the barber showed how short his back and sides were thru the mirror.Harresh shyly replied ok and ask him to carry on.Next the barber put on a no.1 attachment and not before snipping harresh bangs which he was covering his nose.SNIP SNIP SNIP.Harresh bangs dropped and now his bangs were a staright line.Harresh started to tear up.But withour warning the barber strongly went thru his head with the no.1 clipper.There he was almost totally bald and his hair was short that it looked like mini spikes.Harresh reached out to touch his his hair and was shocked how short it was.He dick started to erect again.

BUT the barber was not done yet,He used a scissors and was leveling harresh hair.Harresh face was filled with strands of his hair.The barber the blowdryed his hair and remove the cape.But unexpectedly the barber placed harresh hair in a ziplock bag and gave him.Harresh was shocked and took his own hair.He quickly paid him and took his phone and left the barbershop.Harresh ran home as he felt embarrassed and shy as many passer by were staring at him...Poor guy.

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