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BaldForever. by MarcustheBald16

First of all thanks to everyone who did the quiz. Much appreciated. However we had a definite winner which is


Victor had 75 points. That is all Es. However 2nd is Anon with 71 points. Anon had all Es apart from 1a.

For Victors prize I will do a story for him.(Just to note I don't know your hairstyle so I will imagine it is a #2 all over)

I have wanted to have a bald head for so long now. I am fed up with the #2 I have had for years now. I was ready to go to the barbers. I was so excited I nearly forgot my wallet.

I have always loved the look of a freshly bald head. I had dreamed about it for years now. So many men just look life girls now and I thought I looked like one too. I wished a law was put in place that every boy and man must shave their head smooth every day.

I walked into the empty barbershop. My barber Alex was stood waiting for a customer. When he saw me I said " I think I would look way better bald! I want to know what it feels like." I said.

"Victor,Bald is the best cut ever,let's do it."

The clippers roared and Alex put on his shortest guard possible. He ran it over my head. It felt amazing to get rid of all my hair.Already,breezes were wafting over my skinhead and it felt incredible. Then we smeared lather all over my head and shaved it. Oh boy, every man should know how awesome it feels. So relaxing and warm.He then rubbed cool gel over my head which made my head shine.

I loved it! It was amazing to touch and looked brilliant. "Bald is the best isn't it" said Alex. " Yes it feels incredible, can you keep it shaved for me." I said.

Since then I have had loads of amazing feedback from family and friends. My head shave with Alex still feels as good as the first day and I never let ANY stubble grow on my head since that day. If you haven't shaved it yet,grab the razor now and shave it smooth now.

Hope you enjoyed your prize victor.

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