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SummerCut-LifeCut by MarcustheBald16

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I was 14 and I had just finished school.
I was going to South of France soon.

It was hot in Europe at the time at 26 degrees in England and 35 degrees in France. It was especially noticeable when I exercised as the scorning heat hit me.My hair was about a inch on sides and in a 2 inch quiff on top which I liked.

Three days before I went my dad said me and my brother were going to Sam who cut our hair. I was ready to lose a bit of hair.But I had no idea how much.

I walked into the barbers and my brother went first. My Dad said "it's hot so take it down short." Sam began work. He blocked the way 100% of the time so I didn't know what it looked like.
He finally revealed it. I was shocked. He had had about an inch on the sides and 3 inches on top. Now he had a crew cut with #1 on the sides and #3 on top. He looked quite good but I wondered what I would look like.

I got in the chair and my dad said" about same length". I felt excited as he started clipping my head. The clipper running over my sweaty hair and removing it felt amazing and very refreshing. My haircut was going to be short. He then rubbed some cool gel onto my head which felt godly. I saw what I looked like and was amazed. Mine was a #1 on top and #0000 on the sides.It was shorter as I had an well shaped head. It looked fresh,clean ,smart and masculine unlike the pathetic sweaty quiff I was never going back to. I loved it and couldn't stop rubbing my awesome feeling head.

I never grew it out. Every morning I give myself that haircut and have never looked back. My family and friends thought it looked smart and has given me self confidence.Plus it is much cooler. Your hair should be no longer than a #1 otherwise you,look like a girl and can never look or feel as awesome as a very closely shaved head.

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