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The Bald Warriors by MarcustheBald16

I was a very active boy. I was competitive and often played against other schools.

My best friend was a boy called Nick. He had a #1 all over - at longest. This was odd as most boys,me included had long hair to their shoulders. His dad was in the army though and required his children to have military short buzz cuts.

One night I was at nick's playing games. He said " Marcus, don't you get tired of that haircut" I said no,but secretly I was. "I'm going to Jack's soon to get it buzzed. Nice,cool and smart,why don't you come too." I said no and nothing more was said.

The next day I went out with my dad. We went to do some shopping and then my dad went for a haircut. He gave me money and said to get a haircut. I found a place which was a office with a barber underneath. I went in and there was the barber who was called Jack. The room just had simple objects like a chair and a bunch of hair cutting equipment.

I said I wanted it cut about an inch shorter. He replied that he didn't do long cuts. Suddenly i remembered about what Nick said "Nice,cool and smart". I decided to say " about an inch all over." and I got in the chair. He said just relax. I sat back and relaxed. I felt cool metal on my head and it felt amazing. I enjoyed it immensely. However it did seem like a lot more hair was coming off than 5 inches and it was. I had the same cut as Nick- about 1/250 inch. However I was not bothered as it looked really nice on me and it felt soooo good I couldn't stop rubbing it I instantly fell in love with it. "I thought you would look amazing bald and you seem to agree" said jack. " YESSS" I said.

I ran back to the barbers and showed my dad it. He was so happy. He always wanted me to have a short haircut. I went home and just relaxed. I just couldn't stop rubbing my head though and every time I looked in the mirror I saw a clean,smart boy rather than a sweaty maned lion. A definite improvement, why had I waited so long.

That evening I went to nicks house again. I took a woolly hat.I walked down the streets of town with the cool breeze blowing on my cool head.

I climbed in through the window like I always did.Nick was lying to his bed with his head shaved smooth like he always is on Saturdays. I looked at him and took my hat off to reveal my nearly bald head. " Have you actually shaved your head, you look almost as good as me" he said. " I was at a new barber today called Jake and only did I'd short cuts. It feels awesome" I said. " Was this under Lionel's,that is where I went as well." he replied. "Yes" I said. "You look a million times abetter and it must be fantastic" he said." However you need to to have a proper shave, like me, want me to do it now." I said yes.

He led me to the bathroom and poured shaving gel all over me head. It was a feeling like no other. He carefully shaved my head,sending extravagant feelings all over my head. Nick shaved it so carefully. He then repeated it. At the end he rubbed it and exclaimed"Now you are my sexy friend." It felt exhilarating him massaging my bald head I didn't want hi to stop
. I rubbed his,God it was smooth. Mine felt just as smooth. " This is what we need to look like,I'm never growing this out."

From that day me and nick are like twins. We look the same and have the same interests. We shave each other everyday and it still feels awesome to have our head massaged or ridden of hair.It feels so cool and looks so neat and well cared for. We are now "The Bald Warriors" forever.

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