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I got punished by MarcustheBald16

I was a 15 year old. I was doing alright in school and had lots of friends. I love smoking and my hair. Well I did...

My golden hair is down to my ass,shiny and well looked after. A typical day for me was I woke at 5 did my hair for 2 hours, went to school and got As and Bs in nearly everything came home at 4,did an hour of homework,do my hair for another 2 hours,go out at 7 and arrive back at midnight.

My parents were comfortable with this as long as I didn't drink too much or smoke.My dad threatened to punish me if I broke his rules.

I drunk alcohol maybe once or twice a week but smoking,now me,Oliver,Kyle and James smoked for two hours inbetween a hidden away side street and smoked a pack of cigarettes an evening. It's soooo fun and shows I do not care about anyone. I started when I was about 14 and 3 months and I was 15 and 7 months when this happened.

Oliver is our man for buying the cigarettes. He looks 20 so he does not get caught.He has the same hairstyle as me,just black instead of gold hair. All our gang had the same style only James had blonde hair and Kyle had brown hair.So we got smoking when suddenly a policeman spotted us. We all panicked and ran home.

I hoped he didn't follow me. I thought he didn't and the morning went as usual,if anything better as I had had 2 hours more sleep.

When I got home my dad took me into the garden. I was confused as I never go into the garden and neither does he. It's one of those gardens you get with terraced housing like ours,with no lawn,just a small paved area and a shed with junk in. He had a chair out and told me to sit in it. I obeyed and he tied my arms to the chair. I screamed "What the hell are you doing" he just got out something.

Suddenly I heard a buzz"You broke my rules,you are now permanently bald" said my dad. I burst into tears as hair fell to the ground.He was clipping my head down to a 1/250 inch. He moved the clippers so rapidly I think my head started to bleed. I was devastated. I had grown it out since I was 10 and spent months taking care of it. And now it was permanently going.

After what seemed like ages,the clippers turned off and he smeared some lotion on my boiling head. My head felt so hot I bet it could cause a fire.He then smacked me 20 times with his hand. "MAN, THIS IS A VERY LIGHT SIDEAFFECT,SMOKING KILLS" he screamed. NEXT TIME YOU DO IT,YOU WILL BE SEND TO BOOTCAMP" i ran upstairs in tears and stayed in the whole night as my head ached and I was so upset about the loss of my mane.

Next morning,I rubbed me head. Oh my,It felt wonderful. The air blew on it and it felt like heaven. I looked in the mirror. It looked amazing. I loved it. The feelings of my head hurting had calmed down and left a wonderful side affect. My head felt so much cooler. Plus it was zero maintenance as that lotion was a permanent hair remover which damaged my hair follicle so my hair could not grow back. I didn't care.

I got loads of compliments at school. People said it looked good. When I saw Oliver,James and Kyle, they looked amazed " Your lucky,our dads beat us like hell,but you get an awesome bald head."The next day they all came to school bald. They looked awesome. Bald heads are sexy,cool,smart and manly unlike girly,heavy,hot manes. We are all now bald buddies.

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