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Trying it shorter by MarcustheBald16

If you have read my story SummerCut-LifeCut,You will know I got a very short buzzcut off off Sam for my holiday.Thanks to Alex for the idea

It looks awesome and everyone else says it does as well. It feels cool,light and it feels awesome in cold weather,water,air and especially massages and looks smart,manly and sexy.

During the winter I expose my head. The cool air feels amazing on a very close buzzcut. I had also picked up a nice girlfriend called Hannah. However I thought I might try something different this spring.

One evening before meeting my mates and girlfriend, I rebuzzed my head like I always did,best feeling in the world. When I did do my face I thought " let's try it on my head"

I quickly rubbed shaving cream on my head. It felt so warm and comforting. I slowly shaved my buzzcut. I was enjoying this. I did it twice all over. I didn't want it to end as the cool razor removing warm shaving cream felt so awesome.

When I felt it, I didn't regret it. I had only removed very short hair, but it felt 5 times better. My smooth head felt awesome to touch and the feeling of the cool air felt even better. It looked more sexy and clean than any cut I ever had before.

The second I arrived at the party, everyone was touching my bald head. The magical feel of that. I love being bald. It looks fantastic and feels magical. I kept it that way from now on.

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