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Military punishment headshave by Sycamore

It was the year 2007. James has just finished school but didn't want to go to university, so he decided to join the army aged 18. He was always a rebellious sort of guy, getting arrested twice whist at school for shoplifting and breaking windows. But he was immensely popular with girls. With his jet black hair nicely styled, blue eyes and clean shaven face, he is a very good looking young man. He was determined to make something of himself and decided to quit challenging authority and become the best as he can be. So having said goodbye to his parents and friends back home, he went off with the US army for training for 2 years.
Two years later, in 2009, he became a fully qualified soldier, having been one of the top performing soldiers at the academy, thus fulfilling his promise to himself. He made many new friends, including a best friend, Joe, at the academy as well as dating a beautiful blonde girl called Tracy for the past year. Everything was going well for him. But, one night, Tracy suddenly broke up with James over the phone, stating that: "I've been cheating on you this whole time! I'm so sorry. I can't be with you anymore.” Heartbroken, something started to spark James' anger, and the previously rebellious James returned. He smashed his bedroom furniture to pieces, cursing and swearing the whole night. The captain of the academy, Sargent Frank rushed to his room: "What the f*** is going on? James! What the hell are you doing? Damaging our property!”
"F*** off! I'm pissed off okay!” James replied.
"Don't you dare talk to me like that! What has gotten into you today?!” Frank shouted back.
"None of your f***ing business!” James shouted even louder.
"Well in the morning, you'll have to clean all this up and pay for the damages buddy. I'm not kidding. You pay for your mistakes. If you do not, there will be a severe punishment on your way!” Frank said, and stormed off.
The following day, James did not clear up or pay for the damage. Joe, becoming increasing concerned, said to James: "Look, I know the breakup was tough on you, but you got to apologize to Frank and pay for the damages now. You know how tough he is. He may really punish you severely if you don't.”
"I don't care. I lost my baby. I just don't give a damn anymore! How the f*** can she be cheating on me the WHOLE time we were together? How could she? He can punish me all he likes!”
Sargent Frank soon inspected James' room showing sign of being repaired. Frank turned tomato red and marched towards James:
"Right! That is it! You disobeyed my orders deliberately and showed no signs of remorse. You must be punished!”
With that, three guards and Frank grabbed James by the arm, dragging him along to the Sargent's office, along with Joe following them.
The guards tied James up onto a chair in the office, as Frank got real close to his face and threatened: "I don't give a s**t you lost your girlfriend. You broke the rules, you shall be punished. I'm gonna make it much harder for you to get any girls in the foreseeable future!” With that, Sargent Frank got out his hair clippers and handed it over to the guards: "Shave him!”
No matter how much James struggled, two guards held him tight as one guard switched on the clippers and ran it over his thick black hair. Large chunks of his hair began to fall onto James' lap as the clippers buzzed away at his head. In the space of five minutes, James' previously hairy head is now 1mm stubbles all over. Frank continued to shout: "Get rid of his eyebrows!” The guard then removed his eyebrows with the clippers.
Frank handed James a mirror: "So, how do you like it? Eh? Are you gonna disobey me again?”
Sargent Frank then gave the guards a cheeky look: "Oh no! We're not done yet! Take him to the bathroom!” he ordered the guards.
In the bathroom, Frank cheekily grinned and said: "Wet shave it. Get his head and eyebrows completely bald”, handing them a mach 3 razor, a can of shaving foam, some aftershave and a towel. James continued to struggle but was no use against the two strong guards. As they held him, the ‘shaving' guard filled the sink with hot water and lathered his stubbly head all over. There was a mirror and James could see his head all white in the reflection. The guard rubbed shaving foam on his eyebrows also and let it all sooth for a minute. James started to shake, but there was nothing he can do.
As Sargent Frank and Joe looked on whilst James was continually being held, the guard ran the razor blade across his scalp, with the grain. James could hear and feel the razor scraping off the tiny stubbles on his head. After each stroke, the razor would be rinsed in the sink. Then they held back James' ears and shaved the back of his head. After this, his eyebrows were scraped clean too. Soon, James' head was nothing but a surface of white smooth scalp. "Against the grain please!” Frank ordered. So they lathered up James' head again, this time shaved against the grain. Again, James heard the razor scraping the hair off his head, and this move made him totally smooth. The guard then proceeded and shaved his face also. His head and face was then rinsed of shaving cream, and dried with a towel.
After the shave, the guard let the water drain away as James stared into the sink: he can see lots of tiny stubbles floating around and disappear into the plughole. It looked like someone sprayed black dust all over the water. James could no longer hold his emotions together and cried. "Oh man up and finish the shave!” Frank ordered. Finally, the guards applied aftershave to James' freshly shaven head. It wasn't a good quality aftershave mind you – it was the cheap, alcohol-based kind. James had to bite into his tongue as he ensured the burn on his scalp, as Frank looked on slyly.
James looked into his reflection on the mirror. He saw a totally different guy to that of the one that was dragged into the office just half an hour ago with hair and eyebrows intact. He was bald. Like completely bald. His pale face combined with his bald head and browless forehead made him look drastically different from before. James could barely recognise himself. Who the hell is this bald guy with James's face staring back from the mirror? To make matters worse, James is not the kinda guy that suits a shaved head. He is quite skinny in build, with pale skin and had a relatively young looking face.
"That will teach you! Now, ladies don't really dig young, bald headed guys with no eyebrows do they? They look like cancer victims!” Frank laughed.
"F*** you! It will grow back! You got nothing on me!” James angrily replied.
"Still unapologetic are we?” Frank said, giving another grin. "Fine! You asked for it. I order you to keep your head, face and eyebrows totally clean shaven every single day for a whole year. From now on, if I see even a slight hint of stubble on your head, face or eyebrows, I will prolong it for another year! Is that clear?”
"F*** you! Screw you!” James shouted.
"There's no use cursing like that to me. You had your chance to make amends but you didn't. So now I get to enjoy seeing you strutting around with your shiny bald head for a year. Oh joy! So, today's date is 17th June 2009. You may stop shaving on the 18th June 2010. But before that date, you know what you gotta do everyday. I'll supply the razor blades and shaving foams. Small price to pay to see you do this!”
With that, Sargent Frank and his three guards left the bathroom, leaving James and Joe alone. "Don't worry buddy,” Joe said to James, wrapping his arms around him, "It's only hair. You don't look too bad at all. Ladies love bald guys.”
That evening, James did not come out of his dorm for dinner. He was in the bathroom the entire time, rubbing and staring at his bald head. He sees a minor scar towards the right, being exposed for the first time. James rubbed his head and all he could feel was smooth, bare and cold skin. James looked at himself in the mirror as tears dripped from his eyes. "How am I to explain this to my friends and family back home?” He thought. Just then, a knock on his door was heard. It was Joe. Joe handed James a pack of 20 Gillette razors and three cans of shaving foam. "Present from Frank. He personally asked me to deliver this to you. This should last you about two months.”
Without eating anything all day, James slept on his bed. It felt very weird. His bald head felt extremely sensitive against the pillow. He continued to rub it until he went to sleep. The next morning, James was awakened by loud knocks on his door: "Open up James!” As James opened the door, it was Frank, coming to inspect whether James is going to shave again.
"Hello James. We meet again.” Frank said with a patronizing tone as he touched James's head. "Uh oh. I feel hair. You know what I want! I'm not leaving until I see you shave yourself.” With that, James immediately filled the sink with hot water, lathered up his head, face and eyebrows and scraped himself clean. As he finished, Frank clapped "Bravo, bravo! Good lad.” And walked away.
For the first time since last night's shave, James stepped into the outside world. It was a very sunny day and his bald head shined extremely bright in the sun. His punishment was not well known yet and other fellow soldiers looked on and stared. Some were confused. Others just simply looked. "Cool bald head bro!” said Ken, another fellow soldier. "I wish I had the guts to shave my head.” During lunch, Frank walked into the cafeteria and saw a bald head in the distance, sitting with Joe, "Ah, look, it's Mr. Clean.” Frank said to his associate.
So for the next six months, James made sure head shaving was daily routine. Within two weeks James became a head shaving expert, being able to scrape his head totally clean with no nicks in under five minutes each morning. And Frank, well, continues to inspect James's head, periodically rubbing it feeling for stubble. By the Christmas holidays, it was time to return home for three weeks. James went back to his family bald, and told them he just wanted a different style. He did not shave once during the holidays as Frank isn't around to see it. At the end of the three weeks, James has grown a buzzcut all over. It was the first time since the shave he had any hair at all. But by the very last day of the holiday, just before he was to return to the camp, James shaved himself bald all over again.
The entire military gang organized a get together for Joe's birthday, which is 27th January. The plan is to go out for drinks in town then back to Joe's dorm for a party. James suddenly got nervous. He has never been in a nightclub or a bar bald before. When he had hair, he was the most confident guy there is, giving pretty girls the looks and chatting them up. Now, well, he's a lot more reserved. James went back to his room, shaved his head and face, and put on his best suit. "This is the best way to look good” he thought.
The guys were well into their night out. But then they attempted to enter a posh cocktail bar when James was refused entry: "No shaven heads.” Said the bouncer. James angrily walked away and the group instead went into a nightclub where they had a good time. James's bald head stood out a lot more in such an environment, and got a lot of stares. James finally broke down in the club as Joe comforts him: "I'm f***ing ugly. No girls would look at me anymore. I can't wait for his head shaving year to be over.” Joe replied: "Hey, remember what I said, It's all about how you carry yourself and your confidence. If you are confident with your bald head, the girls will notice.” After this James had a relatively good night.
By May 2010, James was approaching the end of his head shaving year. He became a very confident baldie. Everyone who knows him now calls him Bruce Willis. He had this presence that made sure people noticed him. People began to forget he once had hair, everyone is now used to the bald James. James was happy with his bald head, for the first time since the first shave.
On the 18th June 2010, Frank called James into his office. "Well, it's been exactly a year since your head shave and I'm glad to see you carry it through. You can grow your hair out now. I hope you have learned your lesson.” James, now loving the bald look, said: "No. I'm gonna keep shaving. I love the bald look, it's now part of who I am.”
"Suit yourself James” Frank said, as he escorted James to the door. "Whatever you like. Just don't disobey me ever again.”
Today, in 2016, James is now the Sargent, following Frank's retirement. He is married to a British woman called Kimberley and she is pregnant with their first child. As for James' hair, well, they haven't been visible since the first time James had his head shaved, back that night for his punishment. His head has been kept at bay by an endless supply of razor blades all these years. "I can't even remember myself having hair”, he said to his wife. "I'm the bad-ass bald guy in town and I'm here to stay.”

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