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Reprensentitiveofus by MarcustheBald16

Just to note this involves a girl being shaved. This should be allowed as I have done 3 males getting shaved as well but if it isn't I'm terribly sorry. I hope you still enjoy it.

I was a normal teenage boy in a lot of ways. I liked girls,sports and basically having a good time.

However something that was unnormal was that I had a secret wanting to cut my hair VERY SHORT. I had blonde hair,to my shoulders. But I had always wanted cut my hair short since I thought shaved hair looked cool.

One Day, my Dad came home from work late. He was a Sainsburys worker and usually got home about 5:15 but today he came home at 5:45. I soon found out why.

I have a sister(Mia)who was 10 and 2 brothers (Jack and Lachan) who were 8 and 12. My brothers are both very into sport like I am. They both had long hair the same length as I have it. In other words me and my brothers had a lot of similarities. Anyway my dad pulled out a huge set of clippers and called Jack(the 8 year old) over. He had been told to get a haircut by his swim team. I watched closely.

My dad took off the guard and ran it over my Jack's head. In a few seconds he turned from a scruffy long haired boy to a clean shaven,smart and very sexy chrome dome. His blonde hair made it look as if he was completely bald. I couldn't believe my eyes! I felt an ultimate need to get a haircut like him.

For the next few weeks I looked constantly at Jack's bald head.

A couple of weeks later my mum and dad went out on their own to France for the weekend sine it was their anniversary. I was in charge. When they had gone that Friday night I just chilled in front of the television with Lachan and Mia while Jack went to bed early as he had a swim match the next day. At about 9:00 I realised that I could just get the clippers or chicken out.

I chose to get the clipper and turn it on with no guard.I wad trembling with fear.

Slowly I worked my way up my head. One word-it felt awesome. The cool air,the warm clippers and the buzzing sound on my head made me feel refreshed. After blissful 5 minutes,I turned off the clippers and rubbed my head. It felt so good. But I decided to finish the job. I got Dads shaving foam and lathered cool gel onto my head. I shaved it with dad's razor. Best feeling ever. It's like God is rubbing my head.

I looked in the mirror. No more stupid shoulder hair. It looked cool, clean,fresh,smart and suited me was better.

At that moment Lachan and Mia walked in. They both said I looked fabulous and the look suited me. They both rubbed my head and it felt so awesome I nearly passed out. I went to bed and felt my warm head on the cool pillow.How awesome.

Next morning I woke to make breakfast and found Lachan and Jack-Jack had his chrome dome but Lachan had shaved his as well. Jack was shocked and said we looked "1000000x better". Lachan loved it so much he was rubbing it all through breakfast. The feeling of rubbing a bald head never gets old and Lachan seemed to agree.

Suddenly Mia came down and said the most shocking thing "All girls have long hair, i want to look like you" I happily agreed but warned her she might get teased. She was insistent though.
I switched on the #0 guard while she shut her eyes and a smiled. Minutes later she went from a typical looking girl to looking like a boy. I asked her whether she would like to be shaven smooth. She said yes and commented she loved the feeling so far. I lathered her head up a and slowly shaved her bald.

When she looked in the mirror she said she loved it. But she realised me and my brothers still had stubble on our heads. I agreed to shave Jack and Lavpchan. They throughly enjoyed their shave. Lachan told me after everyone had gone to bed, had decided to give himself a Mohawk but went wrong and had to shave it all off. He was glad though since he loved the feel of a bald head and said after he was lathered he was shaving his head again every morning. Me and Mia agreed to join him and Jack of course,

Jack had already buzzed his head and admitted he had always wanted to shave his brothers bald so they can feel the same way he felt. He said that after he had had it buzzed and lathered that he looked stronger and smart and more represents everything of him.

On Sunday evening when our parents came back they were shocked but liked our new looks-even Mia's. We all agreed to keep it shaved smooth. It has made us all confident and is a lot more repsentitive of ourselves.

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