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Asian kid in trouble by Baldvenom

Its was school break n Harresh felt relieved after scoring well in his exams.His father promise to bring him overseas but due to his father urgent work they had to cancel the plan of going overseas. Moreover Harresh had to be alone at home for 3 days as his father was so buzy with work that his father could not return home and have to stay at the hotel beside his workplace.

But Harresh'father gave him an allowance of 100 dollars to spend and he bought for him a game console to please him due to the overseas cancel plan.Harresh was happy and he enjoyed the game his father bought.

On the second day,Harresh went to dry his dark hair with the blowdryer after his bath.He really treasured his long black hair that he conditioned all the time.His hair look like an asian guy with long bangs covering his eyes. Harresh hate getting haircuts.His father had enough of him not getting a haircut that he gave up on his haircut and told him to take care of his own haircut.His father had to give him an allowance of 100 dollars as everytime Harresh goes to the barbershop, he just use up the haircut fee of $10 to cut his sideburns trimmed.

LATER that evening after pampering his hair with care and conditioners Harresh decided to go through his facebbok account and then for aome reason he started seeing males getting a flattop, buzzcut and so on. Harresh was suddenly facinated with it.He started reading stories from haircut site only to be fascinated with it.he suddenly had the urge to cut his hair and get rid of it.

Its was about 7pm the barbershop was about to close.Harresh put on his skinny jeans and a bright yellow shirt on and run to the barbershop asap.Soon he reached the barbershop.The barber still havent closed his shop.Harresh took a deep breadth in and went inside the barbershop.The scent the the barbershop hit his nose.The barber asked Harresh to wait as he had to settle his own business.Harresh was very awkward as he was the only one alone in the shop.After 5 min the barber return and he asked harresh to seat at the baber chair.The barbershop was only run by one barber.Harresh sat on the chair anxiously.The barber placed on Harresh neck and tucked it in and he then caped Harresh with a grey colour cape.Harresh decided to see how washe like only to find out that his hair was a big huge mop.He started getting nervous and questioned himself if he really wanted to do this.The barber asked how would Harresh like to gwt his haircut.Harresh remained slient and he almost wanted to say to get his sideburns trimmed.But he couldnt even speak up.The barber started combing his hair while Harresh came up wat kind of haircut he wanted.Harresh was so thick and dark that the barber started going through Harresh 's hair.

Ok ready the barber asked him.Harresh replied i would likw to get a very short haircut,a really very short.The barber was if he was sure and Harresh replied yes.Harresh remained slient for a sudde.The barber took a number clipper not before recording Harresh Haircut without his awareness.He puuahed Harresh head down gently where Harresh bangs were touching the cape .The barber ran through Harresh hair many time.Harresh felt the cold blades being warmed up each time the barber went through.After several swipes Harresh back of his head was plain grey,With around one mm of hair left.Harresh started tearing up.The barber dust his back with a brush and proceeded to the sides.Clumps of hair fall.All stacking up on harresh's shoulder.The barber then dust the hair of harresh shoulder and his fall fall infront of him.Mostly all his hair was piling up on his bottom cape like a well.

After a while,the barber finished harresh sides and started spraying water on harresh bangs and the top.Now came the interesting part.The barber buzz off harresh top leaving the bangs only.The bangs was so long that it touched harresh nose.The barber then snip his bangs across and his bangs fell.Harresh was startled.Then the barber continued buzzing harresh hair off all around.

Then the barber remove harresh caped.Harresh paid him and left the shop not before sending the video to his dad.Tje moment he step out he felt a cool breeze and could not resist from touching is hair. The End.

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