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Jacob and his hair by MarcustheBald16

Ok,hello everyone. I thought sine today is the 13th February (the day before Valentine's Day) I would write a love related story.

There is this guy in my class,Jacob. He loved his long blonde hair until one day...

Jacob had lots of girlfriends. He had so many that if he decided to buy them all a gift,he would end up with no food. And he wasn't a happy,smart lad and he probably spent 20 mins with a pacific girlfriend a month and was snappy and rude. But his hair was so freaking "gorgeous" he got all the attention.

I however have been buzzing my head to a #000000 since I was 14. I am happy,smart and I spent lots of time with my girlfriend Charlotte(Quality not quantity).Charlotte hates Jacob and loves rubbing my sandpapery head. Ah,a good life.

In my maths class one day he suddenly screamed "Give me money now" The teacher was obviously unamused. "Everyone stay after class" he said.

After class, the teacher said " Jacob, why do you want money so bad you disturb my lesson" "Sir, i need money to buy my girlfriends something" he replied.

"Sir,his hair makes him get sooo many fake girlfriends he struggles to cope" I said.

"Well,you need to take advice from Marcus then, with the best haircut in the class... said the teacher "WTF he is bald,how does he have the best haircut" Jacob rudely interuppted. "Bald is one of the best cuts Jacob,manly,cool,smart I had a haircut like it at your age and loved it" said the teacher "I love being bald too" I said. "Well maybe cutting your hair would make you solve this girlfriend problem,Jacob,trust me it feels awesome. I don't know why Marcus hasn't got more girlfriends with that sexy buzzed head."

This did nothing though and Jacob continued asking for money and bragging about his hair for the rest of the day. Also my classmates, obviously moved by "Bald is one of the best cuts" and rubbed my head whenever they saw me. Felt good man.

At the end of the day I decided to follow him home. He didn't go straight home though he stopped at a salon. When he went in he said " make my hair look amazing tonight,I'm hooking up on chicks tonight." "I see" said the stylist. "As for the lad behind you, you have no hair to style" it was then Jacob realised "WTF,stop following me" he replied
"Wait,you were complaining today that you need money for seeds for those chicks,why not forget your hair and buy gifts," I said. "SHUT UP YOU ASSHOLE,YOU GAVE AWAY MY PLAN TO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING." he said. "I will be nice and give you a free haircut" said the stylist,who was called Alex.

Jacob got in the chair and Alex caped him up. He had the same haircut as me-a #00000 buzz. I expected him to take out some scissors but to my and jacob's surprise he said "Your friends haircut is very nice and smart,girls shall love this" he took out the clipper and he started to buzz Jacob's head. He had fallen asleep so he didn't notice. I loved watching his blonde hair falling to the floor. Sheer joy.I knew he would hate it. "Who does that awesome haircut for you,man" Alex asked. "I do" I said. "Awesome cut man,I love buzz cuts" he said. Finally he finished. Jacob woke up and screamed "MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR,MY BEAUTIFUL GOLD SEXY HAIR, MARCUS YOU DID THIS" " Jacob,every man should have hair like you and Marcus,anyway this is what you get for trying to not pay." Alex said. Jacob stormed out.

Now,he lost all his girlfriends as he is very angry and vicious. Those girls don't know what a proper haircut is-a very short,clean,sexy buzzcut. My teacher could not have said it better.
I keep spending time with Charlotte,having a amazing life.

Moral- Quality not Quantity,what's inside counts,BALD IS THE BEST HAIRCUT EVER.

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