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Laser Tag by Cjd30101

After going Laser Tagging, Hannah drove me home. We dropped off other kids first, when Abby remembered that she had a haircut appointment and asked to be dropped off at the salon instead. My long hair was hanging past my shoulders, and l thought that it couldn't hurt to trim it a bit too. I got out of the car with Abby, and Brandon, who had the same desire for a trim as me. I walked into the salon wearing a tight under armour tank top and athletic shorts. The receptionist greeted Brandon and said that a hairdresser would soon be ready to cut his hair, and then she said the same to me . I sat down next to Brandon in the waiting area and waited.

"I might just shave my head" ,said Brandon, "I know that my hair is already pretty short and just spiked a bit in the front, but I'm getting sick of it"

"I might join you," I said.
"You can't! You better not cut off your hair! It's so long and it's what makes you... You"
"Brandon! It reaches below my shoulders... It's time to get rid of it"
"Your hair is so sexy though!
Why would you cut it off?"
"It's long enough that it gets caught in the straps on my tank top... That's too long for me"
"You'll regret it"

The hairdresser reappeared and had us come over to her station, seating Brandon in her chair and caping him. "How would you like your hair cut today?" She said.

"I'm actually thinking bald"
"I'll be doing the same"
"Okay boys, I'll prep the clippers"

The hairdresser lifted unguarded clippers to the top of Brandon's head and started to shave his hair. She took a comb and scissors and lifted up 3 inches of straight brown hair before cutting it off with little to spare. A big clump fell to the ground in front of me. Another clump slid down Brandon's face and his toned torso, covered by his Nike tank top vest. She continued like that cutting off clumps until about a fingers width was left on top. She then got out the clippers and ran a #000 blade high up on the back and sides showering him with brunette spikes. She then shaved the top bald as well. The hairdresser brushed Brandon's hair off his lap. As he looked in the mirror and saw his reflection he was clearly stunned, as was I, because he looked so different. Gone were his days of the mini-quiff, and it was certainly a change for the better. Brandon looked older and his jawline was more defined, and he looked sexy. I ran up to him and rubbed his bald head and kissed him, something neither of us were expecting. He kissed back passionately mumbling about how I need to cut my hair as well.

"Alright boys, settle down. I'll cut your hair now" said the hairdresser

I sat in the chair as my tank top was covered by the nylon cape. The hairdresser combed my hair and then placed the clippers on the back of my neck, pushing them up my head. Instantly, I could feel the breeze on the back of my head. She continued clipping the back of my head. She then proceeded to pull my head to left, so she could buzz the right side of my head, and she pushed my ear foward to buzz behind it. She then did the same on the other side. I looked over to Brandon as he smirked and said I looked sexy, as I noticed that all eyes were on me and the transformation that was occuring on my head. I felt a little awkward, especially because I was still faced away from the mirror and had no idea what I looked like. I had little time to think about it though, because the hairdresser came back to the chair. She put her hand on my forehead, slid my bangs back, and plunged the clippers into my hairline, clipping a stripe down the center of my head. She continued making this passes back across my head, until I was completely shorn. She turned off the clippers, and grabbed another pair to fix my back hair line and sideburns. Before I knew it, I was being powdered down, and the cape was unclipped.
With a smile she asked, "Are you ready to see the new you?"
I nodded, and she spun me around. My jaw almost hit the floor. I couldn't believe how different I looked. Eyerything about my face somehow looked different. I reached up to feel it and feeling the fuzzy shaved head compared to my longer locks was a bizzare sensation. 

"Brandon! What do you think?," I asked.
"You look adorable! Now I can see your eyes... Also you look so much older and masculine!"
"I really like it... I'm so keeping this cut"
"I'll certainly be doing the same"

When I got home, my parents were shocked. They were obviously not expecting my long hair to be gone, replaced with a bald head, but they said it looked nice. My father said that I looked more masculine. My brother walked downstairs and said that he loved the cut and that I look much better without the shoulder length hair. He has had the same buzz cut for a long time, and said that he might razor his hair off too so that we could match.

The next day Brandon and I walked into school, showing off our shaved heads. Many people, even teachers, came up to us and said that they loved the new cuts. My friends were very surprised about my baldness, but said it looked much better than the shoulder length hair. As I walked into chemistry and sat in my seat, everybody told me that I looked hot without hair, even Alex, one of the most attractive boys in school. Just before the bell rang, Luke walked in wearing a SnapBack and a sporty tank and put his phone in the crate. I wasn't surprised to see his outfit, as it was typical, but I noticed that his bangs were not under that backwards hat. Luke was known for his long hairstyle, so when he took off his hat and his bangs were gone, everybody was shocked. He had a buzz cut, and while it wasn't as short as Brandon and I's, it was still a 4 on top and 1 on the sides, and looked quite sexy. He sat down like nothing was out of the usual and began the class work after complimenting my bald head. I said that I liked his cut too, and the class whispered about the new trend - shaved heads.

After school during cross country practice running was much easier because my hair didn't get caught in the tank. I sweat less and came in first place in the meet, bald. Soon enough everybody on the team had shaved their heads, even the girls, and we all took razors to them before every competition. When winter came I started to grow my hair back, but never let it get past a number 4 buzzcut. Luke grew his out into a quiff, but he buzzed it again a few weeks ago. Brandon grew his hair to pony tail length, a bit longer than what I had before I shaved my head. Summer is starting next week, and I am looking forward to shaving it to the skin again with Brandon and Luke.

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