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The Self Cutter by The Self Cutter

This happend a couple of years ago.
I had been growing my hair for a couple of years. I am white but have very
thick black afro like hair.
One day i was out in Exeter In England where I lived. I went into an argos
store and started fliucking thorough the magasine for a gift for my uncle.
The pages flicked by and suddenly fell open on the hair trimming page.
My eyes were grreted by a page of clippers and beard trimmers. I couldnt
stop staring. I secretly wanted short hair but had always been to afraid to
do it. A set of wahl 300`s met met eyes, i reafd on ` for all your family
haircutting needs` great i thought `set includes clippers 8 attachments
vidio cape barbers comb and oil` even better i thought. I had to have them,
even if i never used them it would be worth it just to look at them. I
couldnt wait to get home so i forgot about the gift and drove home.

At home i opend the box. Infrount of me was a large clear plastic cape and
below the cape the holy clippers!
i got out the video and put it on. all it was, was some old lady triming
boys hair. I didnt want a trim though I wanted a cut.
I got out the instructions and set up the clippers ready to cut. I grabed a
chair and put it in my bathroom, pluged in the clippers, took off my top and
sat down. This was it. I was gona do it I was gona cut my hair! I grabed the
cape and put it arround my sweaty neck, slowly ting it up at the back. I
grabed the clippers and put on the longest attachment. It was still short
compared to what I had been used to. I pushed the switch on the clippes and
turned them on. Buzzing filled my ears. Should i do it? yes i put the
clippes up to my head i was shaking so much.i slowly pushed the clippers
back. A cascade of black curls fell down my frount. I leaned over to look in
the mirror. Bloody hell it was different! I kept pushing the clippers over
the whole of my head. it was too long.
But then, I had an idear. Id always wanted to try a flatop so i thought, why
not. I sliped on a shorter attachment and went up arround the sides. then a
shorter one halfway up the sides. the i made the top of my hair wet and
spiked it up. i grabed the comp and got a chun k of hair. I took the
attachment off the clipper and worked it over the comb. I kept doing this
for ageds then i looked back into the mirror. what the f*** had i done! i
had chunks missing allover my head . Then i made up my mind. I was going to
shave it. And, without trhinking i pushed the bare blade of the clipper up
through my head. again and again I was doing it.Then, i shook the cape off
and jumped in the shower.
I had one of those super eletric shaves that you can use wet or dry and
would cut as close as a wetshave. I turned it on and passed it over my head
proably 10 times! then it was done. Id gone from bush to bald in an hour.
2 hours later my mate came arround and was amazed at my transformation. He
let me cut his hair (nothing as drastic as mine though)
I let my hair grow a bit and tried the flatop again. Mucked it up again and
shaved it again. I keep trying and eventually got it. Now i cut my flat with
shaved sides every week.

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