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Why I play haircut games by Julian

I have spend lots of energy, time and effort living my haircut fantasies. I love/hate getting a haircut and many of my friends in Facebook share this fetiche, however I guess we all get aroused by different things.... here is how I live it:

What excites me, more than the haircut itself, is getting an unwanted haircut. That's why I'm not into shaving, but more into getting a "forced" short haircut. I think it all started when I was a boy. I always hated getting haircuts. My stomach ached and I remember being really afraid. After each haircut I resented the barber and wanted to cry. When I was 15 years old, my brain made a strange connection and although all those feelings toward haircuts kept happening to me (I still get stomach aches, fear, and keep hating seeing me with short hair), there was something new: I got sexually aroused.

So... it is like having two guys living inside me: the one who hates haircuts and the one who gets really excited about them. So what happen in my mind is a constant discussion between Marcelo (the one who wants me to get short haircuts) and David (the victim, who hates getting haircuts).

Right now, Marcelo is in planning mode (he is almost always in planning mode). He is only happy when he makes David get a short, unwanted haircut. When David goes into a barbershop and ask for a short haircut, Marcelo is fine with it, still has some fun, but is not the same. He is really happy when he manages to set up the scene in a way that David does not have to ask for the haircut himself, but gets a shorter than wanted haircut and is able to express his disappointment.

So, Marcelo's job is imagine and implement "forced" haircuts for David. Looking back in my life, I must say that I admire Marcelo's achievements. He has managed to place David in many unwanted haircut situations and he had enjoyed them so much.
I'm going to share with you some of the "games" he has designed in the past. They are all about finding ways to get a "forced" haircut for David.

1. David got a new job

Marcelo found a job for David: security guard. Unfortunately for David, the company he is going to work for, is very strict with dressing and haircut code.
They require a very short haircut, especially on the sides and back, with no sideburns. Marcelo has some graphic design and computer skills and he made a very formal document, with the company logo and all, where all the haircut regulations were explained with pictures. He printed the sheet and gave it to David in order for him to show it to the barber. He had used this game several times, with mixed results, but most of them worked pretty well.

A. Variation of the game: getting to sit in many barber chairs

Few years ago, I had to travel, driving for about 5 hours to another city. Marcelo found it was a great opportunity to make David suffer. He printed a "security guard” sheet and gave it to David in order for him to stop in small towns, look for an old style barbershop, get in, sit down in the barber chair, wait to be caped, and then show the barber the sheet with the haircut requirements. As soon as the barber turned on the clippers, David's role was to stop the barber and tell him that he was not sure about getting such a short haircut and that maybe the job wasn't worth that.
David did this 4 times until, almost getting to his destination while keeping his nice, long hair, he went into a barbershop where the barber, instead of just let him go, as the other did, insisted on giving the haircut and went for it. Marcelo was so happy!! it was a fantastic game, 5 barber chairs in the same day!

2. Military document lost

One of Marcelo's preferred games is "David had lost his military id”. In Mexico and Colombia, the two countries I am a citizen of, every male requires to have a military id, issued by the government. In both countries, one of the requirements of the document is to have short hair in the picture.

Guess what... poor David has lost that document several times and he had had to get short haircuts every time.
Most of the times, David went in to the shop and explained the situation to the barber, but what Marcelo really enjoys is when he phones the barber before David goes, and makes sure the haircut is properly done. He once prepared an "official” document from the military and sent it by mail about a week before David's haircut to the barbershop, telling the barber how important it was to make sure the people who need their military id replaced, got the proper haircut.

3. Promise to God

Marcelo loves cheap barbershops in small towns. Barbers are not that good, but the place is so exciting. David's worst nightmare are old barbers in poor neighborhoods. He knows those barbers are not very skilled and tend to go short. That's why Marcelo is always hunting for those kind of places.

Once, Marcelo found one of this places. A very small shop, where just one chair fitted. Marcelo made David go there and tell the "security guard” story to the barber. While getting his haircut, David noticed the barber was a fundamental Christian. He saw some magazines and brochures about salvation.

Since David and Marcelo live in the same head, Marcelo was quick to notice this and started to plan a new game he will enjoy very, very much. I guess is important to clarify that most of the fetish action for me happen in my mind, thru fantasies. I can fantasy with a game for months before even think of trying it for real. That's what happened here. Imagine going back to this Christian barber and tell him that I had made a promise to God in which I "had” to get a short haircut was so exciting….

Anyway, almost a year later, Marcelo decided it was time to go for it. David was not happy at all. The first haircut with this barber was not very good and he didn't want to go back there, especially if Marcelo was going to play the Christian card.

To make the story short, Marcelo made up an interesting story where the barber became the judge in earth for what was the right thing to do about David's promise to God. It almost went wrong, but finally he managed to make the barber tell David that there was no way out of that promise and that he would perform the haircut in the name of God. Marcelo was so happy and David ended with a very bad haircut that is uploaded in my Youtube channel.

The new game Marcelo is planning right now

As I told you, I fantasy for months with Marcelo's games before attempting to get them to real life. There is an idea Marcelo has been playing with for a new "unwanted haircut”.

And let me share here that it is not easy at all to find good excuses for "forced” haircuts. After all, I'm an adult and it is not that simple to find a credible situation where the barber agrees to give a haircut his client does not want.

Well, this time Marcelo is putting together a new idea. He had found in the internet a guy who performs massages, haircuts and body shaving. Besides haircuts, I have found I do enjoy shaving my pubic hair and recently I tried with my chest and armpits and was also an exciting experience.

Anyway, the challenge Marcelo has right now, is to make David get an unwanted haircut and body shave with this guy. Again, just asking for an appointment and let David ask for the service is not exciting at all. What makes the whole fetish interesting is to be able to put David in a situation where he has to shave his pubes, chest, armpits and get a short haircut but not wanting to do it.

So Marcelo has an idea. He has the barber phone number, so he is going to text him, asking for a good package for his boyfriend. Marcelo has
not decided yet if the person who would text the barber is David's girlfriend or boyfriend. He has found that male barbers often do no react well to women tantrums, so maybe this time David will have a boyfriend, is almost sure the barber is gay and will have no problem with that.

So, David's boyfriend text the barber and ask for a package that includes massage, haircut and body shave. After the barber, let's call him Alex, gets excited about his new client and a good deal, Marcelo will set the date and tell Alex that David will be there on time and that he knows only about the massage but the haircut and shaving are a surprise.

I'm sure Alex will be puzzled and maybe even uncomfortable with that, but Marcelo will then explain: "David is a guy who loves his hair, including his body hair. He has been a naughty boy lately and I found that he had an adventure with another guy. We had a terrible fight and he says he is sorry and he promise it won't happen ever again and he said he would do anything to make things right for us again. So, I have decided I will forgive him if he is willing to get rid of his precious hair”

Now, depending on Alex psychology, things can go hard or smooth from here. If he is the jealous type, he will understand the situation and will be glad to be part of the amendments David need to make. If he is too concern about upsetting people, the whole think will sound weird to him and there is the risk of having to cancel the whole thing. Worst case scenario: game is over but Marcelo still can make David go in the future with another story, since no real names or pictures have been exchanged.

Anyway, let's assume everything goes well and Alex agrees. Marcelo will make sure to spice the story a bit: "David hates haircuts and always complains about how short his hair is after getting a haircut. He often whines about how short his hair is in the back and how the "stupid” barber shortened his sideburns too much. So, Alex, I want you to go really short on him. Make sure he gets a military haircut (a military haircut in Chile is short but not as in USA. Looks more like a short tapered or a fade) with his nape tapered bald and leave him without sideburns”.

You know… the best thing about this games are not the games themselves but planning them. Just writing about this is making me crazy… so excited.

Well, we'll see how this new project goes. I'm just waiting few days in order to get my hair a bit longer and my testosterone level high enough to have the courage and devote the time all this requires.

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