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Sonias traditinal gents barbers by Clippered

Mid november1989,the berlin wall had just been brought down,germany was one nation again,this was a paticular time in my life ,as my mother was german and her family was in the old east,she had not seen her siblings for many years,she was to fly to dusseldorf the next morning,i couldnt have been happier for her,as i was an only child,my guardian for the time being was to be her best friend Sylvia,I awoke wednesday morning,Sylvia was due at 12 noon,my bags were packed,my mother had arranged for me to have time of school,which i thought was wonderful.
The doorbell rang at 11.55am,my mother answered the door and in strode Sylvia,she was an attractive early fifties lady,always perfect makeup,and immaculatley couiffed hair,she coould be quite outspoken,and i think my mother was a little in awe of her,as she entered the room,the waft of sweet smelling hairspray hung in the air,she had just been to the salon for her wednesday appointment, she had a booking for every wednesday morning and the same on saturdays,.
We packed my mother off in a taxi and said our goodbuys,Sylvia smiled at me ,and told me of all the exiting things we were to do,this was like an adventure for me ,as i had never stayed away before,well not without my mother!
We arrived at her little house,it had a perfectley manicured garden,as you would expect of Sylvia,the interior was also very prim and proper,we unpacked my bags and chatted for a while,she was making every effort to make me feel at ease,thursday was spent settling in and we watched a video or two,friday was my 14th birthday,my mother had left me some presents,and Sylvia had bought me a pair of wrangler jeans and a sweatshirt,i couldnt have been happier,saturday morning,Sylvia had made my breakfast,and she sat opposite me while she nibbled on a piece of toast,we have a full itinery today,so i want you showered and dressed for 9.30,i wondered what exiting things shed planned,her hair appointment was for 10.15,and i was informed that i was to join her,which was a bit of a downer,i aked Sylvia how long we would be in the salon,as the televised football match was on early that afternoon,dont worry about the match,after i,m done in the salon,iam taking you for a haircut,i told her i had only recently had a haircut,and anyway i wouldnt get an appointment in my usual unisex salon,you wont be needing an appointment where i,m taking you,and you definatley wont be visiting a salon,i must have looked puzzled,she then became quite stern,if you think you are living in this house ,looking like that ,then think again,you will be having a proper haircut,i will be taking you to sonias.
As the car pulled up outside the salon,i could see dead opposite was sonias traditional gents barbers,it was old fashioned looking,Sylvia could see me looking,and with a sly smile on her face she said Sonia will sort you out.
We entered the salon,Sylvia said her hello,s and chatted a while,her hair was shampooed and she was sat in chair and swathed in a pink nylon cape,Donna her hairdresser,asked Sylvia who the handsome your gent was accompanying her,this is my best friends son ,and i am his guardian until his other returns,and if you think hes handsome now,he will be a lot more presentable later,donna looked quizzed,when were done here i,m taking him over to Sonias for a proper haircut,i was squirming,Donna looked over to me,and witha wink of her eye said,you know youve had a haircut when you get out of her chair,she looked over to the two young shampoo girls,and shouted across the salon,Sylvias young gent is going to be paying sonias barber shop a visit after weve finished Sylvia,Donna ,the two girls and Sylvia,anll found this very amusing,donna still giggling, stated that she could perm my shoulder length hair instead ,and laughter began again,Sylvia was nearly done ,copious amounts of hairspray,and a little teasing and she was un caped,a visit to the cash registar,and coat slipped on,see you wednesday,she said her goodbyes,i was about to be shorn,say hello to Sonia for us young man,donna shouted,and once again the smirking and giggling began.
Sylvia looked at me,lets get you sorted out now,she gripped my hand tightly and marched me to the doors of sonias traditional gents barber shop,she pushed the door open,and lead me in,Sonia was sat in one of the two barbers chairs,she span round to face us ,with a plume of ciggarette smoke above her,her hair was scraped back,and jet black,she wore a white overall,and what do we have here she said sarcastically,this is Stephen and i want you to give him a proper haircut,the smirk returned to her face,take of youre jacket,and sit here stephen,i hesitatated,and Sonia ushered me to the barbers chair,youre my first customer today,and what a lovely way to start the day,when was the last time you had a proper haircut,i said i couldnt remember,she said youll remeber this one,she fastned a maroon cape around me,and placed a tissue on my neck,a comb was pulled out of her breast pocket and she combed my hair with a look of disgust on her face,I could see Sylvia in the reflection of the mirror,and i relised that this was one big turn on for her,Sonia un hooked a set of clippers and my head was jolted forward,,a flick of the switch and the clippers buzzed into life,i shuddered as i felt the steel on my neck,she pushed them slowly and delibratley higher and higher and swathes of my hair slid down the cape,she reapeted this until the hair on the back of my head lay in my lap and on the floor,Sylvia was enjoying every moment,Sonia turned to Sylvia and said ,would you like me to go higher,Sylvia nodded and said maybe just a tad,she finished the back,and pushed the clippers up the side of my head,i could now see how high she had gone and was horrified,i must have started to blubber a little,Sonia switched off the clippers,and whispered in my ear,if you start that nonsense,iwill run these across the top of your head as well,I looked in the mirror,and Sylvia sat open mouthed,she was definatley turned on,after all my hair had been removed from the back and sides,Sonia produced a pair of scissors and a comb,snipping away in blur over the comb,she then moved round to the front and snipped away ,to leave me with a ridiculous fringe,,she took hold of a brush and started removing the loose hair from my neck,back of my head and ears,she certainly hadnt held back i sighed and couldnt wait to get out of the chair,Sonia then reached over and picked up a stubby little brush and some soap,she turned to Sylvia to show her the brush and soap,Sylvia nodded,the back and side of my head were larthered with the soap,then she produced an old fashioned razor,and started scraping it down the back and down the sides,i was left with a ring of hair on the top of my head and a fringe,any other part of my head had been shaved clean,i glimpsed in the mirror andSylvia was very slowly rubbing herself,she had placed her coat over her lap,and just as i was about to look away, i saw her shudder,while all this was going on ,what hair i had left had benn covered in a sweet smelling sticky gunk,she combed it to one side and created a parting,then pushed my fringe into what i can only describe as a wave,Sonia took a large mirror and proudly held it to the back of my head,all i could see was skin,i was uncaped,and Sonia turned to Sylvia,A sonia special,thats a proper haircut,Sylvia got up,looked and at me now then isnt that much better,you look like a proper little gent,when do you think for his next haircut,she asked,well if youre going to keep him shaved at the back and sides Sylvia butted in, ohhh most definatley,then i will see him every saturday,lovely, see you next week,and where are your manners young man! She said ,thank sonia for your haircut,thanks for my haircut sonia i said through gritted teeth,you are welcome,she replied,we left the barbers,and just as we were about to get in the car,Sylvia stopped suddenly,i have left my umberella in the salon ,come on lets go and get it,i really really didnt want to go back in the salon with my new haircut,i will wait here ,you will do nothing of the sort,again she gripped my hand tightly,and we entered the salon,i left my umbrella dear Sylvia said to donna,donnas eyes moved straight to me,ohhh dear god,Sonia really went to town on you love,turn around for me ,i slowly turned round so she could see the back of my head,Sylvia i thought you were taking the poor love for a short back and sides ,not a no back and sides,she laughed
,look girls what do you think of his new haircut,the shampoo girls looked shocked,and then started giggling to each other,Dont tease donna, i think he looks very smart and neat,Sylvia grabbed her umbrella,see you wednesday,she said
The end.....

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