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short back and sides for you boy by philip jackson

I came back from football saw tims car in the drive way went into the house " is that you james" i replayed " yes sir " " come into theliving room" went in " sir" " stand in front of me" i did "james do you like me" "yes your old fashioned in ways like 1950s" " nothing worng with that james" " no sir i think its ok" he smiled when i said that " going to have a shower".

Went to my room put on my t s**t, shorts,ankle soucks, trainsers left my room " sir going to get my hair cut" he came out got you a class of milk james" took the class drank it with him watching with a smile " i come with you james i know a barbar shop" " i go to my one sir" he looked at me " you are coming with me my boy".

We came to a old barbar shop went in " my son needs a old fashion short back and sides" the babar took my hand put me in the chair start cutting away, my hair got shorter and shorter he came over " bit shorter" the barbar cut away, put peal cream threw my hair, put a part in my hair i looked at myself i ccould 'nt belive what was looking back, i did not have a 1950s hair cut but 1930s one " thats too short" i said he came over " you did a great job on my sons hair cut james you be coming hear from know on for your hair cut".

We walked into a shop the shop owener walked up to me you must be james i have your new clothes reay"new clothes"he took me to the changing room in i went " take those off" i did haned me my new clothes, white short sleve shirt, drak blue tank top, dark gery socks, black shoes, drak grey 1950s shorts "s**t" i put evering on left stood infront of him " veary smart james that is what you are going to wear from now on.

My life changed over night from a 16y to 14y. "

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