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Trip down to the Malay Barbershop by Baldvenom

"Time for a haircut!" Jason said as he adjusted his bangs to cover his eyes.Jason was a 18 year old boy who lives in Singapore.He is always fascinated about haircut stories and so on.Its was his school break and he decided to go for his usual haircut.

Jason usually goes to a salon to get his haircut.He loves his thick black and soft hair.He usuall goes to a salon to get the sideburns and the nape trimmed abit.However he decided to go for a change.He put on a red t shirt with a black pants and left the house.He decided not to go to the usual salon,but go to a malay barbershop few blocks away.On his way,he constantly check his hair:making sure it wasnt messy and adjusted his bangs throughout.

The malay barbershop was in sight with jason's eyes.There were 3 to 4 chairs outside with a mini table.There 2 malay barber sitting on.From far,Jason was able to see quite abit of the interior.There was no one.There were 3 barber chairs,A long brown drawers with scissors,razors,combs and so one.The clippers were hanged on a hook below the drawers.There was a brown door at the end of the barbershop inside.Magazines of male haircut were postered on the walls.There were a long bench for customers to wait

.Upon reaching the barbershop,one of the malay barber aged around 40 with a clean shave a neat haircut asked Jason"Di sini untok potong rambut?"Jason suddenly freezed even though wat he meant for no reason.And the barber asked him again if Jason was here for a haircut.Jason replied yes.Then the barber stood up and went in the shop.Jason also followed him in.The cold air con made the lavender scent in the barber shop move throughout the shop.

Then the barber was waiting at his own barber chair the middle one.He tapped the chair to get Jason attention and asked "Ok dadang duduk di sini dahulu"(Ok cme here and sit)totally understanding it jason went to the vhair and took a sit.Then the barber took a towel and tuck it under jason his neck there and air out and toss the green cape over jason.He clipped the cape with a big clip.The barber asked how Jason would jason like to get his haircut.Jason
decided to go for a change and replied the barber by telling"satu per dua potong rambut"(A very short buzzcut also known as botak).Then the barber took his clipper with no attachment and went the the back of jason.He push jason head till his chin touch the cape.The warm metal made Jason flinch abit.The barber plunged the clippers through jason head.Clumps of black hair was falling down and some even landing on the barber's hand.The barber started going for the sides.Jason was unsure about how short his back was.And then something unexpected happened...
A real life event...To be contiuned on part 2

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