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The Poll and Surprise by Recruit

Corey and I have been working for a local bar and
grille as co-managers for the past year. Prior he was
a line cook until he received a promotion. As long as
I knew him he always kept his hair longer than the
rest of us. But he kept it neat and well
groomed.However,he did have to put it up in a ponytail
or wear a net in the kitchen,which he hated.One of our
regular bartenders , Brad, likewise kept his in a
ponytial. As for myself I was accustomed to keeping my
hair in a short buzz or just shaving it off.This was
something that Corey just could not relate to as far
as why somebody with a full head of hair would shave
his head. I just preferred it.Corey began to get on
Bradtelling him his hair was thinning out and Corey
made a comment one day-`Brad maybe you should just
shave yours.` Brad did not take it lightly. Since, he
was well aware his hairwas thinning. But he still had
a good head of hair. And like Corey his hair was
important. Corey really began to gode him. Brad would
retaliate `The day you see me with a bald head will be
the day you go bald. This scenario was portrayed over
and over. And the rest of us were getting fed up with
it. Finally, we decided to take a poll of our regulars
with Brad and Corey agreeing,though Corey was more
reluctant.The poll was such: Everyone, who wished to
participate would write on a piece of paper, whom they
wanted to shave his head Corey or Brad.Corey tended to
be much more aloof and even bolder in his attitude. He
most certainly assured everyone it would not be him.
The poll was to last one month. At the end the votes
would be tallied and the one with the most votes would
have his head shaved at a specified time by the other.
Corey was very smug as the votes were counted. The
count began almost 2-1 in favor of Brad getting his
head shaved. Corey blurted out ` I am ready to take it
all Brad!` Miffed Brad answered `It is no tover yet.`
And it wasn`t for the final tally determined it was
Corey who would be shaved. Brad grinned from ear to
ear. And decided he Corey should be shaved right then
and there.Corey began to protest and beg to let him
keephis hair.Those present began to chant and cheer
`SHAVE HIM-SHAVE HIM BALD.` Corey was intent on
leaving. But finally had to relent. Reluctantly Corey
took a seat in a booth.Brad appeared with a pair of
shears ready to clip off Corey`s magnificent red
locks, that he loved so much.Then oneof the men in the
bar yelled out`WAIT! I have some clippers let`s do it
right.` Brad agreed asdid everyone else. Tears came to
Corey`s eyes as Brad cut off his ponytail and tied it
up and handed it to Corey.Everyone cheered and shouted
`Buzz him.` Taking the clippers Brad made quick work
of the red locks as they tumbled to the floor, table
and all over Corey. Then the now buzzed Corey got up
and ran to the men`s room. Returning he said `I hate
myself bald!` Bellows went up `You are not bald, your
head has to be shaven clean.` `NO,NO protested Corey.
But it was in vain and fell on deaf ears. Brad
lathered up his head. Then I too a razor and very
adeptly began to shave him smooth. The red stubble
peeled off like the skin of a grape. Then it was over.
A tearful Corey left that night.He missed the finale
as Brad agreed to have his head shaved.The next day
when Corey came in he seemed in better spirits but was
still angry overthe whole ordeal. When he saw Brad as
bald as him he taunted `So, they got you too
afterall.` Brad rebuked him saying `No,I decided I
wanted to see how I would look bald.` Corey replied
`You look better bald than I do.` For the next month
nothing more was said. Brad and Corey both began to
let their hairgrow back.Then lo and behold in comes
Corey one day with his head shaved as smooth as mine.
When we asked him he laughed` After it began to grow
back I missed the feeling of having my head shaved
smooth. I am going to keep it shaved.`None of us
really ever believed Corey would come to the point of
actually liking the bald look. But so it was as Corey
kept his head shaved.Whereas, Brad went back to his
old style. His day will come when he has less hair.

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