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clip joint by sammy

So i walk into this old clip joint place in town ive never been to before. I just wanted to get a beard trim. As im sitting waiting watching some old man getting cut he says to me are you gonna start fresh? (cause i have longer hair) I said nah just a beard trim today. So im up next i hop in the ladys chair she throws a cape around me so tight around my neck spins me around and positions the chair high up with my feet in the air not facing the mirror. i told her just shave my beard please. She uses hair clippers on my face so rough and tells me to go home and shave. Now she says i need a haircut i explained i liked my long but she insisted a trim or something for the holiday. I said ok just a trim around the edges. So fast did she pick up those clippers and she basically butched my whole head a pretty damn short buzz all over. i was so nervous then she spins me around and i lost my hair. never going to a barber shop again. old lady barbers can mean well but they will cut you however they want

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