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Cut for me by MarcustheBald16

Summer when I was 14 was a summer I was looking forward to. I was going to go to Spain,relax,hang out with friends,go swimming and just in general have a good time.

About a week in I was out with my friends. I had grown my hair out to shoulder length and so had all my friends. When I came back I saw my dad waiting for me. He had his usual buzzcut.

I was told to get in the car with my brother Michael who is 15. He had hair as long as mine. Dad told us we were going to the barbers. Yikes! I hated the barbers. Throughout the whole of last year I had managed to escape going and instead go to stylists to only have it slightly trimmed. Before that I had gone to the barbers and had two inches off every time at someone called John.

To my surprise he dropped us off at his barbers and we went in. There was nobody there,only a bald man with a white jacket. "Hello Jack,Can you cut my sons hair please",gave
him money and Left.

Michael got in the chair,looking nervous. Jack got clippers out and ran them up the back of his neck. I was petrified since he was going horrifically short. He started on the sides. He was smiling. When he was finished with the back and sides he ran the clipper over the top of his head. I've was blocking him so not see it but I knew he was taking it short. He then got out lather and a razor. He took a long time with them,all the time whilst I was panicking really hard. I liked my hair and did not want it cut.

Finally he moved away and I I could see his bald head. He was absolutely smooth not a hair in sight. Jack came back and smeared a lotion over his head. This made it shine.

He looked amazing and he seemed to love it. "Hey,dude this is awesome feel it." I felt his head and it felt smooth,cold and sexy. I felt myself getting aroused. "I love it" I said.

I rushed to the chair and said "Like his please" and he got to work. The clippers felt wired on a scalp which had never been shaved felt arousing and strangly relaxing. I was feeling it. The lwarm lather and razor felt amazing,like I mean amazing. Jack's attention to detail and my enjoyment levels were working well and I felt aroused,relaxed and cool. Once that cool heavenly liquid touched my scalp I had a look.

I looked better that Michael. It suited me perfectly and it felt arousing,cool and generally fantastic to touch.

When my dad came in he commented on how good we looked and took us home.

I never grew it out. It feels cool in the heat,friends say how good it looks and rub it and the process of shaving is just indescribable. This is the cut for me.

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