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MY barbershop Xperience part 1 by Baldvenom

So my hair had really grown alot feom my previous haircut.My hair is touching my collar,ears and half way covering my eyes.I had suddenly had turned into a emo kid.Since it was my school break,i decided to go for a haircut.A drastic change.It was around 1 pm,I wore my t-shirt and put on my shorts and left my house.I went to the 7/ll store to buy a drink and withdrew some cash for my haircut.I walked to mu usual barbershop however it was closed.So i had to go to another barbershop.Thus i decided to walk around to look out for a barbershop.

Soon i saw a man in his 30s,with short hair,malay drinking his coffee while sitting on a chair with a mini table infront of him.I found it strange and contiued walking towards his direction.On my left i saw this barbershop pole and one the glass window i saw'Nur Malay Barbershop'.Oh its a barbershop....So i decided to go in.I pushed the door and a man in his 50s welcomed me while attending a customer.I sat on the long brown benches.There were 3 barber chairs(one occupied and the 2 empty)yellow capes were hung onto the two chairs.There was a huge mirror infront of the chairs and behind me.Bar er tools were places on the shelf under the mirror.Soon i decided to snap some photos of the shop.I took the picture of the chairs,the tools,and a pile of hair on the floor.I waited about 10 mins.The barber was down with his customer and both of them left the barbershop.The barber went to the mini table.I was confused.Then the barber before i saw came in ask to me to take a seat at chair infront of me.I went and sat.He tuck a white cloth under my shirt and lossen the cape before capping me.Then....(To be continued)

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