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TheArgosCustomers by MarcustheBald16

My hair was in a long shag covering my ears and neck. I was way overdue for a haircut and i knew it. I also had a short hair fetish but was too scared to ask for anything drastic,the shortest it was cut was still pretty long.However a few months ago I went to the barbers and did something totally different,

It was a typical Saturday and I had a barbers appointment in the afternoon. But that morning I was told to go to Argos with my mum to pick up a new vacuum cleaner.

While I was sitting in waiting like they do at Argos,I saw a dad and his son. The son looked my age but he had a really nice short haircut which looked like a #3 on top and #1 on the sides which really suited him. I had to strain myself from admiring him too much so as not to appear a stalker but boy did he look good. I feel aroused looking at them.Haircuts like those are quite rare on boys his age. A lot of people my age have like shaved sides(not short back or sides) or something but not a proper crew cut like he had. I thought it was a shame since they look so sharp and clean.

I went home for lunch and then headed for the barbers. When I arrived he was closed with a sign on the door saying he was on holiday for this week. Suddenly a car drove up and a voice inside it said "Come to the barbers with us" I happily agreed and got in the car with them. I automatically realised he was the dad at Argos with the smart boy. They both said hi and then the dad said "I'm Alex and this is my son Fraser,who's your name" I replied saying it was Marcus. We then discussed things like football and the news.

When we arrived at his barbers,I saw it was very different to my own barber. Mine was quite modern but this was a proper old fashioned barber shop. Alex got in the chair and requested his usual. The barber blocked us and me and Fraser talked as he cut. I told Fraser that his haircut looked good and he replied"Thank you,Most people just like it and some hate this sexy cut for some reason.I don't see why its feels amazing,looks amazing and it suits me better than some boring haircut most people have. I'm glad I found someone who really feels the same about it." he said. "Should I get this cut" I asked. "Totally,you will love it,get it bald on sides and a #0 on top and boy does it look good,I'm getting it cut like that today" he said.

Alex was finished, He had just had it trimmed to a #2 on top and #0 on the sides. Fraser whispered in my ear "We can do better than him" and got in the chair. He then asked if I can watch him. So I came to see it. He started by running some #0000000 guarded clipper on the sides and back. We were both enjoying this experience. His barber took out a #0 and ran it over the top of his head. The enjoyment was huge. Then he asked "Can Marcus do the shaving cream" and the barber agreed. I got out the warm lather and lathered it on his back and sides,being careful not to mess up. It was really fun and arousing shaving someone else's head.After a long time I finished and the barber remarked I had done a great job. I rubbed his new haircut. Boy did it feel good and he felt aroused. " See Marcus,I told you it was an excellent haircut" he said and I thought it suited him more than how he did in Argos.

I got in the chair. I was excited knowing soon I would looking at a clean,sexy short haircut rather than a messy shag. The barber switched on the clippers and asked if I wanted it like Fraser. I said "definitely" and with that he ran the clipper over my sides and back.That pass of the clippers felt refreshing after being covered with a blanket of hair all this time and I just relaxed. My scalp was happily tingling as a ton of hair hit the floor. Soon he finished the sides and back.He started on the top and the feel was exhilarating. Cool air was touching my head and the tingling of my scalp got better. I loved it and was soon finished. Fraser said I looked good but said that since my hair is dark and his hair is blonde my hair stood out more. The barber said he could shave me bald so I would not look strange. I agreed and said yes. As soon as I said that Fraser took a handful of shaving cream and put it on my head. I instantly felt relaxed. He started scraping it away and I loved it. Fraser,who was clearly enjoying this too,did this a few times before he took a towel and wiped it over my head. Shaving with lather and razor is an indescribable feeling. It makes you feel relaxed,happy and like you are being cleaned,so is refreshing and very cool. It feels especially good when done really well,like Fraser was doing.

" There is one amazing haircut here,can I have the same done to me" he said. With that he got in the chair and I did the same as he had done to me,spread it on his head and scrape it away. He loved the being shaved just as much as I did and I loved shaving him. When he was done he proclaimed "I really enjoyed that". The barber squirted some liquid on our head and rubbed it. I loved the feeling of someone rubbing my head- it felt like God was touching my head. " Seconds after he had finished rubbing me and Fraser rubbed each other's head grinning. It felt amazing having someone feel my head-so arousing,relaxing and so pleasurable.

The barber got the mirror and wow did this cut suit both of us. Our heads were made for no hair. It shone magnificiantly and it looked manly,cool,smart,sharp and sexy at once. And Fraser looked better than ever before as well" I loved it and ran to Alex who rubbed both our heads saying we looked good. We paid the barber,who we found out was called Lewis and went to the car.

Well my parents were shocked when I went home with my new haircut but said it looked good. Hardly anyone said it looked bad,if they said something about it it was nearly always good.But if someone hates it I just feel sorry they have never experienced its wonders.

As for Fraser,me and him became friends. It turned out he lived very near us and I always visited him for 15min a days on my way home from school and an hour or two at the weekends.Every 2 weeks we went to Lewis to get the same haircut. I love getting it shaved and it has never got old feeling the lather and shaving cream over my head. I also shave it every day but it never feels the same unlike when I go to Lewis's with my new good friend.Also the feeling of rubbing my head never gets old and Fraser rubs it lots.The feeling of it in water,rain,pillows,everything feels better with a bald head.

So I made a new friend and got a new way of wearing my head-can't say my hair now since I am bald.

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