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Finally Did It! by Matt

Ive always liked my hair short. Throughout my childhood and teen years, I sported either a crewcut or a buzz of varying lengths. Some of my freinds even called me a "hair hater". I loved not having hair to comb and the coolness of it. When I was 13,I saw a Schick commercial featuring Andre Agassi. First he shaved his face, then he lathered his head and shaved himself bald! I thought he looked really cool as he happily ran his hand over his smooth head. That was the first time I could remember wanting to shave my own head. A couple years later, I saw an ad in a magazine for some kind of "smooth" rum. It featured a bald man sitting there with a hot girl rubbing her hands over his hairless noggin. I found myself wishing I was the guy in that chair!

Over the next couple of years, I continued to keep my hair cut close. My junior year, once the weather got warm in May, I got my blonde hair buzzed to a #! burr, my shortest cut ever. When I came to school with it on Monday, i got nothing but compliments. Several of the girls even said how cool I looked and rubbed my bristly head. Then Ronnie, the guy sitting next to me, said "You should really shave your head! You've already got really short hair, why not go the rest of the way?" I just smiled and said "Think so?" He then asked everyone "Who thinks Matt should shave his head?" Many hands went up, including those of several girls, who smiled. I kept the #1 for the remainder of my junior year and that summer, having my mom buzz my hair off again every couple of weeks. The next fall I grew the top out a little, but never more than a half-inch.

As the years went by,I still had my love of keeping my hair short, and bald was still in the back of my mind. When I was 25, my friends started to point out to me that I was thinning a little. I still had good coverage, but I was thinning, nonetheless.My friend Burk said, "Just embrace baldness and shave it all off! I think you've really always wanted to be bald anyway! Your hair's always been so short." I talked to several of my female friends, and they all agreed that I'd look handsome with a chromedome. My friend Audrey said" There's no reason for you to be insecure about it, either. Look around and you'll see how many guys shave their heads. It's completely acceptable for men to be bald today". I realized she was right: everywhere I went, I saw shining, naked heads. Lots of the guys had babes with them too! I thought it over some more. The following day, I saw a barbershop commercial on youtube. All kinds of cuts were being given, and in one segment a cute barberette was shaving a guy's head with a straight razor and warm shaving cream. Again, I wished I was the customer in the chair having all of his hair shaved off. Finally, it hit me. This was what I'd always wanted. And now, since I was thinning some,I'd have the perfect excuse!

Friday afternoon I went to a barbershop that I knew did shaves. There were three barbers working and one had a shiny, clean dome. As luck would have it, when my turn came, the bald barber motioned me into his chair. As he fastened the cape around me, ha asked "What are we doing today?" I replied "I want to be bald_headed!" He laughed and said "You want to look like me? Well I can sure accommodate you, if that's what you want!" I replied "Yep, shave it!!! He got out a pair of Wahl Balding clippers with a #000000 blade. He spun the chair away from the mirror. "Here we go!" he said as he clicked them on with a loud buzz and started up the back of my head. The bare blades felt cold as he finished the back and continued to the sides. Soon they were gone as well and I had only the top left. He put the clippers at my hairline and drove them straight back. With just a few passes all of my already-short hair was on the cape and floor. I could feel air movement on my bare head. He shut the clippers off and wrapped my head in a hot towel. He then disappeared for a few minutes and then came back and unwrapped my head. The next thing I knew a warm handful of shaving cream landed on top of my head and was lathered around with a brush. The hot lather felt great on my denuded scalp. He let that sit for a minute while he got the straight razor ready. He stared shaving my head right on the top, from front to back. The feeling of the razor on my scalp was AWESOME. When the top was finished, he moved around to the sides and lastly, the back. It felt so good I didn't want it to end. He then rubbed my head looking for any missed spots, re-lathering them and shaving them as he found them. Finally, he toweled off my head and rinsed it with cold water. The feel of the ice-cold water on my head was something else! He rubbed a cool lotion over my scalp and said "There. All gone. Smooth as a baby's butt! Ready to see the new you?" "Sure1" I said. I was slowly swiveled around to face the mirror. Wrapped in the barber's cape sat a bald, handsome man. My head glistened in the light. "We look like twins now" chuckled the barber. "Can I take a pic for the shop's Facebook page?" I agreed and he bent down near me and took a mirror shot of the two of us. He finally uncaped me and i reached up and felt my slick, cool head for the first time. It was just as cool as I'd always thought it would be! After I'd paid and he was sweeping up all my hair, he told me "Now go show off that bald head! The ladies are going to love you!" I laughed and thanked him, and as I left a woman waiting for her husband grinned at me.

That night, before I went out with some friends, I showered. It was an entirely new experience with no hair. The jets felt great on my hairless head. I laughed at not having to use shampoo as i scrubbed my head with the soap. After I got out and toweled off, I rubbed some aloe gel moisturizer on my head to give it a shine, then added a bit of sunscreen. At dinner, my friends were shocked that i'd finally done it. They tossed some "baldy" , "chromedome" and "kojak" jokes my way, but all agreed that it suited me. Several random girls at the restaurant told me how handsome I looked and asked to feel it. Their soft feminine touch felt wonderful, and one even planted a kiss on top of my head.

The next day, my friend Mike's sister Amanda saw me. "You shaved off your hair!!! Wow, you look as handsome as Mr. Clean!" She exclaimed as she rubbed my head. She said, you know i think it's really complete the look if you got an earring. Then you could REALLY be Mr. Clean!" So later that afternoon, I went out and got my left ear pierced. The glittering earring really did compliment my shiny head. As time went by, i knew I'd made the right decision. I kept it shaved and had no intention of having hair again. Eventually, i met and fell in love with a beautiful girl named Courtney who loved my look. She was always rubbing and kissing my bald pate. One morning as I was getting ready to shave, she said she wanted to become my barber! I sat and she lathered my head and shaved it clean and smooth again. Being bald is everything I'd hoped it would be!

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