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Crowning Glory by Joelsweet

"This is Acer. He will be working here as an errand boy for Prince Laedus from now on. Could you show him the ropes?” the head maid asked sympathetically. With that, the she exited the room and closed the door behind her with a resounding thud. Camil skeptically examined the newcomer. He looked strong and wiry; staring at Camil in a cocky manner. He probably wouldn't last more than a month, Camil thought. The prince liked his servants on the slim side and submissive. The prince also liked his servants to have long, beautiful hair; and this kid had only shoulder length locks. Camil almost laughed. How had this guy been hired in the first place?
"Okay, Acer, first we need to set some ground rules. Your job is to carry and fetch the prince's things for him. You will be polite, and you will only speak when spoken to. You will obey all of the prince's orders, and above all, you will NOT bother the prince and I when we are alone together.” Camil flipped his floor-length, golden braid over his shoulder. "Am I clear?” he questioned firmly.

"Yes sir,” Acer replied, with a sarcastic tone of voice. Camil raised his chin and looked down his nose at Acer, hiding his annoyance.
"You will treat me with respect,” he said, meadow-green eyes flashing dangerously. Acer only smirked. Camil whipped around and started walking away. Acer followed behind him. Camil opened the door and held it for the arrogant kid.
"Go downstairs and bring me back a pitcher of water,” he commanded. "I need a drink.” Acer rolled his eyes and obeyed. Camil folded his arms and watched Acer until he turned the corner.
Lord, that kid was going to be a pain. Camil didn't really need water that much; he just wanted to see how well Acer would follow this simple instruction.

Camil closed the door and slipped into the prince's bed. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. He would wait there until the prince returned. It was his job, afterall. Well… part of his job, anyway. Camil was the prince's bed warmer. His companion. His confidant. His treasured concubine.

That's what the prince called Camil. His "treasure.” He'd tenderly run his hands through Camil's shining golden hair and whisper sweet words to him and make love with him. The prince was highly protective of Camil. Nobody was to disrespect him or be unkind to him or deny him anything. However, Camil was humble and kind. His fellow servants weren't annoyed by his power and treated him well. But people like Acer… Camil couldn't stand them. And he would try to be reasonable, but he sure as hell wouldn't take any bad treatment.

Camil heard the door click open and looked up. Acer had returned; still sporting that aggravating smirk. He roughly clunked the pitcher onto the bedside table, causing almost half of the water to slosh over the brim.
"Thank you,” Camil said icily. Acer just stood there with his hands on his hips as Camil got out of the bed, grabbed a glass, and filled it up. "You're dismissed.” Camil said, irritated. Why was he still standing there? Camil daintily drank the water, which tasted… odd… It was kind of sickly sweet. Suddenly, it became difficult for Camil to keep his eyelids open. They kept falling as if there were weights on them. He only realized what was happening when it was too late. "What… did you do?” he struggled to make out.
"This is only the beginning, sweetheart,” Acer replied snidely. And then everything faded to black as Camil left consciousness.

Camil woke up to a pitch black room. He couldn't see a thing. At first he thought he was blindfolded, but there was nothing tied around his face that he could feel. Camil tried to move his arms and legs, but found that he was tightly bound to the chair he was sitting on. He was naked, and the air was cold against his bare flesh. His thick, wavy hair was unbound; he could feel its silkiness brushing against his exposed back.
What the hell? Camil then remembered what had occurred before he passed out. That punk drugged me! Suddenly, Camil was filled with fear. What was Acer planning to do to him?

With a click, an overhead light flickered to life. Its brightness temporarily blinded Camil. He blinked quickly, and found himself staring at a smug looking Acer.
"Where am I?” Camil asked angrily. Acer laughed.
"Don't worry your pretty little head about it.” Camil glared at him.
"Release me at once!” Camil demanded.
"Sorry, can't do that,” Acer said in a falsely sweet voice. Camil struggled against his bonds, but they were tied very tightly; so tight that they dug into his delicate skin. The rope was scratchy and harsh. His hands were tied behind the chair, his feet were bound together, and his thighs and torso were secured to the seat and back of the chair. Acer looked Camil's nude body up and down and whistled.

"I can see why the prince likes you so much,” Acer remarked. Camil glowered at him, furious.
"Let me go!!” he yelled. Camil refused to act intimidated in front of a lowly man such as Acer. Acer strode forwards, grabbed Camil's hair, and yanked hard. Camil cried out in pain.
"Let's get this straight.. I don't follow your orders, got it? You stay compliant, and we won't hurt you too badly. Got it?” Acer released Camil's glimmering locks from his grasp and smiled. Camil nodded, albeit reluctantly.
"Good. Because, you see, I'm holding you for ransom. My group has infiltrated the castle over time, and we determined that the least valuable person that was closest to a royal was you. The prince's. Little. Plaything.” Acer stroked Camil's cheek gently, and Camil regarded him with cold, collected eyes.

Acer stepped away, and began rummaging in a dresser that was against one wall. The windowless room was small, cold, and made of roughly hewn cinder block. A single, half burnt out light panel was fixed onto the ceiling.

Camil looked over as Acer closed the drawer carefully. He saw what was clutched in his hand and began to panic. Desperately, he fought his bonds, but it was in vain.
"Hold still!” Acer chimed. Camil looked on in fear as Acer snapped a black nylon barber cape around his neck, pulling his incredibly long hair over his shoulder to do so. He looked like a beautiful porcelain doll, all caped up nicely and waiting in agonizing fear for what was to come. Camil tried to hide it, but he was shaking in trepidation. Behind Camil, Acer pulled his curtain of hair back towards him.
"This is a lot of hair, dearie…,” he whispered menacingly. Camil shivered involuntarily. "I've decided to give something to the prince. Something that will warn him that we're serious about the ransom. Aaand… I think I know just the thing.” Acer's large hand stroked Camil's flowing, gorgeous, wavy mane. "Mm… Just like silk under my fingers. Maybe I should take advantage of this opportunity.”

Camil warily looked over his shoulder at Acer. What did that mean? Behind him, Camil's hair trailed a couple inches on the floor; thick, radiant locks that were neatly trimmed at the ends. Camil glimpsed Acer pull something out of his pocket, and was afraid that it was scissors; however, it was simply a comb. Acer grabbed Camil's hair halfway down its length and picked it up to begin combing the ends. Camil felt slight tugging as the tines moved through his hair. Acer made his way up the length and eventually was combing through the entire length in huge, lengthy strokes. There weren't many tangled to begin with, so the strokes were smooth and unbroken. Camil always loved when his prince tended to his hair. This unfamiliar, menacing man doing it felt wrong.

Acer parted Camil's hair neatly down the middle, gathered half of the hair in his hands, and tied a deep green ribbon around it. He then did the same with the other half, leaving Camil with pigtails over two inches in diameter. Camil's six foot pigtails draped over his chest and pooled in his lap. The comb was returned to Acer's pocket, and a pair of shiny sheep shears were extracted. Camil saw them and cried out as they were placed at the base of his left pigtail, above the ribbon. He tensed, waiting in horror for the crunch of the shears closing around his precious hair. But it never came. He felt the shears being pulled away. Acer snapped them loudly in front of Camil's face, making him gasp. None of his tresses had been severed. Yet..

Acer pulled the ribbons, effectively untying them and spilling more hair into Camil's lap. He leisurely ran his fingers through with his left hand, shears held high and open in his right. With a swift movement, Acer placed the frigid blades at Camil's nape, making his body jolt. Camil tried to move his head forwards to avoid the shears, but it was in vain. Acer gripped Camil's head and held it in place as he ran the open shears ever so slowly down the length of his hair.
"I could cut it at any place, you know,” Acer teased deviously. Camil's hands were clenched into fists behind the chair. This was torture.
"Please, stop!” he pleaded softly.
"No way. I'm just getting started!”

Acer pulled Camil's hair behind him again, put the shears back in his pocket, and began braiding it. It was quite a simple braid, with only three sections. It was the same wide thickness throughout its entire length; resembling heavy, silky rope with a emerald hued ribbon at the end of it. Again, Acer ran procured the shears and ran them down Camil's hair. Suddenly, Camil heard the blades violently click together. He sharply intook breath. Acer pulled the ochroid braid over Camil's shoulder and dropped it. It hit Camil's chest with a thud. Frantically Camil examined it, and found that the plait was unscathed.

Acer untied the ribbon and gradually ran his fingers through Camil's locks to separate the braid. The tension was awful. Camil wanted Acer to stop touching his hair so badly. He wanted to go back to the prince's soft bed, lie there in comfort and peace until the prince's return, and then spend another wonderful night with him.

Once the braid was completely undone, Acer's hands left Camil's hair. Was he done? Had he just wanted to taunt the beautiful, kidnapped man? And then, it happened.

Snip. Camil heard a long sheave of hair fall to the floor and felt it slide off of his head. He gasped and tears welled up in his eyes. A lock right on Camil's crown had been severed close to the scalp. The satiny lock lay there on the floor; shining softly in the light.
"Oh! Too short?” Acer asked, grinning. Camil was terrified. He struggled against his ties more, only succeeding in cutting up his fragile, pale skin. "Don't worry, I'll even it out.”

Acer violently grabbed a section of Camil's hair at the front top part of his head. He pulled it, causing Camil to be jerked painfully backwards. Acer positioned the giant sheep shears close to the scalp and began meticulously clipping away. No hair was left longer than Ό inch. Tears tumbled down Camil's face as he sat in stoic silence. He wouldn't give Acer the satisfaction of noisy sobbing. Acer finished severing the section of hair that he had grabbed, leaving Camil with a shorn patch on the top of his head. No going back now. Acer pulled the cut-off handful of hair away from the rest of the locks and dangled them in front of Camil's face teasingly. He dumped them unceremoniously onto Camil's lap. They were so soft and silky that they glided off of the cape and landed on the floor. Camil looked down at the gorgeous, six feet of hair on the floor, mouth open in distress. Tears slowly rolled down the cape.

In a flash, the shears were returned to Camil's head, this time at the nape. Aggressively, Acer sawed from the nape, around Camil's right ear, and joined the patch on the top.
"Such lovely hair, dear. A shame it won't be attached to you much longer.” Viciously, Acer started stripping the locks on the right side of Camil's head in rows. He wasn't cutting in neat, orderly rows; they were haphazard, wavering, and crossing one another.

Snip. Snip. Snip. The noise filled Camil with apprehension. Soon, the entire right side of his head was shorn close to the scalp! Acer began on the left. He gathered the thick locks in his hand and harshly cropped the gripped hair two inches from the scalp. Acer held the chopped hair in front of Acer's face like some kind of trophy. He slowly ran his hand down the length and let it swing and hit Camil's face. He draped it over Camil's shoulder, and the gold contrasted sharply with the black of the cape. Acer slowly snipped at the longer locks to reduce them to the length of the rest of Camil's hair. 2 inch chunks of hair fell; some floating down to land on the cape and some getting caught on Camil's face and left ear and mixing with fallen tears.

And then, it was over. None of Camil's long golden hair, his crowning glory, was remaining on his head. Acer softly rubbed the short, uneven tufts left on Camil's scalp.
"Nice haircut. Where'd you get it done?” Acer jeered. He bent down and began collecting the golden locks. He slowly took them off of Camil's lap, the floor, and the cape and they filled Acer's arms.

"Look at all of this! Wow, it's so soft,” Acer commented. Camil scowled at him, filled with rage. Acer hugged the mass of hair close to him. "Like the finest silk.” He smirked, and walked over to the dresser. He pulled out a sack and began stuffing it with hair. He tied the drawstring, and locks spilled out the top still, there was so much of it.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have a delivery to make. Don't go anywhere, okay? Oh, wait..,” Acer goaded. He then left the room, taking the heavy, bulging sack with him and flicking the light off. Camil waited thirty seconds, and then screamed out of frustration and loss. He let out huge, echoing sobs that had been contained previously. Would the prince even love him now?

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