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Rick and Joe Clean Up Their Acts by Manny

As I began planting my garden, I watched the neighbors assemble a new trampoline in their backyard. The teen boys poured through the complicated instructions as the father provided general guidance. While watching the trio at work, I admired their thick, shiny hair which was under full display in the brilliant sun. Obviously "good hair" was a family trait and the teens flaunted it with salon-cut styles that flowed down to their shoulders in copious cascades. The dad's hair was also styled impeccably with a full business cut that was combed to the side and spilled over to to mid-collar in back. He looked like some male model in the Macy's Sunday add with his nicely groomed features.

As they were working, I heard a voice come from the house, "I'm ready whenever you are!"

The father called back, "We've almost got the frame assembled. Geoff will be with you in a minute!"

I saw the older boy smirk at the younger and tease him by swatting at the long forelock that dangled over half his face.

"Dad, make him stop...." the younger of the two whined.

"If you keep that up, I'll send you into your mother for the same," the Dad snapped.

The younger lad felt vindicated by the father's reprimand to his brother, which effectively put an end to the teasing.

"Okay, Geoff, scamper into the kitchen. Your mother is waiting," the father said.

A sort of queasy look wiped the lad's smile away and morphed into a sort of "do I have to?" look.

"Come on, now! Go!" the father urged. "You know it's what you agreed to. The sooner it's been done, the better."

As the lad reluctantly left, the older boy's smirk returned big time.

"You better not tease him when he comes back! I mean it, Frank!" the father snapped. "Your mother had her eye on both of you, you know, Frank."

The sassy older teen snapped back, "Well, when I overhead the two of you talking, it sounded like she was ready to take all three of us down!" Frank laughed as he tussled his father's glossy locks. "Ha! I'd like to see YOU with a baldy cut, Dad."

The father reacted with mock anger, "Hey, careful with the hair!"

The two continued working on assembling the trampoline.

When it was finished, Frank got up on it to test it. As he jumped and turned flips, his long hair was on full display, with the sun's rays bouncing off like a sort of disco ball. The silken strands were quite spectacular as he flipped and they whipped through the air.

As Frank climbed down from the trampoline, his father playfully grasped him by his locks, "This is what she needs to take the clippers to. You look like a girl!"

Just then, the father noticed me in the yard, listening in on discussion. "Don't you think so, Mr. Jenkins? This fellow's hair is quite in need of a stern barber -- the kind we were sent to as kids. Agree?"

Before I could answer, all three of us turned our attention toward a yelp from the back door that announced Geoff's return to the yard sans hair! He ran out toward the trampoline sporting a very, very tight butch! He was unrecognizable without his long hair. The white scalp was covered with a dense covering of dark stubble.

Frank began hooting and pointing at his younger brother's baldy cut. "Ha, ha, ha.....you look like a total nerd with your chemo cut!"

Even the father could not stifle some fairly obvious chuckles. The boy with the newly-cut baldy was crestfallen. "You said you wouldn't laugh at me, Dad!"

"Oh, come here, son! I'm sorry," he said, giving the boy a big bear hug and stroking this clipped nubs. "Oh this feels wonderful. And it was your choice! Right, son? Now you have a great trampoline to play on all summer. And, I think you look great!"

The older son continued his taunting. "Then should I let Mom know you're next in her barber chair, Dad? I mean, since you like Geoff's haircut so much, you probably want one yourself!" Frank laughed.

"Oh, go for it, Dad!" the boy with the baldy begged.

"Well, a summer butch is one thing for a boy....but not at all appropriate for a bank executive who depends on a power image," the father said dismissively. He smoothed down his thick, glossy hair as if to remind himself that he was proud of his full, youthful mane.

Then he abruptly walked over to the fence and called me over, "Hey, Joe, I need to ask you about what you do to get such great tomatoes every year." He obviously wanted to get away from the line of conversation that linked his nicely groomed locks to his son's new, dramatic baldy cut.

But, I was determined to lead him straight back to the topic he was trying desperately to avoid. I walked over to the fence, eyeing his coiffed, meticulous look, "That was a real cop out, Rick. Poor kid. Did you see his face? And what are you afraid of? I think you'd look very handsome with a manly, no-nonsense butch cut."

The fellow's face blushed. "The whole thing is Janet's doing. She's been after me forever to have the boys' hair cut short. She wanted me to haul them down to the barber shop and get one of the geezers to clip it all off. I just can't waste my little time with them on that, arguing and so forth. Mind you, I hate that girly look as much as their mother does. So after months of nagging, she came up with the idea of a trade off. Offer them something they've been pestering us for. Geoff went along with swapping his long locks for a trampoline. But nothing could tempt Frank, not even the electric guitar he's been coveting for years."

I eyed Rick's elegant coif -- how plush and attractive it was. I'd watched Rick admire himself in the car's rear view mirror many times, brushing like locks into place before heading on out to work or before walking back in after a long day on the job.

Then I called to his son, "Hey, Frankie. Come here. I want to tell you something!" The longhair sauntered over.

"Your father here says he'll do it if you will," I said.

"Do what?" the teen asked, mystified.

"Get a butch like your brother's," I replied. "That's what we were just talking about."

Panic clouded over Rick's face instantly, "I never....uh....." Rick was nervous as a cat and his son realized that.

"Agreed!" Frank blurted out spontaneously, laughing hysterically as he headed to the house. "Hey, Mom. Don't put the clippers away. Both Dad and I want butch cuts just like Geoff's!" he called as he ran.

Rick was left sputtering and stammering, half in disbelief and half in irritation. "What possessed you?" he demanded. "I never said such a thing!"

"I think you'll look....what did you tell your son?....uh, look 'great' with a butch. And, as a good father, the bonding experience will be tops! All three of you with baldy cuts! Think of what a sight that will be," I chirped gleefully.

Rick looked at Geoff, who was on the trampoline jumping around. The white scalp of the newly balded head shimmered in the sun. "She clipped it down awfully short....." he stammered.

Just then, the mother came into the yard. "Is it true, sweetie? I left the clippers out. But Frank says you have to go first. Oh, hello there, Mr. Jenkins. How are you on this gorgeous afternoon?"

"Loving every minute of it. And, yes, it's true. Rick's agreed to the butch cut. He's so tired of his fussy, executive look!" I laughed. "A nice, streamlined look for summer, just like Geoff's! He's just been itching to feel the clippers moving tightly up through his coif."

"You can join us too, Mr. Jenkins. I see your thatch is a little overgrown. How about it? Butch cuts all around for you boys?" Janet asked.

Suddenly, the spotlight was on me! I felt a bit taken aback by her referring to my nice, shiny blond hair as "thatch". I was always quite proud of my locks -- probably just as proud as Rick felt about his own dreamy mane.

Incomprehensibly, I felt my cock bulge! It was so unexpected. I squirmed, trying to hide it, hoping no one would notice.

Janet reached up and stroked her husband's lovely hair, "Hmmmm, without this pretty boy look, those fawning secretaries at the bank might finally leave you alone!" she crowed, beginning to lead her husband by the arm back towards the house. "Come on, Frank and Geoff. Why don't you record your father's makeover and I can post in on my Facebook page! You can watch too, Mr. Jenkins," she said.

"And if I like what I see, I'll let you cape me up right after you clip Rick and Frankie down tight," I stammered, half surprised at my response.

Rick turned back, somewhat surprised that I was considering the butch for myself. Then he broke away from his wife to reel in Frankie, who seemed to be dragging his feet after his initial burst of enthusiasm for twin butch cuts.

As we walked toward their kitchen, my legs felt like jelly. I almost had to pinch myself -- I was really going to go along with the idea of getting an amateur butch cut! It was something I had fantasized about for many years. Feeling the clippers go straight down the top of my head and watching my pampered blond hair fall to the floor. The first drive of the machine indicating the point of no return! The nervousness of seeing everyone again, sans my security blanket hair, was exciting and scary. For years, I had wanted to be clipped bald and feel vulnerable. Listen to all those awful comments like, 'you had such nice hair...why?' I always knew at some point my fantasy would become reality....and I decided the time was now!

When we stepped into the kitchen, I immediately noticed the mounds of Geoff's glossy hair on the floor, strewed about the chair. It was so lovely! And to think, he was now sporting a mere shadow of stubble. At least he had a clear reason why -- the trampoline.

My reason why was much more complicated.

I watched Rick paw nervously at his pretty boy hair. Could it be that he share a secret fantasy similar to mine?!

Janet took control of the situation. "Okay, Frankie! Have a seat. You need it the most."

The teen lad stood frozen, looking at his brother's shorn locks on the floor. "Uh, I, uh....."

Then his father stepped in, "Guests first! That's our rule. Go ahead, Joe, you're first."

His invitation actually was welcomed. I would have no time to get cold feet and weasel out of it.

"That's very thoughtful of you, Rick," I murmured, taking a seat on the hard kitchen chair.

Rick quickly grabbed the cape. "What do you say, Janet, that I try my hand at barbering? I'd like to take Joe down." His hand tussled my silken blond hair momentarily. "Yes, clipped off very, very short. Shouldn't take much skill."

"Sure, I have to check the laundry," she replied.

Frankie also quickly exited the kitchen. It was just Rick and me.

My heart beat furiously. He fastened the cape very snug about my neck then grasped my floppy locks. I felt like prey in his hands -- vulnerable and frightened. "You're quite tense," he murmured. Then he began caressing my hair. His hand felt strong and tender at the same time. "I've admired your hair for a long time. It's almost as nice as mine. And now I'm going to shave it all off. Are you sure about this?"

"Yes," I eeked out in a frightened tone.

He didn't say another word. Instead, I watched him snap on the machine. Then, to my horror, he got an evil look on his face and popped off the plastic guard so that the menacing steel teeth were unsheathed. "I'm taking you down to the scalp!" he crowed as he grabbed my thick hair in back and immobilized me.

"Oh please, Rick, do it!" I moaned.

The wail of the clippers hitting my hair was fierce. Clumps of blond rained down in torrents before my petrified eyes. I was like putty in Rick's hands. My cock was in high alert.

"Nothing left in the wake. Not even stubble," he purred. Then he brought the clippers through my dense hair a second time and added to the damage. "There's no turning back now, Baldy."

I looked at the pile of hair that was accumulating in my lap. The queasy feeling in my stomach was undeniable. Just minutes before, I'd been working in my garden minding my own business, and now I was well on the way to a drastically severe makeover.

Rick shoved my head down abruptly. "Now for the back here. All this pretty hair stripped away," he chuckled. "I'm quite liking my role as master/barber!"

"But how will you like it when you're under the cape?" I asked.

There was a pregnant pause. "Oh!" he scoffed. "Now that I see how ridiculous you're looking -- a grown man with a severe baldy! -- there's no way I could go through with this! I'm quite fond of my hair."

"But, your deal with Frankie?" I sputtered.

Rick clipped away in silence. I felt totally miserable.

Then he explained, "On our way into the house, I told Frankie he'd get his electric guitar for Christmas if he dropped the idea for us both getting butch cuts. Boy bands and long hair are a perfect pair, you understand."

Just then Janet returned to the kitchen. "My, my! That's extremely short, Rick. Is that how short Mr. Jenkins wanted his hair cut?"

"Yes. In fact, when I'm finished with this, we're going to finish it off with shaving cream and a razor. Isn't that right, Joe?" he asked, putting me on the spot.

"Yes," I said submissively. "I've always wanted a clean look."

"Not before you and Frankie get clipped though!" Janet snapped, laying down the law to her husband.

Suddenly all the bravado drained out of Rick. "It's just that, well, Frankie's gone back on his part of the deal.... While you were in the basement, he let me know he decided not to get the butch. So our deal is off."

"Richard! You are not getting out of this. Even if Frankie's mop doesn't get clipped down to the wood, your hair will be. Do you understand?!" she said firmly. "Those bimbos fawning all over you. I will not have it. And Frankie looking like a girl. He will not follow in your miserable example or a preening, self-absorbed twit! If he doesn't submit to a kitchen butch, then you will take him to the barber shop for a tidy 'short-back-and sides'. That's final!"

She walked over to the door. "Frank! Get in here. Now! I want you to record your father's haircut. And this afternoon, he's taking you to the barber shop for a decent haircut."

I looked up at Rick and smirked! He deserved it.

At that moment Frankie ran in from the yard. "Geoff's hurt! He twisted his ankle on the trampoline!"

Janet flew out of the door. "Get an ice pack ready!" she instructed her husband.

Geoff was struggling to hold back tears as he was led back into the house. His ankle looked swollen. He sat in the same chair where earlier in the day he'd been butched. He gazed down at the hair-covered floor, which added to his misery. "This has been an awful day!" he sighed.

Frank, in a cruel way, rubbed it in by giving his younger brother an impromptu "Dutch rub" over his bristles.

"Dad!" Geoff whined.

"I'm taking you to the barber shop, Frank, just as soon as he can get this situation with Geoff straightened out. Short-back-and-sides. You're going to get cleaned up nicely," his irritated father spouted off.

Frank high-tailed it out of the room as his mother added, "And I'm going to take Geoff to the emergency room."

The other characters left the kitchen and it was just Rick and me left. "Let's go upstairs, Joe. I can't wait to lather you up and scrape you clean." I complied meekly.

Rick manhandled me to lean over the sink and ran warm water over my head. I was submissive and obedient. "All traces of your pretty blond hair will soon be rinsed down the drain, Joey!"

I felt the razor scrap away the hair on my sensitive scalp. I froze in compliance. "Your tender scalp will be just as soft and sensitive as that pretty hair you used to sport."

Then I felt the warm washcloth wiping away the excess foam. Finally, Rick let me stand up straight and see the new hairless me. My stomach lurched. My head looked like an egg -- and behind me Rick's thick, gorgeous mane shimmered in the bathroom light.

"Could I brush you hair, Rick?" I asked.

"Yes, I'd like that very much. And praise it, if you would. Tell me how handsome I am with thick, youthful hair," he murmured with a sad tone.

"You're thinking that Janet will soon be home and you'll be under the cape in the kitchen?" I asked.

He nodded 'yes' without speaking.

I sat him in front of his wife's vanity and took a brush to his copious, styled locks. My fingers plied through the silken hair and he moaned softly. "That feels so wonderful," he murmured.

"It's because you have such wonderful hair," I replied. "So full of vitality and beauty."

"And soon that woman will shave it all off," he noted ruefully.

"Unless you let me take the clippers to it myself before she gets back from the ER. Deny her the opportunity to gloat over you and humble you, Rick. You seem to be a proud, arrogant, cocky man," I urged.

"No! I still am going to try to worm my way out of this. I love my hair -- and so does my partner at the office!" he replied defiantly.

"Your partner? I thought she was worried about the bimbo secretaries...."

"He plays with my hair just the way you're doing now when we're behind closed doors. Poor guy. He's got a bad case of MBP -- an old man's fringe that trims a big, bald head. And he's just 32. I mock him about it constantly!" Rick said in a lighthearted tone.

My hands savored his hair as I grasped his longish locks with both and grasped shanks of his pure silk through eager fingers. Then I began brushing his coif to stimulate an even greater sheen.

"Praise it some more!" he instructed me.

"I've never seen more beautiful hair on any man. It's your crowning glory," I fawned breathlessly.

"Rick!" The shriek emanated from downstairs. "We're back!"

We both scampered down the stairs.

"We were half way to the ER when Geoff said his ankle stopped hurting. So I think the ice pack you made did the trick."

My shiny bald head caught her attention. "So," she smirked at her husband, "now it's your turn. Into the kitchen!"

Rick hung his head submissively and followed her in.

Janet cackled, "Sit! And be cooperative. Not a word or whine!"

She pulled the cape on and grabbed the clippers. "Frank, get a nice close-up of the first swipe of the clippers pealing this off at the scalp!" She grabbed the luxuriant forelock and yanked it up.

Rick's eyes welled up with tears as he felt the first fruits of his lovely hair being mercilessly clipped off at the scalp.

"Oh, don't be such a baby, Rick!" Janet cajoled. "Your sons are watching you. It's just a little haircut," she squealed gleefully as she continued turning his youthful mane into an old geezer MPB style.

The dark, shimmering hair littered the cape.

"Mr. Jenkins, after I finish clipping his bald, will you be so kind as to lather him up and scrape him clean?"

"Why, yes, Ma'am. I'd be happy to do that!" I said, hardly containing my excitement.

"I got a good shot of that tear streaming down his cheek," Frank squealed.

"I can't wait to post that on Facebook!" Janet clucked.

Geoff hobbled into the kitchen. "Oh, my!! Dad looks like a complete idiot. Ha, ha, Baldy!!"

Rick looked up at me, hoping for a bit of solace.

"I think he looks quite distinguished without hair. Very manly indeed. Are you ready for me to take you up to the bathroom and apply the lather, Rick?" I said brushing off a huge clump of hair that was perched on his caped shoulder. Then I quickly removed the cape and lightly rubbed his nibs.

"Finish him off, Mr. Jenkins!" Janet instructed.

I led him from the kitchen. The bathroom door closed behind us. I forced him to his knees. He complied submissively and obediently and did everything I told him to.

"Only Frank escaped the clippers today," Rick murmured.

"Poor fellow!" I replied.

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