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Take It All Off by drummer16

I was 18 and my car had recently needed some work done to it so it was in the shop. I had that surfer hair that you flip; it was in my eyes and getting abnormally long. I was suppose to get my car back soon so I thought I'd just get it cut when I could drive myself. However, it was one sunday evening when my Dad said, "Son, you really need a haircut and I'm going to get mine cut now, just come with me."
It wasn't as if I had much of a chocie so I went with him. He went to this old barber shop in town. We both went in together and it was practically dead. There was a single barber and not one customer. I began to tune out and listen to music as my dad went to get his normal haircut, short back and sides. Before I know it my Dad is tapping me telling me its my turn to get my haircut.
I walked up into the baber's chair, he seemed friendly. He wrapped the towel around my neck and asked, "What are we doing today?"
At this point I didn't take much note of my Dad standing next to Tom, but just as I was about to say I just wanted a trim my Dad spoke.
"You know what Tom? I'm tired of my son's long hair. He's 18 so its time he become a man. We're gonna take it all off."
My heart dropped. I was in disbelief, what did he mean take it all off? Mom, never really wanted my haircut that short.
"That sounds like a great plan to me, Anthony. What are we taking him
down to?" Tom said.
Without hesitation Dad said, "#2 on the back and sides, #3 on top."
"Isn't this his first short cut?" Tom asked.
"Yes, Mom never wanted my hair this short." I interjected.
"Greg, be quiet. You need this and your mother agrees, we're tired of this rag on your head." My Dad said firmly.
Tom spoke again, "I think we should take it shorter. He's going to need it shorter. I was thinking 0 on the back and sides, #1 on top?"
"I like the way you think, do that. I have to get some things done, if he protests take it down to nothing, straight razor shave and all." My dad said, and with that he left.
I was doomed. Tom turned the chair away from the mirror, pushed my head down, and told me to relax.
I jumped as he fired up the clippers. Wasting no time, he buzzed right through my long black hair. He finsihed the back and the moved to the each side pulling down my ears to make sure he got every last inch of my hair clippered down to stubble. The breeze was instant. There was still a lot of hair on the top of my head.
He switched the clippers to put a #1 guard on. Tom held my bangs back the buzzed right through everything on my head. I was practically bald!! There was clumps of my hair everywhere.
Just as Tom turned the chair around to show me his work, my dad walked in.
"Great work again Tom, I love the shorter suggestion. We'll be back every month to get this shaped up."

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