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The Magic-Part 1 by MarcustheBald16

I was looking forward to seeing my new cousins. My Mum and Dad had divorced and my Dad had just found a new girlfriend. She seemed nice enough and heard she had a son called Gerald. My hair was blonde and in a faux hawk.

From the second I saw my cousin I hated him. He had hair to his waist,brown and loose. He was also very snobby and disrespectful. I was 14 and he was 16,so there was a big age gap and he drank. I tried to do things with my brother but he was always out drinking,annoying me by calling me name or hitting me or in his room combing his hair.

A few days ago we were with my dad,his girlfriend and Gerald. In the middle of our visit to Starbucks my friend Samson came in.Samson had announced that he was shaving his head for Macmillan at 12.00. He had hair about as long as dads gf-about to his shoulders.I went out of Starbucks and said "Are you nervous bud" I asked him. "Not really,I know I will be helping people fight cancer and it will be cool to have a skinhead and 5 years of this" he said running his hands through his shoulder length,wine red hair. "I will be watching you" I replied. "Also I decided for every 100 past 500 I get,I will ask someone to have a headshaves too"He replied.

He left and I thought 'Should I volunteer,i mean I love my faux hawk,but this could be something new' "Only losers shave their head" said Gerald. My dad and his gf said I could watch if I wanted,but they needed to go home to sort out something.

After a boring day of shopping,my dad,his gf and her son went home and I went to Samson's shave, I donated 10 and watched the shave. There was one emotion that seemed to be in bot of us-happiness. It was amazed of how his hair went from thick red hair to stubble. It looked so refreshing,cool and confident bringing. He was hot enough with 3mm of hair on his head but out came the shaving cream. It was enjoyable to watch him being shaved clean. It looked as good as the clipper shave but he looked so much more relaxed when he did it

Soon he was finished. The audience clapped. Samson was a handsome boy before the shave,but the shave made him really look amazing.His blue eyes and his gleaming head was just beautiful. I went up and said congrats and he just like "This feels and looks amazing I'm keeping this haircut,I'm free and helped someone have a better life"

Then there was an announcement while Me,Samson and the pack were rubbing his head and saying congrats. He came on the stage and said "Everyone I would like to thank everyone for supporting me. I have been told our donations are 1200. This means 7 others will get my haircut. Everyone refused

This was my moment. I walked onto the stage and sat on the chair. He quickly got to work. 6 words to describe the clippers: cool,overwhelming,relaxing,awesome and a miracle. This haircut was for me. So awesome. I thought it took a long time to take my faux hawk down to a #1 but it only took 2 minutes. The breeze felt so cool on my head but it only lasted a second before some lather was poured onto my scalp and I felt relaxed and happy that this sensation was happening. In what seemed like ages but really 3 minutes my head was clear of hair. I marvelled at the splendour of it. "So,Marc how does the skinhead life feel" asked Samson "Amazing"I exclaimed and that was proven by the smile on my face. I raised nearly as much as Samson-1050. Everyone in my pack came up to massage my head. It felt like wonderful things were entering through magical touches of my friends. I loved it.

This made 12 people more confident and by 3:00 all of our pack heads were looking amazing as well a 3 other men. They also all said they enjoyed their new hairstyle. And again they experienced that magical rub.

On top of that we raised over 4000 to help a persons life. This just made it more we special knowing I was experiencing the magic of a shaved head whilst helping Magic happen to a persons cancer. Such a great afternoon.

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