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A Day with the Vets by Mike

I recently started renting an apartment from a Vietnam Vet and his wife.
His name is Jim and his wife is Mary. I took notice to Jims gray high and Tight crew cut. It always looked cut.
One day I commented on Jims crew cut, He told me he has a Buddie who cuts it for him, every week he and his buddies get together at Barber Mikes house for a game of cards and a hair cut.
Jim told me he is going today. I wear my hair in a short regular and always wanted to get a short Military cut but never had the balls to do it. I think I am looking for the right time and place. This could be it.
I asked Jim about Barber Mike, He told me Mike was a Barber in the Miltary and worked part time after he got out but now Mike just cuts his Kids and Buddies hair.He is getting to old to stand all day.He has an old Barber Shop chair set up in his basement.
As I was getting ready to say good bye to Jim , he ask "Do you play cards?" I don't but I thought this could be my in for the hair cut of a life time. By the looks of Jims crew cut this Barber likes to cut short and that is what I am looking for.
I told Jim I have played cards in the pasted but I am not that good at it. "We could teach you.I am going over to Mikes at 3pm today you should come, we need one more man for the game".
I did not have much to do so I said why not. 3pm came around fast and Jim and I headed over to Barber Mikes house.On the way we picked up one of Jims Buddies his name was Hank. Hank was about in his sixies the same age as Jim. Hank to had a high and tight crew cut only Hank has a very wide landing strip, horseshoe cut. That is just what I wanted to get.
Now on the way to Mikes house I am starting to get nervous.Here I am sitting in a car with two vets who have very tight Military hair cuts. I really want this to happen and I hope it goes just as I want.
I know first Mike is going to give Jim and Hank hair cuts and I want them to try and talk me in to getting one.I hope Mike is one of them old time barbers that feel all Men and boys should have short hair. It seems from hearing Jim and Hank talking that they think that way.
When we got to Mikes house, Mike told us to go down stairs.Mike came down with a black box and a deck of cards.Mike had his entire head shaved and looked like a no nonsense Barber.He also was in his sixies and had a very Militant look about him But then, I am with EX Marines.Jim introduceed me to Mike the Barber and said" if you ever need a good hair cut Mikes the man to see".
That was my in.Mike asked who was going to have a sit in his Barber chair. With that Jim ask Me if I wanted a hair cut.My stomach started doing flips and I did not know what to say.I wanted this so bad. Mike and hank looked at me and Mike said, "son would you Iike me to give you a hair cut".All I said was, Yes Sir.
With that Mike walked me over to his old fashion Barber chair, this chair had to be 70 years old." Take a set son". Jim and Hank sat down for what was going to be a show.
Here I was sitting in this basement in a Barber chair with 3 Ex Marines that feel all man should have a good, clean cut hair cut.
Mike draped the cape over me and pined it tight around my neck next he put his Barber jacket on and opened the black box.
Inside was all the things he needed to give me the cut of a life time.
"Have you ever had a Military hair cut, son". No Sir." would
you like me to give you a short Military cut". I started sweating and did not know what to say. I looked at Jim and Hank and all of then looked at me and started saying what kind of hair cut Mike should give me.All I could hear was give him an introduction cut, like you get in Boot Camp.
Mike asked " is that what you want".I like the cut Hank has. "You want a skin tight Horseshoe crew cut". Yes Sir. "Ok".
Mike turns the chair to face Jim and Hank who are sitting and going to watch Mike give me my first Military hair cut.
Mike stands to one side of the chair and tell me " keep your neck lose". Has he takes hold of the back of my head with his fingers holding my head very tight. He moves in close turns on the clippers with no guard, sets the clippers on the top of my head and runs them down the center pasted the crown.
I lost my breath.
Next he places the clippers above my temple and runs them across the side of my head, he repeats the same thing on the other side. Now I have a skin tight strip down the center of my head and going around the top of it.I could only imagine what I must look like.
Mike now starts shaving off all the hair on the sides of my head . As he hold my head with a firm grip, he works his way around to the back digging the clippers hard into my skin pulling the skin tight with his fingers. He had total control has he moved my head into position so he could move the clippers over my skull and shave off all the hair from the sides and back of my head.
I could sit for hours having this done, it was so relaxing , Having this man standing over me with a strong hand holding and controling my every move.
Mike now turns off the clippers and Lets go of my head I see all my hair all around me. Jim says to me "he is skining you like a grape and it looks great".Mike turns to him and says "He wanted a Horseshoe,thats what he is going to get".
Mike is back standing to my side and tells me " keep your head still and places the clippers with a # 1 guard at my forehead and runs them over the hair on the top of my head. All I am thinking is I must be tolaly bald.
Mike stops the clippers and I take my hand out from under the cape to feel my now shaved head.Hank says "you look like a true marine, son".
"I not down yet". Mike says. With that he take a can of shaving cream and starts rubbing it into my scalp. He covers my enter head with the cream.
"I am giving you a Mikes special", he tells me, "you are going to like this, Hank gets this all the time".He wipes his hands off with a towel his placed over my shoulder and starts to shave the sides and back of my head with a Mach 3 turbo razor.
Holding my forehead tight with his fingers all I could see was the palm of his hand in my view and feel him scraping the razor over my scalp. He would dip the razor in a bolw of water he had on the table after each stroke , Making my head driping with water.I could feel the water driping down my neck,this was such a feeling.After he shaved the back and sides he ran the razor right down the center of my head. That was the most incredible feeling I have ever felt.
At this point I was holding my balls very tight.
When he was done shaving me, He wiped my head down with the towel and rubbed Baby oil all over my head."Son, Now you look like a true Marine, Go find a women to rub you to sleep".
I could not stop rubbing my head and I think I am going to Make Mike, the Barber a weekly Habit.

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