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A Fiery Clipping by Joelsweet

Hope you guys like this one. I'm not really into sadism, but some of you might be. In any case, it's not extreme. Sorry about any spelling errors, they're unintentional ^^" I was thinking about writing a sequel to one of my works, which should it be? Anyway, tell me what you think, check out my other stories, make requests, and go to my website at Joelsweet.deviantart.com .
Ruvius awoke strapped to a horizontal, cold metal table. He tried to sit up, but his bindings were tied too tightly. Frustrated, he yelled as he viciously fought the vinyl strips securing him to the table. Ruvius lay there, breathing heavily, and tensed as he heard a door behind him open and someone walk in. A bright, fluorescent white light was flicked on. It was directly above the table. There were shadows surrounding the table, obscuring everything around it. Ruvius was stuck looking up at the painfully shining light, which hurt his eyes. He glared up at it, though, unbothered.
"What do you want?!” Ruvius spat angrily. "Haven't you taken enough from me already?!” Ruvius heard a creepy, echoing laugh.
"So you're the little freak who likes to hop between dimensions, right?” A bemused voice drawled.
"Yeah. So what?” Ruvius hissed through gritted teeth. "You got a problem with that?” Again, the chilling giggles filled the room.
"Mm.. It's not me with the problem, it's my boss.You see, Ruvius, he has become veeery fascinated with that device you've been using to jump around realities.”
"Well he's not getting it! And I'm not telling you where it is!” Ruvius growled.
"That's a shame. I'm going to get it either way, but I hoped you'd pick the path with less pain involved.”

Ruvius flailed again, trying to break the straps, but to no avail. He heard a click as a button was pressed and the angle of the table was elevated to 45 degrees instead of 180. Ruvius glowered into the darkness, trying to discern his enemy's position. Ruvius glanced down and saw that we was wearing a loose white nightgown. They must have put him in that after they caught him, because Ruvius would never own an article of clothing that was so drapey and flowy.

And his hair.. It was braided, and laying over his shoulder. Ruvius had his hair in a plait only before he went to bed at night. He kept the pumpkin-colored locks tied up under his cap most of the time.

Ruvius' boyfriend, Lial, was one of the few people that had seen its full length. His hair symbolized something important to him. When he had been fighting for his life on the streets as a young child, he had had to keep it short; there was no way to care for it. When Ruvius had been an orphan on the streets, he wished extensively to have long locks like the beautiful rich people he glimpsed riding by in carriages. It seemed like an impossible dream. He never thought that anybody would love him. But after Ruvius had been adopted at by a middle class family, there was enough money to properly take care of long hair. And so he it had been growing ever since. He had been adopted at the age of five, and had only trimmed his hair in the thirteen years since; never cut. Ruvius never let anybody except for himself and Lial trim it. He just didn't trust other people with his precious locks. He didn't even take it out of a bun in public, fearful of people trying to chop it off.

As a result of tender grooming, Ruvius' hair was shiny, healthy, and thick. It was naturally straight, and fell to his mid calves when it was down. Lial adored it almost as much as he adored Ruvius himself. After particularly tiring dimension jumps, Ruvius would sit down and Lial would gently comb and braid it. Lial would hold the end of the braid in his sleep, almost like a security blanket. Lial never minded the difficulties that came with looking after hair that long. It was all worth it in Lial's mind.

And so now Ruvius was lying there; his marigold hair in the almost sacred style that only his beloved was allowed to do. This enraged Ruvius even more. He was sure that extensive torture was coming his way soon. The truth was, he had left the dimension device with Lial. Ruvius was afraid of revealing this if he couldn't bear the torture. He'd given it to Lial for safekeeping
when he went out to the market, in a disguise that had apparently not been very effective. Ruvius had been striding down the street with a basket in his arm one minute, and the next thing he knew, he was waking up here.

Ruvius heard the sound of a weapon being drawn and froze. He allowed none of his inward terror to show on his face. A quick glint flashed within the shadows. Ruvius closed his eyes and relaxed. There was nothing that he could do to avoid his fate. He felt a cold blade against his cheek, and braced himself for the feel of it piercing his flesh. But the slice never came. The edge was softly dragged down the hollow of his cheek. Gradually, the pressure increased, and then Ruvius detected a sharp pang in the corner of his mouth. He felt blood slowly drip down his chin. The weapon was removed, and Ruvius opened his angry hazel eyes. Standing in front of him was a person with cold, detached expression. They had a hood covering their head and tattoos dotting their slender nose. Ruvius watched as they placed the knife at his wrist and dug the point into his skin.

"You willing to tell me where the dimensional device is now?” The mysterious and seemingly genderless person asked.
"Never,” Ruvius declared, raising his chin.
"I thought you might say that.” In a swift motion, the knife began gliding up Ruvius' arm, leaving a path of crimson in its wake. They gracefully curved the blade over Ruvius' shoulder and up the back of his neck, skipping over the strap. Pain stabbed over Ruvius. He looked down and saw streams of his own blood trailing down his arm. Ruvius looked at his torturer with firm eyes.

"I won't tell you where it is. You can go ahead and try to get me to, though,” he coolly and calmly stated. The person laughed.
"Oh, I will.” They lowered their hood to reveal a scarred, bald head. Ruvius heard a slam as their fist connected with his chest, knocking the air out of him. Again and again was Ruvius punched, and he heard cracking, which could only be his ribs. He groaned slightly, finding it hard to breathe. The punching stopped, and Ruvius slumped a bit. Agony shot through his body like a fire. Ruvius wanted to scream and cry, but he forced himself to be silent.

"Nothing? You can't go on like this forever, you know. There's only one way to make this stop,” Ruvius' torturer informed him in a cheerful voice.
"I already told you, there's no way you're getting it out of me.” Ruvius would NOT betray the person he loved.
"I didn't want to have to come to this,” the person said, in a tone that suggested otherwise. Ruvius felt a twinge of fear, but didn't show it on the outside. He remained stone-faced.
"What are you going to do?” Ruvius asked, in an unfazed voice. He would not allow any hint of insecurity or weakness to be conveyed.

From within a deep pocket of their robe, the torturer procured something that glinted softly and forebodingly in the light. At first, Ruvius didn't know what it was. He just stared in silence, examining the oblong object.
‘F***,' he thought, and groaned inwardly. In clutched in the person's hand were large, electric clippers. Physically painful torture? Ruvius could definitely handle that. But he wasn't so confident about handling this.

Ruvius averted his eyes, a gesture that the torturer caught.
"You don't like these, do you?” they asked, delighted. Ruvius didn't respond, and they reached out to grab his thick braid. Against his will, Ruvius winced slightly at the contact. To the untrained eye, it would have been unnoticeable. But the torturer saw this, and knew that they had struck a cord. "Are you scared?” they cheerfully teased. Ruvius' heart was beating wildly in terror.

"No,” Ruvius said, too quickly and anxiously.
"You ARE scared!” Gleefully, the torturer thrust the clippers near Ruvius' face and flicked them on in a menacing way. "It's not too late, you know.” Their hand snuck behind Ruvius' neck and grabbed his braid, sending chills through his body. The torturer yanked on the thick ginger rope, causing Ruvius' chin to slam to his chest, head bowed. The motion jolted his chest, making the pain from his ribs refreshed and sharp.

"I'll start slowly, and give you plenty of time to change your mind about telling me what I need to know, okay?” Ruvius could only softly moan in response to that question. He didn't want to end up bald, but he didn't want to betray his boyfriend. He only hoped that Lial would still want him afterwards. Ruvius caught a glimpse of slender hands run down his braid in front of him. "Such beautiful hair. It's almost a shame.”

Suddenly, Ruvius felt the vibrating teeth on the nape of his neck, causing his body to jolt involuntarily.
"Relax. It's just a much needed haircut.” In an exhilarating and horrifying swipe, the noisy clippers cut a stripe up to Ruvius' crown. "You see, I'll start with your nape, then the sides, and finally the top of your head.” They were holding the clippers in one hand and pulling Ruvius' braid to keep his chin down in the other. It was beginning to hurt Ruvius' sensitive neck. When the piece had been cut, it relieved some of the pressure on his scalp. He felt the soft, severed strands brushing against the back of his neck unsettlingly, because the cut pieces were still confined to the plait.

Ruvius felt like crying. There was no way that anyone would know that he was there, nevertheless come to rescue him. His five feet of hair would be shorn at the scalp until he was nearly bald. Because even though his hair meant so much to him, he would rather have his hair stolen than betray Lial. No, Ruvius wouldn't cry. He would remain calm and quiet on the outside, even if he was wailing and screaming internally. His torturer clipped another swath on either side of the first one, again up to the crown. Where incredibly lengthy and silky orange-yellow locks had once been attached, there was now faint, pumpkin-colored stubble.

The torturer rubbed their cold fingers over the bristles on Ruvius' nape roughly.
"If you ever got back to your boyfriend, he'd probably think that your freshly shaved neck was attractive.” The whole back of the ginger's head was clipped from ear to ear, reduced to that by powerful clippers. "You going to tell me where the device is now?” they asked. Ruvius shook his head no, fearing that if he spoke, he would burst into tears. As he shook his head, his chin rubbed against his chest. There was a giant lump in his throat, and his breathing was shaky. "Okay, but it's your choice.”

In a split second, the buzzing sound filled Ruvius' right ear. The vibrating clippers were brought up to around two inches above his temple. As the right side was stripped, the clipped long locks from the back began falling around Ruvius' cheeks, still bound in the braid. Next, it was the left side's turn. Gorgeous, pampered locks were being replaced with sandpapery hair short enough for Ruvius' white scalp to be in plain view. Ruvius was trembling in fear and hysteria. He couldn't believe how vulnerable and helpless he felt. Finally, the ruthless teeth were removed from his skin. Ruvius was left with a brutal, uneven undercut, with incredibly long hair still attached on the top of his head.
"One last chance. Tell me where the dimensional device is, or I will finish the job and leave you with a zero buzz on your whole head. It's not too late. An undercut looks sexy on you.” The torturer winked, making Ruvius shudder. "So? What's your answer?”
"No!” Ruvius yelled. "Never!”
"Have it your way.”

The torturer flipped Ruvius' braid to the back of his head and harshly pulled down, making Ruvius' chin to snap up so he was looking up at the brilliant light dangling from the ceiling. The plait was held tight, forcing him to be in that position as it pulled sharply at the top of his head. Ruvius gasped as the clippers were placed at his hairline. With a swift movement, they glided through his hair all the way through, leaving a stripe down the middle of his head, with two long bits on either side. Two more swipes, and the braid fell away from Ruvius' head, releasing all of the tension.

The torturer held up the gleaming plait, which glowed like autumn leaves in the sun under the light. Ruvius looked away. There was a horrible light feeling on his scalp, and he suddenly felt cold. The braid was then unceremoniously placed around Ruvius' neck like a fine scarf. The soft strands felt satiny against his skin; still warm. Ruvius' tormentor whipped the braid off of around his shoulders and dangled it right in front of his face. The thick, luxuriant cord was coming loose at the untied end, and so it was being held at that side to prevent it from becoming more undone.

Ruvius felt like that vulnerable, loveless little orphan boy he had once been. And it was awful. He had worked so hard to make his life better, and his extravagant locks had been a sign of that. And now… Those very locks were detached from his head and he was being teased with them. It hurt. It hurt much more than the cuts that were still dripping blood or his broken ribs that still ached almost unbearably. The torturer began gently brushing the tuft at the end of the tail over Ruvius' cheeks, going over his strange, long, diamond-shaped face in an almost gentle way.

Ruvius started to become aware of the fact that he was feeling quite faint. He guessed that it was from all of the blood loss. Even a really strong person can't lose too much blood, or they'll pass out or even die. Ruvius saw white spots begin to obscure his vision, and dizziness took over his system. Before he blacked out, he heard a loud banging noise and a familiar voice, and saw his beloved hair drop down to land on the gray cement.

What had happened was that Lial had busted into the room. He had followed a series of leads to find out where they had taken Ruvius. And now he was here to rescue him. Without a second thought, Lial shot the torturer in the chest. He looked over and saw his love tied up, deathly pale, and with his eyes closed. Lial gasped, eyes wide, when he saw the beautiful hair that he was so fond of discarded on the floor. He rushed over to Ruvius and examined his body, mortified to find huge cuts all over him. And his head… It looked as if Ruvius had an orange-yellow shadow on his scalp. Tenderly, Lial felt all of his bones to see if any were broken. When he determined that Ruvius' ribs were fractured, Lial carefully cut the straps binding him and took his love into his arms, embracing him softly. Lial picked up the braid and nestled it in his satchel.

Lial carefully picked Ruvius up bridal-style as tears began flowing down his cheeks. He took his shorn and broken angel out of that horrible place, shooting anyone that got in his way.

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