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The Deal with Dad by drummer16

My Dad had always despised my long hair. It wasn't extremely long, it was above the ears and off my collar. But there was still a lot of it. This year of highschool I decided to audition for the musical. To my fortune I got in! In our contracts it said we would need to dye our hair. I brought it up to my Dad one night at dinner.
"So for the musical I have to dye my
hair..." I started.
"You know I don't like that son."
"Dad this is important to me." I said standing my ground.
"I'll allow it, on one condition: you come get your haircut at the babershop I go to at the latest 2 weeks after the musical is over. Got it?" Dad told me.
I happily nodded.
I ended up dying my hair green in the front and black in the back. And the musical was a sucess. I forgot about the deal with my dad though. Exactly two weeks after, my Dad woke me up at 8am on a Saturday.
"Didn't forget about our deal did you?" He said smiling.
Well I had, but now I threw on some clothes and I was out the door.
Once we got to the baber shop, we were the only customers. My dad brought me right up to the babers chair.
As the baber was placing the sheet around my neck and caping me he turned to my dad, "What are we doing with his hair today? Its quite long."
"Yes it is. I want this dye out of my son's hair, and I've always wanted the chance to give him a good man's haircut. #2 on top and #1 on the sides."
Then the baber spoke: "I would suggest a #1 on top and a 0 on the sides. The shorter the better."
"Go ahead. I just dont want this look to come back for a while," my dad said with a laugh.
The barber turned me away from
the mirror and clicked the clippers on. He pushed my head down and shoved the clippers up to the crown of my head. My colored hair rained on to the cape. I began to feel a breeze on the back of my head as the baber continues to work. Crap, this was short.
My Dad walked over while the barber was working. "It's all comming off son," he said gleefully.
The barber stopped, changed the clipper guard and picked my head up. He lifted my bangs and instantly they were cleared right off my head. Once the barbered had buzzed the whole top he turned me around to show me in the mirror. It looked awful! I did not like short hair.
My Dad walked over. "What do you think boss?" The barber asked.
My Dad grinned, "Great work! But I really like that 0 guard on the sides, can you cut the top to a 0 too?"
"Sure, thing!" He said.
"Dad! Thats too short!" I said.
He turned to me, "It doesn't matter I'm your father, and from now on you're getting this cut every month at most if not more. And if I hear one word of complaint, I'll have him shave you bald, right down to the skin. Got it?"
"Yes," I said.
With that the barber fired up his clippers, except this time he didn't turn me away from the mirror. I sadly watched as the small bit of hair left was cleaned right off my head.

When we got home my mom said that it was a great improvement. My Dad responded, "I think as long as he's under this roof this will be his new style, don't you agree?"

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