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After Graduation Buzz by drummer16

This summer was hot. I had long surfer hair that I had been to lazy to cut lately and I was sick of it. Every weekend I had to travel so my hair would be sweaty and greasy. It was gross. I was afraid of what my friends would think if I buzzed it all off so I waited until after gradution.
I turned to my Dad the next morning and said, "Just so you know I'm getting my head buzzed. Just a heads up."
He was shocked. "Are you sure?"
"Yup. I want short hair and I don't want to have to fuss with it at all. So off it goes." I said.
I drove down to the local barber shop which I had never set foot in. And an older barber smiled at me and brought me to his chair.
"What can I do for you today?" He asked.
Excitdely I said, "I want it
all buzzed off. #3 on top, #2 on the sides."
He smiles, "Sure thing, bud. This will be a good changed."
Without further warning he pushed my head down and plunged the clippers through my head. Nothing has ever felt so good! With every pass I got more excited to see what I would look like, but the barbered had me turned away from the mirror.
"Time for the last chunck!" The barber said excitely. I was ready for this transformation. He lifted my bangs then buzzed right through all my thick black hair. There was so much piled on the cape!
When the barber turned me around I had the biggest smile on my face, the
mess on my head was just soft fuzz now. I happily paid the barber and I kept this cut the whole summer!

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