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We're Chopping It All Off by drummer16

My stepmom had been living with use for about a month and I was just about to start high school. I had shoulder length hair and it was a pride of mine. My father had been really busy lately and it was right before the start of my freshman year of highschool. Every year before school my Dad would make the barber take it to above my ears and then I would grow it back out again. It was all scissor cut and never really that short. This time was different my Dad was really busy so he had my stepmom drive me.
She parked and walked me into the baber shop. It was late in the evening and no one was there.
"What are we doing today?" The barber asked as he guided me to his chair. I couldn't help but notice my stepmom follow.
"We're chopping it all off. #4 all around," She said.
Thats when I tried to run to the door. Maybe if I got home my Dad would just take me a little later. But I wasn't fast enough, with a grip of steal she grabbed me and placed me in the chair.
"Now you listen, Zack," she began, "This hair of yours is no good for a young man and since your dad won't do anything I will. Because you tried to run I'm changing the cut to a #1 all around. So if I were you I wouldn't try anything or you don't know what the cut could change to," she said to me.
I was doomed. The barber place the paper around my neck and the cape came next. Nervously I wait.
He picked up the clippers and started plunging them over the top of my
head. All my hair came falling off. And in the path of the clippers was just stubble. The barber slowly worked his way around my head, he was enjoying it! There was sadness written all over my face. This women was having all of my hair buzzed, I hated short hair. Thats when the barber turned to my stepmom and said, "The one guard across his head isn't looking good, it will look better if we take the back and sides to a 0. Is that ok?"
All I could think: Jesus, isn't the one short enough?
She smiled, "Sounds like a good plan to me."
Instantly, he took the guard off the clippers and pushed my head down again. The little hair that was left, was now stubble. When he was finished I didn't even recongize myself.
When we got home my Dad was shocked and I was waiting for him to yell at her.
My stepmom spoke, "He's going into high school, I thought it was time he loose the girly haircut."
My Dad then said, "I'm surprised, but he's never looked better!"
Now I was shocked. IT LOOKS AWFUL!
"I don't think he should grow it out this year, strict close haircuts will do him well," she said.
"I agree," my dad said.
"Dad!" I yelled.
"Son, that hair of yours had to go and I've wanted your hair buzzed for years but I just never had the courage to make you get it. Now that you have it, it shouldn't be grown out again." My Dad told me.
I was in awe.
"I'll take him back in two weeks to make sure it stays tidy. Over the holidays, I was thinking a clean shave all over for him?" She asked my Dad.
This is what got me, he responded with, "I'd love that for him!"

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