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Layn flopped by me

Layn was sick of being in the South direction band. He knew that he had the most talent and was the best looking guy in the band; most of their fans agreed. All the girls got wet just seeing how cute he looks. His eyes didn't have a normal brown color but it has a gorgeous copper color, his eyelashes were so long, his face was masculine with a defined jaw line, his light stubble on his face, and his skin was perfectly tan not too dark but not pasty like the rest of his band members. However the best feature he had was his hair. His hair was so perfect and dense. His hairline was to die for he didn't have a widow's peak like some sad men. Any way Layn got pretty cocky with himself because he was the best looking band member and the most talented one to. He asked himself, "why would I want to share the money with these losers when I could have an amazing solo career?"The next day Layn quit the band and decided to go solo.

Layn had to find a new manager to get him the best gigs and the chance to let him start on his first solo album. Layn went to the internet and found out a guy who owned Inter scope the best record label there is in America! Layn quickly made an appointment to see the record owner so Layn can have a great start on his solo career. Layn wanted to look his best when he meet the owner so he put pomade on his thick black hair and slicked his hair back with one lock of hair dangling over his forehead. Layn knew he looked amazing. Layn finally meet the owner of Inter scope a really overweight bald man named Mike. Mike roared with his deep voice, "Layn I'm so glad to finally meet you!" Mike and Layn discussed business and Mike agreed to let Layn be in the record label.

Mike spent millions of dollars on Layn to get the best producers on Layn's songs, release the album, and get Layn the best gigs. Layn's lead single "Bed Talk" quickly reached number one including the album. Mike smiled from ear to ear, "I knew I could invest on you buddy!" However things quickly turned for the worst when Layn's next single "Like a Mexican" flopped and the album dropped off the Billboard charts! Layn mumbled to himself "How could this be?" In the middle of the night Layn's phone rang, it was Mike he told Layn to meet him at his office immediately or else. Layn stepped inside Mike's office the only light was the moon and a dim lamp.
Mike growled at Layn, "I invested in you. I put millions of dollars on you and my reputation and you flopped!"

Layn mumbled "I'm sorry how can I make this up?"

Mike replied, "Easy just give me the 400 million dollars you owe me and we'll go our separate ways."
Layn stammered "400 million dollars?? I don't have that kind of money!"
Mike locked the office door and said, "I can't let you out until we're even. You humiliated me and my reputation now it's time you get a good taste of karma."

Mike pulled out his hand gun and pulled a chair out he told Layn to sit. Layn's eyes grew and stammered, "What? Dude chill.."

Mike yelled "SIT or I'll blow your brains out!"

Layn put his hands up and obediently sat down on the chair.

Mike muttered, "good boy."

Mike got out a pair of scissors and Layn screamed, "What are you doing!!"
Mike angrily yelled "If you move I'll gouge your pretty eyes out!"

Layn trembled and started to sweat as he was getting very nervous about what's going on. Mike didn't care he grabbed that pretty black lock that hung over Layn's forehead and cut it off extremely close to the scalp. Mike kept viciously grabbing handfuls of Layn's soft black hair and chopped it all off. Each handful of hair Mike cut off he slammed it on Layn's face.

Layn sat helplessly on the chair crying all his hair was savagely cut down to the scalp. His once beautiful hair is now uneven, shorn, and showing bare skin. Mike laughed and told Layn,"You look like a crack whore with that s**tty haircut." Layn didn't dare look up.

Layn's ordeal was far from over he saw Mike take out a pair of old clippers that were greasy, it had a brown stain on it with curly hair on it. Mike laughed, "Thats the pair of clippers I use to shave my pubes and my asshole I cant remember when was the last time I ever cleaned these... Do you want to know what that brown stain is on the clippers?" Layn gagged and cried even more while Mike just giggled, "I'll leave that up to your imagination!" Mike put the greasy dirty clippers on Layn's head and ran them down his forehead. Layn moaned in pain while Mike was laughing as he aggressively ran the clippers on Layns head. After shaving Layn's uneven short hair down to stubble Mike laughed as he saw his dirty clippers clean with all the grease, s**t, and pubes wiped off after shaving Layn's head. Mike sniffed Layn's head and whispered, "you smell like the s**tty hair on my ass." Layn sat in silent there were no tears left for him to cry just like there is no beautiful black hair on his head just a bit of stubble.

Mike continued to laugh at Layn while rubbing his head shouting, "Where's your silky black hair am I rubbing on sandpaper!" Mike wasn't done with the taunting as he slapped Layn's head shouting the lyrics of "Bed Talk". Layn closed his eyes thinking in somber about how he wasn't as sad about his hair as he was sad about his dignity being taken away but the night was not over yet.

Mike went over to his desk and got a razor but shouted "Damn it where's the shaving cream! I guess I'll just have to improvise..." Mike giggled as he went over to Layn. What Mike did next was so disgusting and unimaginable...

Mike told Layn "Even though you look cute with only stubble on your white head I think you'd look even better smooth. But oh dear I don't have shaving cream and I don't want to give you razor burns so well just have to use something else to shave you down." Before Layn could even process what Mike was saying he felt something warm and gooey on his head. Mike was spitting all over Layn's head! Mike made revolting sounds while spitting all over Layn's shorn head almost like he was spitting loogies. Layn's perfectly shaped head was covered in saliva it was even dripping down on his face. Mike continued to shave Layn's head smooth until he was finished. Layn looked at the floor; it was covered with the amazing dense hair he once had on his head.

Layn finnally managed to mumble, "Please let me go I've learned my lesson"
Mike stared at Layn "Damn you look cute with that bald white head and your tan skin
Mike went over to Layn and slapped him so hard across the face Layn fell off the chair then Mike unlocked the door and told Layne "Get out you sexy flop." Layn quickly ran away crying; he never told the police because he was too embarrassed.

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