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Short Back and Sides by John Grant

I expect that some will say I deserved the punishment but at the time it was so harsh and I felt so unfair.
I had been stealing money from my Grandmother and I was caught with my hand in her bag no way I could lie my way out of it.
My Mother and Grandmother had been aware that money was going missing and had been watching.
I was 15 years old I thought I was fire proof.
My Mother wasted no time my jeans came down and over her knee I went.
She taught me a lesson there and then I had no idea she was that strong and could smack that hard.
I didn't cry I thought well I'm a bit sore
But when she let me up she informed me that my punishment was not over.
I was going for a Short Back and Sides.
I said like NO WAY!!!
But she dragged me to the local Barbers it was half full and she just announces to everyone in the shop I am a thief and she wants me to have the shortest school boys haircut possible.When they here I stole of my Gran the guy in the chair gets up and I am in it.
Now my hair is ME its over my collar I have a super long quif and sideburns I look cool just so cool.
The Barber capes me brush's my hair forward and just cuts the quif OFF.I am in shock then I here the clippers I try to get up but I am scared my Mother is so angry.
The clippers go right up the back of my head I cant see but I know its so so bad then he clips the sides I see now and the tears are running down my face.
I am ruined I will be made a laughing stock at school I just sit there as he clips the top of my head and gives me a short fringe.Then the shaving cream goes on and he gives me a razor finish.
I have no hair at the back and sides just skin and just a bit on the top I have a 8yr old school boys cut.
I get out of the chair but the men are still not satisfied they tell my Mother to go and they will have a word with me.
I know what they are going to do and I beg my Mother not to leave me but she just says she is so ashamed and goes.
I got the belt [Yea they took my jeans down and my pants]I have never cried so much in my life it hurt so much.
OK I did deserve to be punished but the haircut was just not fair and the kids at school found out about my spanking so I was just humiliated.
Never forget

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