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Split Second Decision Part One by Joelsweet

Adam looked into the mirror as he pulled a brush through his wavy waist-length hair gently. He saw a split end, pulled scissors out of a drawer, and carefully snipped it off. He cut a few more, and then examined his hair carefully under the light. He didn’t see any more splits. Adam looked up to meet his own dark brown eyes in the mirror and gently set down the scissors. He ran a hand through the front of his hair. Adam’s heart began beating faster in his chest as an idea was planted in his mind.

What would he look like with bangs? Straight, blunt-cut ones right across his forehead. Adam had never contemplated doing something like that before, but… He imagined those scissors chopping through a much more substantial amount of hair than they had done previously, and the thought excited him greatly. He took a deep breath, picked up the shears, and bit his lip. With his other hand, he grabbed a comb off of the gray counter. He combed forward the front section of his hair, obscuring his vision. Rather foolishly, he closed his eyes as he opened the blades.

Snip. A loud slicing sound filled the room as Adam made the first cut, right above his eyebrow. He winced through his exhilaration and blindly cut all the way across his face in a jagged line. Swishing was heard as He opened his eyes and gasped, a deep pounding in his chest and adrenaline rushing through his system. Regret began to settle in his stomach as he stared at the damage that he had created in the mirror. His reflection looked nervous and excited, his cheeks slightly flushed.

The only thing left to do was try and straighten out those bangs, right? So Adam positioned the shears an inch over where his new bangs came to an abrupt, blunt edge. His hands were shaking in anticipation and pressure, and he made the line uneven again. Panic began to rise in Adam’s chest, and he snipped of another two inches of hair hair to try and even it. Too late, he realized that the the front of his hair was now cut right against his scalp. He looked down. Long locks and short tufts of praline-hued hair was covering the floor, resting on the counter, and stuck to his navy blue button up shirt. Adam gently brushed the soft strands off of his clothing and took in a deep, unsteady breath.

Adam set the scissors down on the counter and reached up to feel the shortened section. It was very obvious, and he could see no way to fix it; not that he would trust himself enough to try anything else anyways. He felt tears well up in his eyes and rapidly blinked them away. He’d really screwed up. Adam gulped. He could only come up with one solution, and he didn’t like it one bit. He walked to the front of his apartment and put on his sandals before tying his hair in a loose bun and pulling on a beanie, careful to cover the bristly front section that was evidence of his failed experiment. He opened the door and stepped out into the sun, apprehensive about where he was going.

(If anyone likes this, I'll write a continuation.)

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