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How I Got My Short Buzz by drummer16

It was my first semester of college and my hair had gotten pretty long. It didn't really look good any more and my normal stylist was far away in another state. I wasn't really sure if I should even keep my style, but I was also on a tight budget.
I walked into town a couple of times and each time I ended up watching this old barbershop, with this barber that seemed to be in his 60s. And each time I went someone's long hair was getting shorn off, extra tight.
Finally one day I had the courage to walk in. It was the cheapest shop in town and a shorter haircut wouldn't be awful for me. I said in the waiting chair as today there was only on barber. After he finished up with his customer, he motioned for me to sit in the chair.
"I'm Bill, the owner of the shop. I've seen you standing outside for a couple weeks now. We'll fix you up," he said to me as he tied the tissue around my neck and drape the pinstripe cape over me.
I was waiting for him to ask me what I wanted and I was worried i was going to chicken out and say only a trim.
Suddenly, he picked up the clippers and flicked them on. He paused right at my forehead and said, "I assume you want it buzzed short."
"How did you know?" I asked. I barely even knew it myself till the clippers were right there.
"You've been watching for a while and you always watch the buzzcuts. It'll look good."
And with that he plunged the clippers with the #4 guard down the middle of my head. With every pass more hair came raining of the top of my
head until there was only a half an inch left on the top.
Bill then changed the guard to a #2 and the placed that on my right side. It was only a few passes before I could see my ears. Firmly he placed his hand on my head to push it down as the clippers went straight up the back demolishing anything in its path. He finally did the left side and then I looked up. The buzz was a little rough because nothing was blended, but it felt so good.
"Does the top look a little long to you?" Bill asked. I ran my fingers through the top and it did feel a little long.
"Yes, it does."
"So you have two options I can take another 1/8 of an inch off the tope nad bring it down to a #3 or you can bring it down to #2 on the top and I'll buzz the sides down to a #1." Bill offered.
I felt the sides and they felt nice.
"Can you buzz one strip of a #3 so I can feel it and see it then decide?"
With that he put the #3 guard on and went straight down the middle. I felt it and it was still too long.
"Buzz the sides to a #1 and the top
to #2." I said. And the shearing began again. He quickly took the top down nice and short and then ran the #1 all over the back. My hair was stubble! After he finished blending everything it looked perfect. My transformation was complete and I never looked back after that.

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