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Halloween Hair Dare by Tim (recovered)

Halloween Hair Dare
by Tim

Deborah Cox was brought up in an old fashioned household with traditional values and expectations. In her home, women looked like women, and all had long hair. Her own dark mane was full and healthy and reached just past her waist. The men all had short hair, cut regularly. It was a look she had grown to like, even love. Short hair made men look like men.

So it was strange her total adoration for her boyfriend, Ross Mitchell, in spite of the fact he had long dark hair that reached well past his shoulders and was even thicker than her own. She couldn't help but feel he would look even better with a nice short haircut.

Several times she had mentioned it to him, but always he had politely thanked her for expressing her opinion, and let it go at that. The fact he didn't come right out and tell her "no" kept the thought alive in Debbie's mind though, and now another opportunity was presenting itself for her to broach the haircut topic: Halloween.

The local nightclub they frequented was having a costume contest, with $1,000 going to the winners and $500 to second place. Since everyone knew them there Debbie figured if they could go looking radically different they would have a good shot at the prize money.

She voiced this thought to Ross. "So what did you have in mind?" "You go as a soldier and I could be your girlfriend. We could pick all kinds of time periods depending on what war we utilize.

That would help dictate my costume." "And what would I be wearing?" Ross asked cautiously.

"A friend of mine at the theatre said she'd make sure to hold any uniform we wanted to borrow, and they have officer uniforms from every time period." "Even if you put me in a uniform, I don't look much like a military man," Ross said as he intentionally let his hair fall down in front of his shoulders and partially hide his face.

" Debbie was noticeably quieter on this one. "It would require you to get your hair cut pretty short." Now the cat was out of the bag. It was another scheme of hers to get him to cut his hair.

He hoped this thought would go away but it was clear he would have to address it sooner or later. But then a wild idea hit Ross. He decided he would lead her on a bit and then make her be the one who says "No" to his haircut.

"And what kind of haircut would I be getting?" Deborah perked up at this. Maybe there was a chance. She went and brought out some books and magazines and laid them on the table in front of them. Obviously she had been planning this for some time. She opened one to a recruiting add for the marines. "I was hoping you would get a 'High and Tight' like this picture here." Ross was stunned when he saw the picture. When she said short she wasn't kidding! The man in the picture was basically bald on the sides and had only long stubble on top. It would take years for Ross to grow his hair back.

There was no way he would ever agree to this, but still he led his girlfriend on. "OK, so a haircut like that looks like a more recent war. I don't remember seeing that look in World War 1 or 2 movies, so let's say I'm a Korean War or Vietnam soldier. What are you going to wear?" Debbie was all excited now. It seemed her plan to get Ross to cut his hair might work.

She quickly opened her books to period costumes from the 40's, 50's and 60's. She was well prepared for the question and had many different pictures ready. "I think since you got to pick my look, that I get to pick your look," Ross chimed in. That seemed fair to Debbie.

"OK, it's a deal." As he started flipping through the pictures she smiled trying to picture him with the masculine short haircut.

She couldn't wait to have him in bed and run her hands across the smooth scalp.

Ross worked out regularly and had a great body. With less hair his strong neck and shoulders would be even more prominent. It was going to be great! He stopped looking and pointed to a picture, snapping her out of her daydream. "I found the look I want to see you in." She smiled as she looked at the picture.

The girl was wearing a very daring, low cut dress best fit for Marilyn Monroe.

Debbie had a fine figure but never flaunted it like this. Still, that would be fun for an evening. The woman's hair was an elaborate and huge bouffant style from the 60's. Little did she know but that hairstyle was Ross' trump card.

"Wow, you want me to look like this. OK! I'm sure the theatre has a costume like this or I'll get one made, and I should be able to order a wig in time." Ross shook his head, stopping his wife in mid-thought.

"If I have to cut my hair off, then you have to at least get your own hair put up into that style without a wig or hairpieces. It's only fair. I mean I could get a wig too. They use them all the time on television shows like Saturday Night Live." Indeed it was only fair, and Ross knew his wife would never agree, thus getting him off the hook.

She took great pride in her hair, and even if her hair could be put into such a style, which he didn't think it could, the torture it would have to endure would be more than enough to make her back out. She didn't even own a simple curling iron, fearful of the damage it could do. Ross relaxed smug in the knowledge that he had ended this short haircut idea again. Debbie was speechless.

She looked at the photo long and hard. First off, she was sure the girl was wearing a wig and didn't know if the style was even possible with someone's real hair, much less her own. If it was the amount of teasing and torture would be awful. "Do you realize how much damage this would do to my hair?" "Do you realize I'll be bald? Your's is nothing compared to what I have to go through.

" In all honesty it was minimal compared to what he was being asked to do, and Debbie knew she had no room to complain. She badly wanted to see Ross in that High and Tight. "Let me talk to my hairdresser tomorrow before I give you an answer." This stunned Ross, as he was fully expecting her to totally dismiss the idea. He was slightly concerned now. What if she agreed? But she wouldn't, couldn't! Her hairdresser would surely tell her it was impossible. "Well, just let me know what you decide soon, so we can make alternate plans when.

if you choose not to." The next day Deborah stopped by her usual salon and talked with her stylist, Brittany, showing her the picture. 'Britt' had been her stylist since she was a teenager and was old enough to remember those huge styles, so that worked in her favor. "Do you think you could put someone's hair up like this?" "Oh girl, this style was done with the aid of hairpieces." "Could it be copied without using hairpieces?" She studied it for a while.

"Probably, but the amount of teasing and spraying would be insane." Debbie had already decided she would willingly subject her hair to a day's torture if it meant seeing Ross in that military cut. She was a little excited now. "So you could get my hair into that style if I wanted?" Britt looked at her incredulously. "It's for a Halloween costume contest." Britt winced at the notion. "You want this done to YOUR hair? Oh dear! Quite honestly, it won't work.

Your hair is much too long. It would have to be a good deal shorter to even have a chance." This was something Debbie was not prepared for. Still she was willing to entertain a slight trim if it meant Ross keeping his side of the bargain. "How much would you have to cut off?" Britt had Debbie stand in front of a mirror, took down her makeshift bun and pulled all her hair behind her so it was hanging down her back.

She studied it for a while, again looking at the photo. "The longest I could possibly keep it would be to here. Even that length will be a stretch." With that she placed her hand like a karate chop against Debbie's hair. Debbie looked in the mirror in total dismay. Britt's hand was touching her bra-strap halfway down her back. She would have to cut off at least a foot of hair! It would take at least three years to grow back! "There's no way to keep it longer?" "I'm really pushing my luck at that length.

Actually, I'll probably have to go shorter, possibly much shorter. Most styles like this were done with shoulder length hair. There is a good chance I'd have to go that short with yours." Debbie touched her hair in alarm and replied dejectedly. " I don't think I can do that. But if I change my mind I'll let you know and we'll reserve a time." She left the shop and sadly strolled the strip mall to her car.

She sat down and stared forward, right into the window of a barber shop. She had totally forgotten there was a barber shop in this series of stores. Both chairs were busy, and in one of the chairs one man was having his hair cut very short, while in the other the barber was working on the back so she couldn't tell what cut he was getting done. She sat in her car, watching the scene, totally mesmerized.

It turned out both men were getting short cuts, and though she wasn't attracted to them she was becoming very aroused just watching. She started imagining Ross on the chair, and seeing him with the short cut. She touched her own hair, running her hand down it's length. The desire in her was overwhelming. She quickly got out of the car and went back into the salon.

Britt was very surprised to see her so soon and more surprised that the appointment was made. She asked Debbie to leave the picture with her so she could be as studied up as possible on how to duplicate the style. Debbie confidently left the shop and walked into the Barber shop. All activity ceased as she did, the men all surprised that the beautiful long-haired woman would walk in the shop. "Can I schedule an appointment at this shop?" The elder barber spoke up. "Yes we do mam, but we don't cut ladies hair here, unless you want it short like Jim here.

" He pointed to the man in his chair. "It's not for me, but for my boyfriend." "Sure, just call us up and we'll fix him right up." Debbie left with a smile, confident they would do just that. She noted the name of the shop, 'Uptown Barber Shop' and the phone number on a piece of paper. She rushed home to tell Ross the news.

When they got together that evening, Ross feigned a casual attitude. "So how did your talk with your hairdresser go?" "She can't put my hair in that style unless she cuts a lot of the length off, maybe even up to my shoulders." Ross was sure he was safe now.

He certainly didn't want her to cut any hair off. He was looking forward to the day it would be down to her knees, and was doubly sure she would never agree to such an undertaking either. "I guess we'll have to think of something else for the holiday. How about a rock and roll star and his groupie? We could wear some of those..

." "I made an appointment for the afternoon before the contest. The barber in the same strip mall also takes appointments." Ross was floored. She couldn't be serious! She would cut half, or more, of her beautiful hair off just to get him to cut his. "You're joking aren't you? You're going to cut your hair, and tease it and all?" "I'm losing about the same amount as you are.

I don't want to but I'll do it.

Of course I could still just get a wig if you want." Ross saw a glimmer of hope.

Maybe she would back out after all. He decided he'd schedule his appointment about an hour after hers. That way she would have time to chicken out before he ever had to step foot in a barber shop, and he was sure she would. "No, I'm actually kind of anxious to see you in that style" he lied. Inside he was screaming at the idea of her cutting her hair. This dare would obviously be played out to the end. Over the next month the two reserved their costumes and were ready for the big day.

Ross made a point of being more complimentary of her hair than usual, trying to induce an even bigger fear of cutting it. He constantly stroked it and brushed it for her. She was on to his plan but ignored it. She had checked in with Brittany about her styling session, and the stylist said she'd talked around and got some helpful advice. It still meant cutting off a foot of hair, but she was now sure she could do the style, and fairly certain she wouldn't have to go any shorter.

"If I tease it heavy enough that should allow me to keep that length. It will end up being a mess I'm afraid, and take a lot of time to untangle. If you want me to cut it to your shoulders than the whole style will really be very easy." Debbie didn't like that news but appreciated the fact Britt didn't pull any punches.

She thanked Britt and said that the middle of her back was quite short enough. Undoing tangles for hours was still better than seeing her hair cut to her shoulders. She confirmed the appointment and walked out slightly shaken. On the way Debbie lingered outside the barber shop again in her car, anxious for the big day to come. With each short haircut delivered by the barbers her enthusiasm grew.

Finally she was so aroused she had to leave for home or embarrass herself. That evening she insisted Ross make his appointment with the shop, which he did the next day. His 2 pm cut was one hour after her 1 pm session with Brittany. He figured he would watch his girlfriend that first hour, see her chicken out, and both go home.

What was scaring him was her will seemed to be getting stronger as the day got closer He wondered if he could go through with his half of the bargain if she did. Finally the Saturday of the contest came Ross couldn't sleep that night, dismayed that his plan hadn't worked, and in no mood to be bald He took Debbie out to lunch, hoping she would back down.

She was chipper and confident. He was dieing to call the whole thing off, but still sure she wouldn't go through with it. She handed him the torn out picture of the soldier with the High and Tight. "To show to the barber," she smiled. Ross had trouble finishing his meal. The only parking space was in front of the barber shop.

Ross was feeling ill. As they got out of the car both barbers recognized Debbie and thus figured it was the long- haired Ross who was the 2 pm appointment. "He's your 2 pm isn't he?" said Brito. "I figure as much," replied Dean, the senior barber. "You're going to have fun with that one. You wouldn't give him to me would you?" "Not a chance." The couple walked into the 'Hair Expressions' salon. They were a bit early and Britt was still finishing up a client. By now Ross was panicked and pale. "Debbie, we don't have to do this. We can cancel these appointments and go hunt down some other costume for tonight with the money we save.

" "Believe it or not I'm looking forward to tonight." She was too, at least the part that involved him with short hair. It was the next several hours in the salon she was totally dreading. "OK, Debbie, I'm ready for you," rang out Britt. "Here we go," she smiled at Ross. Inside she was trembling about what was going to happen to her, but her anticipation of his cut more than made up for it.

She squeezed his hand and followed Britt to get her hair washed. Ross allowed his hands to run through her hair one last time as she did. At least he was hoping it wasn't the last time, but his gut was now telling him it was. Fifteen minutes later Debbie sat in the chair, robe around her, with her clean, wet hair combed straight and smooth down her back. Britt picked up her scissors and asked the question she always did before taking off a good amount of length.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" "Show me one more time how much you're going to take off." Britt turned the chair and once again placed her hand against Debbie's hair at the brastrap.

It was even more than a foot now that her hair was wet and thus hung down a bit further.

Debbie bit her lip hard. It was crunch time now, last play of the game, put up or shut up. Ross was on the edge of his seat praying, for both of their sakes, that she would back down. Debbie swallowed hard, closed her eyes tight, and with a soft, trembling voice said, "Go ahead.

" With the first snip of the scissors a long section of hair dropped to the floor. There was no turning back now, and Ross' spirits fell as he watched Britt continue from right to left.

With each cut he felt another nail in his coffin. He would never be able to back down now without losing this wonderful girl forever. He never meant it to come to this and could punch himself for coming up with this silly plan in the first place. He looked at his watch. In 40 minutes it would be his turn.

His own hair would have to come off. Britt turned Debbie so she could see the result of her cut. "Oh my God it's so short!" she shrieked. She shook her head and looked sorrowfully at the short strands that fell a bit forward of her shoulder. Ross thought he saw tears in her eyes. It would take her some time to get used to having only half as much hair.

At least she still had half, Ross thought, because soon he would have basically none. He looked at the picture of the High and Tight. His heart started beating faster and he could feel himself sweating all over. Twenty minutes later Debbie's hair was all rolled in curlers ready for a prolonged sit under a hairdryer. Since Ross had never seen her even in curls this was quite a sight and it momentarily took his mind off his own fate. As she got comfortable under the dryer Debbie smiled at him and pointed at her watch.

"You better get going, it's your turn." "I still have 20 minutes, and the shop is just next door." The noise of the dryer made chatting difficult, so Debbie started reading a magazine and Ross tried to but couldn't. He leaned back against the wall enjoying the feel of his hair against his shoulders. He must have dozed off a bit because then Debbie's voice woke him up.

"Time for you to go get a haircut! You've got five minutes." "Are you sure you want me to do this?" He played his last card, one of desperation and hope. "Absolutely, and I expect it to look just like the picture." Ross weakly stepped out of the shop towards his doomsday appointment with the barber. He couldn't remember the last time he had been in a barber shop. He must have been a little child.

The shop was small but efficient and very noisy. The blare of the clippers sent a chill through his veins. The photo of the marine in his hand was damp from his sweat as he walked through the doors and took a seat. All eyes fell on this man with hair over his shoulders. Dean spoke up. "Would you be Ross?" "Yes, I am." "I'm Dean. I'll be with you in just a bit." Inside Dean was eagerly looking forward to this appointment.

"Take your time.

No hurry." Ross watched Dean finish the middle-aged man on his chair. He was cutting the man's bangs, and he was surprised to see them intentionally cut at a sharp angle. Then Dean put a sizable amount of Brylcreem on his hair and massaged it in. Ross didn't know they even made that foul product any more. Dean parted it hard on the side and combed it over so it laid flat across the top of his head. The finished cut, very short around the ears and in back, now slicked down on top, looked better suited for a 1940's movie than today.

He didn't realize anyone still wanted such a haircut. But the patron looked pleased as he gazed at the finished look in the mirror. Perhaps this was a Halloween haircut too. The man on the other chair, a much older man, was getting his grey hair trimmed into a similar style. The scary thing was both of these men would leave this shop with far more hair than Ross would. Ross trembled as he looked at the marine picture again, and unconsciously started playing with his hair.

Then Ross looked at the other customers waiting in the shop. He would swear they were staring at him and whispering. They all had fairly short hair already and certainly didn't look like they needed a cut. In only minutes Ross found himself being beckoned to the awaiting chair. The barber was smiling a little too broadly for his liking. He sat down reluctantly and was amazed at how fast the robe was draped around him including the white choker around his neck true to it's name.

He was visibly shaking all over. "What can I do for you today." Every urge in his body said run away, but his love for Debbie kept him seated. He had already caused her great suffering by forcing her to cut her own hair just so he would do this. He would never forgive himself for that.

He pulled his hand out from under the robe and unfolded the damp photo. He handed it to Dean. "It's for a Halloween costume contest tonight. I'm supposed to be in the military. I'm supposed to get a cut exactly like that one." Ross didn't notice it but all activity in the shop had stopped, as everyone was interested in what was to come of his long mane. They watched Dean in rapt attention as he looked at the photo, like wondering which Christian would be thrown next to the lions.

"A short High and Tight. No problem." Everyone smiled. A 'High and Tight', and a short one at that. This would be fun to watch. Dean had been a barber for over 20 years, and more than anything loved these major transformations. This one might rank as one of the greatest, as Ross had hair a good four inches below his shoulders. It was all one length too, parted in the middle, and so thick that most women would kill for it.

While Dean liked to work quickly, he planned to take his time with this client, savoring every moment of the cut. Since Ross was obviously doing this against his will, going a bit slower would ease the shock. Usually he always turned the chair away from the mirror so the final look would be a great unveiling for the client. However this time he planned to keep the chair facing the mirror so Ross could watch him work. That should also reduce his tension a bit, though in this case it was going to be a shock no matter what. Dean turned the chair towards the mirror and locked it in place.

Then for no reason except to fully grasp the amount of hair he was about to cut, he started combing it out while he talked to this new customer. "Was this haircut your idea?" "Not at all. It was my girlfriends. I even told her she'd have to cut and torture her own hair before I'd agree to this.

I never thought she'd go for that." "And did she?" "She's next door right now. It's already been cut and now it's being tortured.

" "Not too short I hope?! She had real pretty hair." "Tell me about it! No, it's not too short but I didn't want her to cut it at all. I just didn't want to cut mine, and now I have to or I'll lose her." "Have you ever had short hair?" "Maybe when I was little, but not since I can remember.

" "Well you never know. You might like it. You wouldn't be the first man who was forced to a short haircut and then chose to keep it that way." (The amount of hair was amazing on this customer. This would be great fun!) "I doubt seriously I'll be one of those converts, but I appreciate the sympathy." Indeed this short conversation had stopped the majority of his trembling. He was still sweating and his heart was racing, but now he figured he was as prepared as he would ever be.

The barber put down his comb. "Are you ready for this?" "I suppose so." Dean went back and oiled his clippers, then took out the longest guard he had and attached it.


He planned to make one quick run over Ross' whole head to take off the length, leaving about one inch all over, and then take it down for the High and Tight. It would be more fun this way. Ross watched every move he made, and when the clippers were switched on found himself gripping the arms of the chair in a death grip. He never realized how much he loved his long hair until now. He had been so selfish he made his girlfriend cut her hair. Now she was over getting the rest tortured and put up into this hideous style from 50 years ago.

Or maybe Britt was cutting off even more! She did say that was a possibility. Would it end up only to her shoulders? Why didn't he stop her and just get his cut anyway? He hated himself for how he handled this whole event. He promised he would make it up to her. With the thickness and amount of hair he was dealing with, Dean had no choice but to start at the top and work his way down. This scalping would seem a bit like the brutal induction cuts of basic training, designed to strip each man of his identity. Dean stepped to the side of his client so he didn't block the view, and Ross followed the clippers with his eyes until he couldn't see them any more, then shifted his gaze to the mirror to watch.

He didn't even know he was now holding his breath as he felt the clippers touch down on his forehead just in front of his hairline. The first pass would be dead center right along the part. Dean made this first pass incredibly slow. Ross could feel the clipper guard first as it grabbed and lifted his hair. Then the tone of the clippers changed as they bit into the first strands.

Like a lawn mower the strands gave way and the tool slowly continued back. Few of these first hairs fell as they were still intwined with the rest and so they stayed put, but some began their quick journey down the apron to Ross' lap. He stared at the foot long strands with wide eyes, then looked up again noting the one inch long path that remained as the clipper continued back toward his crown.

The part was still visible, but these hairs were now trying to stand up in all directions. Each hair looked confused where it should now go, free from all the restrictive weight. Ross was just as confused, and in slight shock that he was actually doing this. He wasn't trembling anymore.

Now he was just numb.

After reaching the crown Dean lifted the clipper and brought it forward for a second pass, this one just to the left of the first. He made this pass a little quicker this time, but to Ross everything seemed to be going in slow motion. He again felt the clipper guard an instant before the clippers bit in, as it lifted the hair for chopping. This time there was less for these newly cut hairs to cling to, so the parade of clippings started falling like a ticker-tape parade.

There was no backing out now as too much had already been chopped off.

The clipper continued it's path of destruction steadily back Deborah tried to relax under the hairdryer.

She had never had her hair in curlers or sat under a hairdryer, so the whole experience was very odd but almost enjoyable.

She did shed some tears as she watched Britt sweep up the long strands that had been part of her treasured mane until minutes ago and put them in the trash.

She started feeling sorry about her new shorter hair, but then a smile came to her face as she thought about what was happening to Ross now just a few door down.

How she wished she could get up and watch! She expected he would be done long before she was, and every few minutes watched the door hoping he would walk through it with his fabulous new short haircut.

Dean now started on a third pass, this time just to the right of the center path. After this pass the clippers would have to start working on the sides. Again he took his time, and Ross watched every moment of it. It was like a dream, or more correctly a nightmare, and he was hoping he would wake from it but knew that wouldn't be the case. He had never told any of his friends or workmates about the deal because he never expected this to happen.

What a sight he would be at work on Monday! He was dreading it already. As the third pass was finished and the top of his head had now been shorn, Ross noticed that the remaining length seemed longer than he had anticipated. Not that he was complaining, as he hoped this trend would remain the norm throughout this haircut. Dean's next pass with the clippers stayed on the right side, from front to back, but he was now doing more of the side than the top.

He found himself gradually speeding up the haircut in spite of his efforts to slow down. He figured 3 passes more passes on each side would do it and then he could start on the back. The metamorphosis taking place in the chair was startling, as this clients strong facial features started to show once the hair hiding them had fallen away.

The finished look would be a man who certainly could pass as a marine recruiting poster. Ross right now wasn't even really watching the cut. He was lost in his thoughts of how cruel he had been to his girlfriend.

He had stopped trembling and gripping the chair and was now just letting the cut happen. By the time he focused on his reflection in the mirror again, he was just in time to see the clippers running around his right ear. It was strange to see his sideburns again, and to see his ear with no hair over it.

The barber shifted his attention to the left side now, plowing off the hair even quicker. Ross started to realize how different he was going to look and was intrigued. But when he looked down at the apron and saw the fistfuls of hair it contained it again slapped him with the reality of what was happening and he started gripping the chair once more. Dean walked behind the client and prepared to start on the back.

He switched the clipper over to his left hand (he was proud to say he was ambidextrous when it came to using his clipper) and used his right hand to pull all the hair over from left to right so he could get a clean look at the neck. Then he placed the clippers against the base of his neck on the far left and started a slow push up, taking a vast amount of hair off. Ross closed his eyes during this pass, still stunned that he was actually sitting here doing this.

The tone of the clippers changed as they had to work harder on this thick section. After reaching all the way up Dean again pulled the remaining hair over to get another clear starting spot, and started another run. This process was continued six times until finally the tremendous bulk of hair lie oz the apron or floor and Ross was left with one inch of freshly cut hair on his head.

"OK sir, the worst is over now.

Let me just clear away this clippings and then we'll get back to it." Indeed there was a huge amount of hair on the cape and floor and for safety reasons it needed to be swept away so the barber wouldn't slip and fall. Dean loosened and removed the cape, snapping all the long strands to the ground.

Then he put it back around his client and redid the tight white tissue around his neck. Then he went off to get his broom, leaving Ross to gaze at the new person looking back in the mirror. He was actually going through with it! He reached one hand from under the robe and touched his short mop of hair.

It was so foreign he couldn't get over it, and his scalp enjoyed the massaging feeling. The waiting customers were watching it all, and started chuckling and whispering to one another, smiling all the time. This show was better than anything playing at the movies or on the tube. Dean noticed his customers reaction.

"Feels a lot different doesn't it?! It sure will be easier to take care of, and a lot cooler too in the summer months.

" He was almost finished now sweeping away the clippings. Ross wasn't watching, he was just looking at himself. He noticed now how strong his neck and facial features looked, and how the build of his shoulders and trapezius muscles were much more pronounced. There were some positives to this radical change.

Dean went over and removed the guard from his clippers. He had definitely enjoyed giving this cut thus far. To get paid for doing this was even better. He walked around behind his client. "OK, let's get going now on your High and Tight.

" Ross nodded reluctantly and returned his hand underneath the robe, then was surprised a bit as his head was pushed forward so his chin nearly touched his chest. He heard the clippers again come to life, and knew that soon the little hair he had remaining would also be gone.

His heart once again started to pound. This time, with no restrictive long hair in his way, Dean started at the base of the neck in the middle. With no guard the clippers, set on their shortest setting, lay directly against the skin and were soon carving a very short path of stubble up and up.

Pale white scalp was now revealed where once there had been a bounty of hair. Since Ross couldn't see it, he relied on his sense of feel. It seemed to him the clippers were going too high, but he said nothing. Britt came over and checked Debbie's hair to see if it was dry yet. It still had a little ways to go.

Probably another 10 minutes. She noticed the smile on her face. "What are you smiling about." "I'm just thinking about Ross. I can't wait to see him with short hair. I've wanted him to cut it since I met him 3 years ago and now it's finally going to happen." It seemed to Ross that the barber was taking too long on the back, as he kept going over paths he had already cleared.

Maybe he was just being thorough. After all, he did have to remove basically all his hair of which he had, used to have, a lot.

Finally he was done and he moved to the left side, returning Ross' head to level. Now at least he would have something to watch in the mirror. The feel of the clippers directly against his temple caused his eyes to open wide. As they started removing the remaining hairs he realized just how short bald was. These one inch long hairs seemed tremendously long in comparison, as the newly carved path revealed only short stubble and his pale scalp that hadn't seen the light of day ever. He had even been born with a full head of hair. This transformation was almost as extreme as those first runs with the clippers over his long hair, as now he was truly being molded into a marine.

The clippers were running around his ear now, and the once distinct hairline was a faded memory. His head looked so much smaller now compared to the other side. He could feel the air from the heating system of the shop against his scalp. It was a sensation he had never felt before. Ross was surprised when the barber stopped and walked over to the right side.

The transition between the short sides and the top was very sloppy and he expected that to be done first before moving on.

Obviously that would be done later. The right side now got a similar treatment as had the left. Ross now noticed that all the patrons of the shop were watching him. The last client Brito had, who was finished some 10 minutes ago, had taken a seat in the shop to watch the action.

He wasn't sure how he felt about being the star attraction. He felt like a freak in a circus side-show.

As this side of his head started matching the other Ross could see the final look taking shape. It still had a ways to go and he was sure the top would have to be a bit shorter still. The thought of watching more hair fall didn't exactly please him, but he was in way to deep to back down now. He might as well get the look exactly like Debbie wanted. What difference was another half inch or so compared to what was already in the trash? "Isn't the top a little too long?" This question stunned Dean, figuring this client would want to keep every millimeter he could.

"A bit. Why?" "Well, I'm supposed to look just like the picture, so feel free to go shorter if you need to." Dean would have gone shorter anyway when he got to the top at the end of the haircut, but laughed inside a little bit at this novice in the chair.

He smiled. "It will be the look you've asked for." The barber ran a whisk broom lightly over the sides and back, removing the little stray hairs, then walked back to his hot lather machine. Ross looked at his watch. It was only 20 after. It had seemed like an eternity already. He figured he would be done soon, with only the top left to do.

Then he saw Dean come at him with a large handful of shaving foam and realized there was still a fair amount left before he was done. He didn't expect this part and swallowed hard that his hair was going to be even shorter. But then the picture clearly showed clean skin on the sides and back, and the barber did say he would match the picture.

The pleasant sensation of the warm shaving foam on his skin momentarily relaxed him, and he closed his eyes enjoying the soothing feel. But Dean kept putting more and more on, all over the back and higher and higher on the sides. His eyes shot open quickly to see a large amount of his head covered with the foam.

He was truly going to be bald, at least on the sides and back! Once again his head was tilted forward as the barber started on the back with a straight razor. Ross was shaking again, and the barber had to use one hand to still his head while the other used the razor. But Dean was a pro with the razor, and his expertise was soon apparent to Ross as the foam was slowly scraped away.

The sensation of having the back of his head shaved was amazing, and Ross was startled to find himself relax and actually enjoy it. He was sure he didn't like the result, but this feeling was very pleasant. He closed his eyes and took in all the sensations, though he was worried that the shaving was going so far up the back of his head.

Minutes later the barber was working on the left side, and Ross could now watch his gentle touch in the mirror. The result was shiny smooth pale white skin without a hint of stubble. Again he enjoyed the whole sensation but was alarmed at how high up the side of his head this scalping was going.

He wished he could see the picture again to compare. Soon the barber was working on the right side. When he first saw the razor Ross was afraid he would get nicks and cuts all over, but he wouldn't experience one such blunder today. The height on the right side soon equaled that of the left. Dean put down his razor and picked up a towel, removing all the excess shaving foam and rubbing down the sides and back.

Ross' scalp was alive at the touch. It was incredible! Then the barber washed his hands in preparation for the finish of this cut. Now the hair on top looked very straggly and out of place in comparison.

Down the center was the feint signs of the part that had been there for so many years. He figured there was still a fair amount of cutting to go, and he was right. Britt helped Debbie out from under the dryer and led her back to her chair. Now came the torture part of this style.

But Debbie wasn't thinking about it. She kept looking towards the door waiting to see her boyfriend. It was now past 2:30.

How long did it take? As the first of the rollers came out and her hair formed perfect tight curls falling just to her shoulders she was brought back to the reality of what she was going through. She couldn't believe how different, how SHORT, her hair looked now. In minutes all the rollers were out and the curls had been brushed into rich, voluminous waves.

Debbie smiled as she enjoyed this brand new look on herself, and again started thinking about Ross. His image was quickly snapped away when Britt took her teasing comb to the top section and started mercilessly back-combing it. Debbie's eyes opened wide and she gritted her teeth as she watched her lovely mane become a mass of tangles and knots.

She had no idea how she would ever get them all out, and this was only the beginning! Dean was bothered by the noticeable part still in the top hairs. Years of laying one direction would be tough to undo. He took his water bottle and spritzed the top hairs just a bit.

Some stray drops touched the smooth sides of Ross' scalp. What a strange sensation! Then he took a wad of hair gel and massaged it in. Then he took out a brush and blow dryer and started drying the hair, brushing it every which way so it would eventually stand up straight. The process worked, and soon there was absolutely no sign of the part that had been so prominent. Ross didn't expect this whole process at all, and was amazed at the result.

He was also amazed at the thoroughness of this barber. The whole cut would probably end up taking 45 minutes or more. He certainly deserved a good sized tip. Dean looked at the photo once more, confirming exactly how short to make the top, then walked behind Ross with a wide comb in one hand and his clippers in the other. The clippers roared to life once more.

"Just like the photo, right?" he asked Ross. "That's right." He wondered how much more hair he was going to lose. By the tone of that question he wagered it was going to be a lot. The comb was brought forward lifting the hairs straight up. The clippers ran directly over the comb, and about half the remaining length was soon falling forward to the apron. He repeated this quickly pass by pass, working his way steadily backwards.

Soon the top was only 1/2 inch long, and all standing straight up. It was quite a stark contrast to how he walked in. Then he started working on the ragged border between the top and the sides, expertly blending them in. The comb was laid sideways against his head and the clippers ran over them time and again.

Huge amounts of hair fell, but the finished look was flawless, as it went gradually from the smooth sides, to the stubble, to the attentive top. Dean steadily worked around from the left, to the back, and finally to the right. Now it was definitely looking like the picture, thought Ross.

Dean checked the photo one last time, then made another pass over the top, this time with the comb directly against the scalp as the clippers ran over then. Ross' eyes grew wide as he realized the top hairs were now only a bit over 1/4 inch long.

This seemed too short, but he said nothing as he watched the barber once again go over the sides to blend it all in. Dean stood back and surveyed his work. Some of the finished patrons, satisfied they saw all the action, now got up to leave, chatting and smiling.

The barber again pulled out his wisk broom and did a once-over of the entire cut. The High and Tight was now finished, and it certainly lived up to it's name. Dean handed him the picture to compare.

"Well there you go, just like the picture.

I've got to admit yours is one of the most extreme changes I've done in some time. I think it looks pretty good on you though." Ross looked at the paper and then at his reflection. The two were exactly identical, so much so he could almost pass as the twin brother of the magazine recruit.

Dean gave him a hand mirror and spun him around so he could see the back. It was every bit as severe as he feared. He saw nothing but shiny smooth skin well past 1/2 way up, followed by the transition to short stubble and finally to the top section of short hair.

But comparing it to the photo he found it, again, to be exactly identical. He returned the hand mirror and waited as the choker and apron were removed. Then stood up as he reached for his wallet.

He couldn't get over how different he looked in the mirror. He could swear he looked much taller, and also much stronger as his upper physique wasn't hidden by anything. His face looked much stronger and confident.

Would he actually grow to like short hair? One thing was certain, he had plenty of time to find out. He gave Dean his payment for the cut and a huge tip. Dean thanked him and wished him luck in the contest.

Then he walked out of the shop, amazed by the cool breeze bouncing off his head. He was unsure of where to go next. He didn't think Debbie would be finished yet. His heart was racing and he felt unsteady and wanted to calm down first before he saw her. So he walked to the car, sat down behind the wheel, and turned the mirror to look at his new reflection.

For the first time his hands touched his head. The feel of his rough hands against his smooth scalp made him jump at first, and feeling no hair where once there had been so much was very strange. He couldn't believe how little hair he had left, and also couldn't believe he was starting to like it.

How he would explain all this to his friends and co-workers would be a chore. He might as well tell the truth, especially since he would have to explain why his girlfriend cut her hair. He sat for several minutes, listening to the radio and relaxing. Soon he could wait no more and figured he should show himself to Debbie.

Hopefully she wasn't suffering too much. He climbed out of the car and headed towards the salon. Debbie's eyes were wide staring at her reflection. She had suffered through the worst of it, as all the dreadful teasing was done now and her hair was currently sticking straight out in every direction.

It was a huge tangled wad even more massive than her worst nightmare. Britt hadn't lied that the amount of teasing would be "insane," and she often apologized for how harshly she was treating the hair. Of course it was totally out of necessity, because less teasing meant more length would have to be cut off.

Inside she was feeling for this girl who was sacrificing so much today, and would still have to endure much more when she tried to un-tease this mess. Britt didn't think it possible for it to be any more tangled. Now it was all being smoothed and redirected to form this huge, outdated style. Once again Debbie was questioning whether this sacrifice was all worth it. Then the door opened and in walked Ross, and immediately she knew she had made the right choice.

He was gorgeous! So tall, so rugged, so handsome, so strong, so. manly.

She beamed a huge smile at him and mouthed the words "I love you" across the room. She sat back and giggled to herself as she watched her hair go higher and higher. "Doesn't he look great!" she asked Britt. "It's quite a difference." Britt worded her statement carefully as she never really liked super short hair on guys.

She had to admit he did look better now than with the long hair he had earlier. She hadn't noticed what great shoulders he had before. Now they were obvious. Thirty minutes later Debbie was done. Her hair was an exact duplicate of the huge bouffant in the picture.

She couldn't say she liked it, but her stylist had done a wonderful job. She would certainly make an impact at the contest that night.

She paid and thanked Britt with a big hug and sizable tip, then went over to Ross. She almost ran to him as she was so anxious to touch his hair. Her hand immediately ran over his head. "Oh God, do you look good! It's SO SHORT I can't believe you did it.

." Then she noticed tears in his eyes. He looked at her in this awful hairdo looking nothing like the woman he loved. "I'm so sorry that I made you do this to your hair, cutting it and all.

She didn't cut any more off after I left did she?" "No, just what you saw." "I was so terribly selfish.

I should have let you get a wig and just got my hair cut for you anyway. I understand if you hate me.

" She hugged him tight. "I love you Ross. And I think I would have done this anyway. It wasn't fair of me to ask so much of you, especially something you didn't want to do. I needed to do this, just to recognize how much you were giving up for me.

It will grow back. I'll enjoy it this length while I have it, then grow it back as long as you like. Just like I'll enjoy your High and Tight while you have it, and you can grow it back as long as you want. I just want to be with you.

" The couple kissed passionately and left the salon, arm in arm. Both felt tremendously lucky to be with the other.

EPILOGUE: Debbie and Ross didn't win the contest that night. They did place second though, taking home $500 for their troubles. The winners were a group of 4 guys dressed as the rock group KISS.

Their costumes were amazing and they deserved it. But the two lovers made quite an impact too, as friends couldn't believe what they had done for this party. The two made love that night as passionately as they ever had. Debbie loved Ross in short hair and Ross had to admit he was getting more and more used to it. The next day Ross helped his girlfriend detangle her hair, which took the good part of the day, and then lovingly washed her hair for her.

It would take a while before he got used to her with shorter hair. He knew he much preferred her with it long. The reaction Ross got at work was a total surprise to him, as everyone loved his new look. By then he was pretty sure he would keep it short for some time to come. Ross proposed to Debbie just prior to Thanksgiving, and they were married that summer.

Debbie let her hair grow out, and today it is down to her knees and still growing. Both of them love it. Ross kept the High and Tight for over a year and then starting experimenting with other short styles. He now sports a very short flattop.

Both of them love it too. They now have two kids. A son, Alexander, and a daughter, Tiffany. Alexander has a short crewcut, and Tiffany already has hair reaching down her back.

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